30 Day Calisthenics Workout Routine (Beginner/Advanced)

Do you want to get pumped from your own home with just 20 minutes of exercise per day, 6 days per week?

This isn’t BRO science, nor a product that you HAVE to buy.

It’s real experienced advice that works and gets results.

Whether you’re a woman, man, boy, girl, grandma or grandpa this will work for you.

So, let’s soak in the awesomeness and let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

Let’s begin.

My name’s Oli, I’m a self-proclaimed digital nomad who loves nothing more than finding the shortcuts in life that lead to happiness, health, and adventure, and there’s plenty.

This isn’t a ‘get fit quick’ routine or a lose that Christmas belly blitz. See my results here.

This is a guide, a program if you will, that will show you how to make fitness work for you and your routine.

It can be done almost anywhere, involves one piece of gym equipment and not only improves muscle but increases energy, endurance, strength and helps you gain power, the kind you can use in your day to day life.

What the hell am I on about?


It’s the most primal training known to man and is based around using only your body weight to build strength.

… Say goodbye to gym memberships, heavy weights, aches and pains caused from weights and next day joint pain… And instead, welcome this body weight program into your life!

Are You READY? Ready to rumble that is?

Let’s get rolling…

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Total Body Warm Up

Why people no warm up?

I never used to warm up, I would be lucky if I did 10 minutes on the treadmill…

However, after a few injuries and some more experience, I’ve learned that warming up can prevent future issues, plus help extend the results you get from the training you do.

Now, you don’t have to do a 20-minute pre-workout… No, no, no!

More like 5 – 10 minutes of moving about.

I personally do this:

Upper body days: 

  • 1-minute jumping jacks
  • 1-minute air swimming
  • 2 x 3 minutes shadow boxing
  • Basic, neck and wrist stretches (light)
  • 2 x 30 second hang on a bar great for spinal and shoulder injuries, recommended by chiropractors as an active healing method.

Lower body:

  • 2x 2-minute rounds of skipping.
  • 45 Sec – High knee running on the spot
  • 45 Sec – Butt kick running on the spot.
  • Light stretching.

I find some people learn a little better with videos, so here are a few of the greatest Calisthenics warmups I’ve used in the past:

30 Day Workout Program

It’s time for the pure meat… The core… The punchline of this article.

The real question is are you ready?

Ready to enlist yourself into 30 days of pure awesomeness?

Where you will learn your limits and leave them behind.

Where you will learn how to feel what your body wants and needs and how to train the PRIMAL way.

I’d like to say one THING before we start.

If you want a personal trainer, without spending $$$ per session, get the Bar Brothers course.

What I’m about to show you will BLOW your mind, the Bar Brothers program is 16 weeks long and was a great tutor when I first started Calisthenics.

Plus you can get $50 off the price using this Bar Brothers Discount Link. You can also see my Bar Brother Review right there).

Anyway… Let’s begin.

workout program

Week 1 (The Champion Is Born)

Tip: Everyone is different, if you can do more, do more, if you can’t complete the exercises below (check the below advice on how to make pull ups and dips easier).

Extra: All the exercises below are to be done with 3 – 5 Rounds, with 1 minute rests between.

Day 1: Upper Body

  • 4 Pull Ups (Normal Grip) – 30-second rest
  • 8 Normal Push Ups – 30 seconds rest
  • 5 Dips – 30 seconds rest

Day 2: Legs

  • 10 x Squats – 20 seconds rest
  • 10 x Reverse Lunges – no rest
  • 10 x Calf Raises

Day 3: Abs

  • 15 controlled crunches
  • 10 knee raised crunches
  • 10  cycle crunches
  • 1-minute plank

Day: 4: Shoulders

  • 8 Pike Push-ups – 20 seconds
  • 5 Dips – 20 seconds
  • 5 Hindu Push-ups – 20 seconds
  • 1-Minute shadow boxing

Day 5: Cardio

  • 1-minute Skipping (Fake it if you don’t have a rope)
  •  1-minute Jump Jacks
  • 1-minute shadow boxing

Complete 3 – 5 circuits, have 1-minute rest between each circuit and after completion go on a 10 minute run with a 20-second sprint every 2 minutes.

