People don’t read about pages.

It’s a fact.

If you’re here it’s probably by accident? Maybe you’re testing the site? Make sure the page works?

Either way I’ve got no idea why you’re here.

But, I guess since you are I should take this time to…


“How?!?!” you may ask? With a story!

I’m Oli, I was born in Essex, England, but now live in Spain.

me sky diving

That’s me jumping out of a plane in Spain… Pretty epic right?

I’m 22, I own an online business that gives me lots of spare time, TIME TO EXPLORE!

“Explore what?” you may ask?

My work, fitness, diet, mind and body.

Using live case studies and documentary style videos I’m going to explore the effects of supplements, exercise, diet and complex routine I’m going to start BioHacking my whole life.

Dun, Dun, Duuuun!

But I guess you’ve heard that all before?

Well here’s some proof:

  • My 1 Year NoFap Experiment
  • The Ultimate Work Productivity Experiment
  • 16 Week Live Vegan Calisthenic Case Study

These are works in progress, that get updated daily with pictures, videos and notes.

Why Am I Doing This? 

  • I’m obsessed, I can’t stop trying to become the best version of myself.
  • When I do a live case study people help me out, they spend advice, tips and even add their own content to the article, you would not believe how good this feels.
  • I used to be a depressed, anxiety filled, introvert. I never left my house, would have panic attacks at taking the bin out and let my diet go to crap, here’s a picture:

picture of oli fat

I don’t know for a fact but I’m pretty sure the things I learned that changed my life around maybe able to do the same for others.

Don’t I Earn Money? 

101Nootropics is a business I hope to grow, that means it has to earn money.

But, unlike most other blogs I’ve worked on, this blog very rarely has any affiliate link, it doesn’t have ads and I’m not trying to shove a product down anyones mouth.

That being said, I’m testing and as soon as I find NEXT LEVEL, OUT OF THIS WORLD products I know are going to change someones life I’ll have no problem promoting the heck out of them.


What Have I Achieved: 

Don’t worry!

I’m not going to list everything I’ve ever done, this part is just for things I’ve achieved throughout the start of this blog (plus two months before):

  • 1 Year NoFap Complete
  • Got filmed by an awesome TV crew who made an episode of a show about me (didn’t air, but still an awesome achievement).
  • Went for a month trip to China, visiting Bagjine, Shanghai, Hanzo, Gullin, Zian, Guangzhou and a few other places I can’t remember the names of.
  • Went for almost a month to Thailand and visited Phuket, Chaing Mai and Bangkok.
  • Started training for a Marrathon
  • Started training for a 500 mile walk next year
  • Started a 16 week live Calisthenic case study
  • 1 Year as a vegan.
  • 18 Months of a daily 40 minutes meditation practice


What I want To Achieve: 

Here’s a list of things I want to complete in the next year.

  • A first half marathon
  • A full marathon
  • The 500-mile walk along France and Spain
  • Start boxing (do my first amateur fight)
  • Complete a nootropic course with all the best advice inside.
  • Go travelling for a few months in Summer.
  • Find the most productive work routine.
  • Find the greatest way to train my body.
  • Find my ultimate supplement stack.


Everything About Me:

  • I left school at 13 and have Dyslexia, I only learning to spell when I was 16 (still could use some improving)
  • I live in Spain, with my partner.
  • I make a living blogging and building people’s blogs (check out my blog creation service)
  • I’ve been testing myself since I was 15, but had a year off in this time (that’s when my life went down hill)


There’s tons more about me… But just ask. It’s easier that way.


How You Can Help

Right now.

I need your help, nothing is too small and everything will be re-paid.


Leave a comment, give me feedback on a live experiment, write a blog post for the site or help spread the word with social media.

If you give feedback or a great comment I’ll add it straight into the article with a link to your blog or social media page, some goes for people writing an article.

Your time is valuable and I value it.

Have an amazing day and I hope to see you soon,