Onnit Alpha Brain Review (30 Day Case Study)

I’ve been thinking about buying Alpha Brain for a few months, I keep adding it to ‘my cart’ and then talking myself out of it.

You see if I’m going to pay 50 + dollars a month on a supplement I need to know some more information…

…I found something worth reading it was always a paid endorsement (paid product placement/received product for free) and with anything in the health/fitness industry this is a MASSIVE RED FLAG.

However, I decided to buy it anyway because: 

  1. I have a 30-day work lockdown and I need all of the brain power I can get.
  2. I have massive respect for Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus, along with a few Onnit brand ambassadors.
  3. I could write a review that will hopefully help people who don’t have the money to buy 30 pills for 30 + bucks (it’s $80 for me as I live in Spain).
  4. I used this link and got 15 bucks off Alpha Brain which made it WAY more reasonable (That was the closing deal).

What Did I Want To Get From This Nootropic?

The next 30 days I’ll be in lockdown, meaning I’ll be working 12 – 14 hours solidly, 5 days per week in order to meet a holiday deadline, so I’m in need of something that will increase my:

  • Focus: I needed to be able to give my all to one task without getting distracted.
  • Creativity: I had to do a lot of writing, proofreading and video production and needed my creativity to be flowing.
  • Will-Power: In a 12 + hour day my mind can wonder, I needed something that would keep me in a good mindset throughout the day.
  • Memory: While writing/filming it’s important that I can recall and remember information without pausing.

This may seem like a lot to rely on for one nootropic supplement, but anyone who’s watched the Alpha Brain video will know that this is possible (Apparently):

They even have testimonies from some big names:

  • Joe Rogan (Comedian/Podcaster)
  • Jason Ellis (Skater, Radio host)
  • Lewis Howes (Athlete/Entrepreneur)
  • Duncan Keith (Pro Hockey Player)

That’s all well and good but you should be asking one thing…

“Where’s the proof?”

Alpha Brain Clinical Trials:

They’ve got that too.

Onnit did more research on Alpha Brain than I’ve seen by any other nootropic company.

This clinical study on Alpha Brains effectiveness is impressive and was the MAIN reason I purchased a bottle of these magic pills.

Just look at the performance difference of someone on Alpha Brain VS someone on a Placebo:

proof alpha brain works

Then see them talk about the clinical trial results: 

This seems to me like a company that wants to prove something, in a world that’s filled with shady harmful products that do nothing.

My Experience Of Alpha Brain (Is It A SCAM?)

As soon as that box arrived I was excited to get testing, so I opened it up and the first question I had was…

…”How much do I take?”

Pretty simple, take 2 tablets in the morning with a light meal, take later on in the day if you want crazy dreams.

What happened the first day? 


It really hit me, even after 5 hours I felt no different.

No memory, focus or creativity increase, no difference in feeling.

I kept thinking “I just paid $50 for this”, I felt guilty, the same feeling you get after buying a 60 dollar video game that sucks.

I then went to sleep.

This is where it changed. I had really AMAZING dreams that were extremely vivid along with a truly deep sleep.

I woke up feeling refreshed and alert.

I then took my next two pills with a protein shake, some mixed berries, and honey.

What happened next? 

I worked, not just any kind of work, I worked harder, smarter and more efficiently than I’ve worked in months.

I went into the zone and while writing I lost track of time and created some phenomenal work.

Writing is usually my least favorite task, so this was weird for me.

I also did a full calisthenics workout, with shadow boxing + 9km run and it was as if my focus increased and my mind was clear, I ran the 9km in record time and again I had a feeling of being in the zone.

Was it placebo? Probably, however, let’s skip the 30 days and find out.

brain power

How I Feel After 1 Month With This Supplement

I’m no beginner to nootropics, I’ve taken a long list and tried multiple stimulants along with herbal products over the past few years.

To be truthful I’m usually left feeling underwhelmed and disappointed as nootropics very rarely live up to the hype.

What truly shocked me about Alpha Brain is how truthful the marketing was.

I’ve read the Reddit/Quora threads that talk about placebo and how Alpha Brain didn’t work for certain people.

This made me a skeptic.

However, my experience over the past 30 days has been remarkable.

My work, fitness, and sleep have improved along with my memory.

I feel more alert, have deeper meditation sessions and find it easy to slip into the zone while working, something I’ll never take for granted.

I’ve created some of the best writing/video content of my life and measuring life before and after I’ve seen at least a 40% increase in productivity.

The BIGGEST benefit I’ve noticed other than the above is with brain fog…

…While working 12 + hours a day my brain gets filled with clutter and ends up hurting at the end of each day.

Since taking alpha brain I’ve noticed my brain stays clear and this helps work recovery.

However, this could be down to the deeper meditation sessions caused by Alpha Brain.

While working 12 + hour days I find my head is getting far less filled with rubbish, which is causing less stress.

Could it be placebo?  

If its placebo then HOLY cow give me more.

I feel that when I have placebo it wears off within the first week, as Alpha Brain has had more noticeable effects on my mental state the longer I’ve been taking it.

nootropic clinical trial

This Isn’t A Magic Pill

As someone who measures his body, takes various supplements and does his best to stay healthy I can see the awesome effect Alpha Brain has on me.

However, it’s not a MAGIC PILL.

You’re not going to take it and go from a person who sleeps 12 hours a day and hates work, to a full workaholic who’s producing GREATNESS every room he/she walks into.

You’re only going to improve what you’ve already got.


  • If you’re a student busting balls to study, putting in the time, looking after your health then Alpha Brain will give you a HUGE edge.
  • If you’re a student who’s neglecting study, not sleeping, eating junk food and staying out drinking each night then it won’t do much for you.

alpha brain review

My Review On Alpha Brain (Fan-Girling)

I’ve done my best to test Alpha Brain and push myself to the max to really see if this supplement is worth the cost.