Day 6: Legs

  • 30 Seconds Explosive Squats
  • 30 Seconds Half Burpees – 45 seconds rest
  • 12 Lunges
  • 1-minute skipping (air skip if you don’t have a rope)

Day 7: Rest, you deserve it.

calisthenics program

Week 2 (The Pain Defines You)

It’s time to kick off week two and at this point, you’re probably feeling the burn… Am I right?

Day 1: Upper Body:

  • 5 Chin ups
  • 8 x Diamond Push Ups
  • 10 Second Chin-up hold
  • 5 x Hindu Pushups

Day 2: Legs

  • 15 Squats
  • 15 lunges
  • 1 minute run on the spot
  • 20 – 30-second wall sit

Day 3: Abs

  • 30 Second 7-inch scissor kicks
  • 20 x Hill Taps
  • 10 x Knee Raises On The Bar
  • 15 Controlled Crunches

Day: 4: Back

  • 2 – 4 x slow release pull-ups
  • 10 normal push ups
  • 5 x close grip chin ups
  • 15 Second chin up hold

Day 5: Cardio

  • 2 Mile Run (Walk if you get too tired)

Day 6: Legs

  • 15 sec Jump Squats
  • 15 sec jump lunges
  • 20 sec calf raises
  • 30 seconds step ups

Day 7: Rest

body weight week

Week 3 (Your Soul, Body And Mind Connect)

Day 1: Upper Body:

  • 6x Normal Grip Pull Ups
  • 10x Clap Push-ups
  • 10x Explosive Dips
  • 3x pull up hold (take 5 seconds to incline, 5 seconds to decline, rest for 10 seconds and repeat 2 more times)

Day 2: Legs

  • 10 Explosive Squats
  • High Knee Running On The Spot
  • 10 Jump Lunges
  • 10 Leg Ups (On Create, Chair, Sofa, Steps, Etc.

No Rest, 2 minutes between set and at the end of the workout do 3 x wall sit for 20 seconds, with 1 minute in-between.

Day 3: Abs – All On Pull Up Bar

  • 8 Hanging Scissor Kicks (Each leg, 16 in-total)
  • 8 Hanging Knee Ups
  • 15-second hanging L-Sit

1-minute rest between circuit, no rest during.

Day: 4: Chest

  • 8 Clap Push-ups – 30-second rest
  • 8 Typewriter Push-ups – 30-second rest
  • 8 Diamond Push-ups – 30-second rest
  • 8 Lean Foward Dips (If you don’t have a dip station, do wide grip push-ups)

Day 5: Cardio

  • 2 minutes jumping jacks
  • 2 minutes skipping (fake it if you haven’t got a rope or space)
  • 1 Minute High Knee Running

No Rest, 3 minutes between circuits.

Day 6: Legs

  • 30 Second side jump
  • 30 Second Squat, Jump Squat, Squat
  • 30 Seconds Calf Raises
  • 30 Seconds Lunges

2 Minutes rest between circuit.

Day 7: Rest

body weight course

Week 4 (You Are A Warrior)

If you make it this far, I take my hat off to you and would love to have an email with your progress and feedback.

Day 1: Upper Body:

  • 8x Close Grip Chin-Ups – 30 seconds
  • 12x Normal Push-Ups – 30 seconds
  • 8x Slow Dips – 35 seconds
  • 6x Shoulder Press-Up

Day 2: Legs

  • 20 Seconds Wall Sit
  • 20 Seconds High Knees
  • 20 Seconds Squats
  • 20 Seconds Side Hops

Day 3: Abs

  • 20x Normal Situps
  • 12 Inch Leg Pres In And Outs
  • 20x Hill-Tap
  • 20x Cycle Crunches

Day: 4: Shoulders

  • 6x Hindu Push-ups
  • 10x Pike Push-up
  • 10x Dip
  • 15 Second Handstand Hold

Day 5: Cardio

  • 15 Minute Run, with 30 seconds sprints, every 3 minutes.

Day 6: Legs

  • 30 Second Sumo Squats
  • 15 seconds Low Duck Walk
  • 30 Seconds Lunges
  • 30 Seconds Step Ups on Platform

Day 7: Rest

Want to download it in PDF format to keep track? Just go there and you will get it sent over to your email in seconds.

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If you feel like making your own exercise plan use this awesome calisthenics exercise list, to pick the exercise you need.

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pull up bar

What If I Can’t Do One Pull Up? 

There are two things you should know:

  1. You’re not alone.
  2. With practice, your body will quickly adjust to pull ups.

That being said… How the hell do you start a calisthenics program without being able to do a pull-up?


You get some $9 resistance bands.


Because they will give you the help you need to do pull ups and dips.

How do you use them: 

I even use them to improve my form and I owe my muscle up success to using these, as they gave me the push I needed to start practicing them.

Plus, once you can do 10 pull ups with them, you can reverse them and start using them as a way to add more tension to the muscles (more on that below).

Full Calisthenics Workouts

How To Build Serious Strength With Calisthenics

My biggest fear when I started Calisthenics was losing the muscle I’d worked so hard for and it wasn’t until I lost it due to bad diet choices and no exercises that I committed myself.

Once I saw how effective a calisthenics workout can be on the body, all them doubts went, but for those who want extra strength while training, here’s how you do it:

  • Add Weights

I started with this weighted vest, I use it twice per week to add intensity to my legs and upper body.

It makes me feel like the hulk once it’s removed as my body is all of a sudden 15 kg lighter.

As a word of advice avoid weights at the start as it’s almost impossible to have good form with an extra 15 – 20kg on your back.

Wait until you can do 20 pull ups, 5 muscle ups and 50 push ups before you chuck in a weighted vest.

I then add a kettlebell weight for diversity.

I use it to hit arms on a Friday, it just gives me a little extra pop.

Another great use for a kettlebell is on wall sits and deep squats, man the burn is intense.

  • Add Tension

One of the best bio hacks I’ve found is with these $9 tension bands.

Easily the greatest investment I made in calisthenics (excluding the bar and gloves).


Well, tension causes muscle fiber to breakdown far quicker and with the use of these bands during pull ups, dips and push ups you will have constant tension on your muscles making your body grow at a quicker speed.

In my opinion, these far outweigh the effectiveness of a weighted vest and can be used in numerous ways during training to improve form (more on that in a second).

  • Lower Rest Time

I try to have no rest time between exercises.

I then lower down the rest time between each circuit from 2 minutes, down to 30 seconds and on leg day I don’t have a rest, just back to back for 5 rounds.

You will be feeling the burn unlike anything before, but if you persevere you will halve the time of your workouts and make more GAINZ.

best bodyweight exercises

How To Recover And Repair Your Body

After all is said and done recovery speed is the key to reaching your results.

I could write a 3000-word article on this alone, but because most of us don’t enjoy reading about recovery that much, I’ll break it down:

  1. Sleep 8 hours every night, in a dark room with no wifi, phone signal or Bluetooth.
  2. Meet your daily protein intake.
  3. Do a yoga workout once a week.
  4. Warm up your body before workouts.
  5. Have cold baths for 10 minutes (add ice packs for extra coldness), this allows muscles to contract and repair faster.  Tip: I change this for hot baths in the winter, they’re not as effective, but help with soreness.
  6. Meditate, go on a few long walks per week and get in the sun. It’s really healthy for recovery to do light activity daily, it keeps your heart pumping and everything circulating correctly.

This is just a breakdown, do the above, minus/plus a few things and you will be on a road to healthy gains.

PS: If you have an injury or soreness in a muscle or joint, don’t hesitate, go get it checked out. Catching something like that at the start can save you the life-long pain of a serious injury.

homemade energy drinks

Home Made Pre-Workout Drink For Energy

Need energy quick? Don’t want to drink the rubbish filled pre-workout shakes and energy drinks?

Let me show you 2 of the greatest home-made pre workout shakes money can buy.

The Coffee Is Cool

  1. Get these light roasted coffee beans, use a grinder and chuck them in a cafetiere.
  2. Add Lions Mane (1gram) or L-Theanine (200mg).

Sit back and enjoy the pure caffeine and focus that’s created by this mystical blend.

Fruity Madness (Super Healthy)

  1. Squeeze one lemon into the blender along with:
  2.  2 x chopped bananas
  3.  3 teaspoons of honey
  4.  1 nub of ginger root (Optional)
  5. 2 grams creatine
  6. 1 spoon of peanut butter
  7. 600 ml of milk, raw goat’s milk if you’re really healthy or nondairy alternative (soy, almond or rice).

Blend this together and drink 20 – 30 minutes before working out.

This is not just a pure energy mix, it also contains tons of nutrition that will keep you nice and healthy.

Remember: You can join my healthy vault where I send secret homemade recipes, training shortcuts and brain hacks here.

greatest pull up station

My Calisthenics Workout Equipment: 

You can save $$$ per year by building your own calisthenic gym.

It’s simple… All you need are three easy to buy items, that come to a max of $110.

Sound awesome?

Here’s the magic three:

  • The Best Value Pull Up Bar I Use (Use the link below and save $110) – Ad block may stop you from seeing it)

    • Gloves (My Training Gloves, Cheap But Super Effective)

    • Hand Strengthener (Great For Beginners Trying To Build Grip Strength)

Now, soak up that pure goodness my friend and if you want more I’ve created a whole article, on the exact equipment I use and where to get it at the best price with exclusive deals right here.

girl calisthenics

Biggest Reasons People Fail

You know what the odds are of you succeeding?

Almost zero.

It’s no wonder why when you bare some of these simple things in mind.

Do yourself a favour and be sure to not make the same mistakes as everyone else does.

#1 Not Drinking Enough Water

It’s no shock that 75% of Americans May Suffer From Chronic Dehydration when you factor the fizzy drinks, Starbucks coffees, and other sugar-filled delicious treats that are being consumed.

I’m not here to dispute the fact that Starbucks frappuccinos taste fantastic or that I still find myself wanting a cold coke on a hot day even after years of not drinking the stuff.

But I am here to say that the core 2 liters of your daily hydration should be 90% pure water or herbal teas (some even coffee), just try to avoid grabbing the lemonade next time you’re thirsty.

Why Water Is Important (Research Articles):

How To Drink More Water?

The best tip I’ve ever been given was to measure my intake.

Actually, it was pretty bad advice looking back at it, but it caused me to look into these:

best water bottle

These are super hydration bottles, they’re easy to carry round and one contains your full daily water intake.

I use mine to make tea’s and coffees and I just carry it with me everywhere I go.

Not only do I now drink 5x more water, I feel incredible and have noticed my health has improved drastically.

#2 Not Eating Enough Food

Wait, what?

Isn’t it the opposite way round?


You see mainstream media always looks at the heavy person trying to lose weight, it doesn’t focus on the fact that the majority of the world isn’t averagely overweight… Just Britain and America.

And when you interact with people in most weight lifting communities you’will see a lot of the beginners are massively underweight…

…I don’t know where you fall, but if you’re skinny and find it hard to build mass you need to get past that mind and body barrier and start eating clean, healthy food on a regular basis.

However, if the cost of all the food you have to eat is too much or you just don’t have time then you can do what I do…

Take A Weight Gainer

Aren’t these really unhealthy?

They can be, especially when taken with a bad diet and as a meal replacer.

But, when taken with a solid diet full of raw fruit and veg weight gainers become a healthy way to gain weight without breaking the bank or spending 2 hours per day cooking.

Be warned, some weight gainers are just FULL OF RUBBISH and if you’re going to take one always go for quality over quantity.

The Best Weight Gainer I Use: 

 weight gainer

It’s not vegan, but it’s full of solid nutrition, including creatine, buckwheat, flaxseed, chia seeds, quinoa powder, b12, vitamin d3 and so much more.

Plus it’s GM FREE, vegetarian and has natural flavours, far healthier than some of the other leading brands out there.

#3 Not Sleeping Correctly

Lack of sleep will leave you a weakling.

I see way too many young minds being brainwashed into thinking lack of sleep is a badge of honour, and that 4 hours a night sleep means you’re GRINDING!

It’s determination, but it’s stupid due to the excessive brain fog you get from lack of sleep.

Understand sleep is your bodies way of repairing and the quicker your repair the more amazing your body will look…

…So get 8 hours of sleep every night, no matter your age.

On a side note…

…Don’t you wish you could sleep like a baby every night? 

You can, you just need to know how:

First: Remove all external stimulation from the bedroom, no-TV, No-Phones, No-Wifi box, etc.

Second: Don’t use blue screens before bed, unless you’re wearing glasses like this that block blue light or have f.lux on your PC.

Third: Do these sleep breaths while trying to fall asleep, inhale 5 seconds, hold 3, exhale 5, hold 3, you then repeat 5 – 10 times, it will calm you and shut your body off.

Fourth: Get some earplugs and a sleeping mask.

Fifth: Black out the room, no light at all (this will help you get a really deep sleep).

Six: No Wi-fi, phone signals or No Wi-fi, phone signals or Bluetooth on in your room, as Wi-Fi pollution is known to cause a number of body/mind issues.

Also, Signals have been known to induce insomnia and affect the sleep quality dramatically in multiple studies.

Do this with the occasional hot bath before bed to relax you and you will start having a far better sleep in no time.

#4 Forgetting To Warm Up

Short-term gains for long term pains.

It’s just not worth it.

No matter how much you want to enjoy your workout always leave 5 – 10 minutes for a solid, full body warm up.

Remember to warm up your neck, lower back, wrists and knees, as these are the areas most at risk of injury that usually get ignored.


#5 Take Supplements Correctly (Creatine + Protein)

Don’t be the guy/girl who waits for their supplements to arrive before starting the gym.

You people know who you are.

I once knew a guy who dropped $200 on supplements before he started working out.

Obviously, he stopped after two weeks and the whole lot eventually went in the bin.

Let’s face it, what can you even buy for $200 at 18?

There’s only really two must have supplements:

You can get both together for under $30 and you can start your gym practice without either.

Don’t be the lady/man who overdoses

I also know a friend who takes 5 protein shakes a day.

That’s a total of around 150 grams of protein taken in supplement form.

That’s toooo much and will cause your body to fart, bloat and stretch to new found extremes!

Take 1 – 2 protein shakes per day and keep creatine anything from 1 – 5 grams, I have optimal results with 2 grams and no cycling off.

#6 Measure Your Results

What gets measured, gets managed.

It couldn’t be closer to the truth.

If you want to get the results you need, then quit putting it off, take measurements, keep notes of the food you eat, weigh yourself and keep count of your reps.

This is the only way you will truly know if you’re improving and it’s the only way to see the changes you need to make in order to succeed.

This is usually the main reason people quit the gym and leave with no results and is also the reason people pay personal trainers $100 a session.

Use this app or this website to help you measure your results.

push up exercises

Stay Motivated With This Awesome Calisthenics Motivation

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” – St. Jerome

We all sometimes need that reason, the reason that gets us out of bed, makes our hearts beat fast and gives us a deep rumble of pure hunger.

What’s yours?

Is it women? Men? Being the best version of yourself? getting your dream body? Showing off?

What is your reason?

Find it!

I don’t want to die never knowing my true potential, so that motivates me every morning, every night and any day I don’t feel like working out.

I really felt so motivated when I started looking into calisthenics and saw what it could potentially do to my body  ( see my results here ).

Learn what can be achieved… Beat it:

Hopefully, you’ve got that fire inside your belly.

But for when that motivational fire doesn’t matter and when the day is icy cold, here’s some of the things I do to get myself working out.

  • Get Friends To Train With (Accountability partner)

Being relied on by a friend is one of the things that used to push me to go to the gym every day.

So if you have a friend who wants it as much as you, promise each other to both give it your all and whenever the other tries to make excuses, call them out and change their mind.

Tip: If you don’t have too many friends who want to hit the gym, leave a comment below and I’ll be your accountability partner and make sure you hit the gym every day :).

  • Ask Questions

What do you want?

Why do you train?

What’s your goal in life?

These are questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Set Challenges (Create Yearly Fitness Goals)

This year I plan to run two marathons, do a 500-mile two-week walk across France and Spain and do an average of 10 thousand steps per day.

I’m also working on releasing my first fitness course and that’s without my workout goals:

  • 25 pull-ups
  • 10 muscle ups
  • 100 diamond push ups

All without stopping and with one 2 minutes rest between sets.

So what’s your challenge?

Write it in the comments and let me know.

  • Test. Test. Tests!!!

We’re all different, in size, in power, in motivation, and in discipline, but, as long as you keep testing, finding out what works for you, you will be fine and continue growing strong.

Don’t give up, keep trying new things and understand if you start now anything is POSSIBLE.


Resources I Used (How To’s, Guides, Warmups, And Courses) 

 calisthenics workout routine pinterest


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  1. This is an incredibly detailed and helpful article, thank you so much!
    I’m 18 and starting calisthenics from tomorrow ^^
    My fitness goals are:
    10 chin ups
    10 full pushups
    10 pull ups
    5 one leg squats
    Unsupported handstand
    Scorpion pose
    Wall run
    And jump squats up to 4 stairs

  2. I really enjoy calisthenics more than weight training. I’ve tried all of the exercise for four weeks and I have gains. This is one of the best programs I’ve tried.

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