In the last 30 days, I’ve worked, trained and studied harder than I have in years and I don’t think I could have done that without the help of this supplement.

Let me break this down…

…I’ve tried caffeine, l-theanine, lions mane, bulletproof coffee, Shroomtech and modafinil and I’m yet to have the consistency in performance that I’ve experienced these last 30 days with Alpha Brain.

Look, I hate to fangirl and I almost wanted to write a bad review, but the truth is I’ve had routine results, that have been consistent and measurable in both work, exercise and day to day life.

I feel sharp, focused and in the zone and all without the negatives of the BIG names like Modafinil and Adderall that age the brain and can cause other long term issues.

There’s more, so here’s the complete list of pros and cons:


I hate that I’m going to say this…

…There isn’t a con.

I mean you could say:

  • Cost: The cost is high, but compared to other nootropics, it’s actually at the cheaper end of the pile.

Why cost doesn’t both me as much as I thought it would:

If someone said to me I could pay 1 dollar per day and delete the brain fog/conflict and lack of focus I have during jobs like writing and video creation I’d snap their hand off and take that DEAL!

When put like that I don’t think Alpha Brain is over priced.

You could also say…

  • It’s not a MAGIC Pill (Healthy Life Style): I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, I sleep 7 + hours per night and eat healthy food, I feel that this may have been a contribution to my results taking Alpha Brain and after reading reviews of people not getting the same results I did, I can only put it down to their lifestyle, as me and my partner have both had the same results.

Moving onto the…


Where do I begin…

  • Focus: I find it really hard to do one task at a time, since taking alpha brain I’ve felt my focus increase and my ability to write and proofread has multiplied.
  • Writing: While writing I sometimes sit for 10 minutes trying to think of the right words, since taking this supplement I’ve found it much easier to write constantly without stopping.
  • Flow State: You know the feeling where you get sucked into a job and don’t want it to stop? That’s flow (or being in the zone as some call it), since taking Alpha Brain I’ve found myself entering “The Zone” on a daily basis.
  • All Natural Ingredients: I’m a celiac (allergic to gluten), it’s awesome to find a nootropic that not only uses natural ingredients but is free of gluten, caffeine and other stimulants, plus is suitable for vegans/vegetarians.
  • Mental Clarity: I feel like my brain is clear, focused and healthy, even after a 14-hour work shift of constant writing/proofreading.
  • Learning: I listen to audiobooks, watch YouTube videos and read on a daily basis and I’ve found my ability to hold the information I’m learning has improved, I no longer forget where I’ve read something and I’m finding it easier to use the knowledge I’m learning.
  • My Fitness Performance: I spend 1 – 2 hours training per day, I do a full calisthenics workout, a 45-minute run and I walk a few miles every day (excluding Sunday), since taking this nootropic I’ve found my will-power and ability to switch off during training has reached new levels. I train harder, feel better and enjoy the process a lot more.

After reading the above it sounds too good to be true.

Honestly, it’s just the experience I’ve had with this supplement, in other words, I feel like a full fledged ninja when I’m Onnit (get it… Onnit).

kombucha recipe

How Does It Compare To CRAZY Nootropics

I’ve tried a big list of nootropics, from ones costing $$$ to ones under 10 bucks.

Where does Alpha Brain stand on this list?

nootropics comparison

Pure caffeine is one of the greatest nootropics and is one of the only things that almost matches onnit’s supplement, however, it’s a stimulant and the down it gives, mixed with the short high, makes it a loser in comparison.

What You Should Mix Alpha Brain With (Best Results)

list of nootropics

The last week of this experiment I decided to mix and match my other nootropics to see which worked best with alpha brain:

Cup of High Caffeine Coffee

I won’t lie, this had me working at a CRAZY level, it’s perfect for doing high energy tasks or work that uses lots of brain power.

It was powerful and I can feel this being my new Monday morning routine.

L-Theanine (Extract From Green Tea)

I use this L-Theanine and It mellows me out, took away my anxiety and made me extra focused.

The high lasted 4 hours and I’d be using this whenever I have a highly repetitive job.

Lions Mane (Type of mushroom)

The first day overloaded on lions mane (I take this Lion’s Mane) and found it made me over stimulated (feel my heart beating kinda feeling).

The second day I lowered the dose to 1 gram and found a real boost in my productivity and energy, similar to coffee, however, the buzz lasted around 3 hours, as coffee wore off around hour 2.

Yerba Mate (Creativity Boosting Tea)

The best writing STACK I’ve used has been this tea mixed with Alpha Brain, I just sipped this tea while writing and I’ve never had greater writing sessions.


Take Alpha Brain with Fish Oil, Coffee on hard work days, occasional L-theanine if you’re an anxious person and whenever doing creative work have a cup of Yerba Mate on stand-by.

who should get this programme

Who Really Needs To Take This Nootropic?

There’s unquestionably a type of person who will NOT benefit from Alpha Brain and a type of person who WILL.

It’s for you if you’re a: 

Student studying hard, who needs to remember lots and stay focused.

If you own a business and do repetitive jobs which take focus and constant skill.

If you have to do work you hate on a regular basis and find it hard to get started.

If you already work hard but want to work harder/smarter.

It’s not for you: 

If you don’t take care of yourself and your diet.

If you think it’s a magic pill that will make you work hard even when you sleep 12 hours a day.

Alpha Brain will only improve what you’ve already got.

girl on alpha brain

Can Women Take Alpha Brain?

Pic Of Girlfriend Taking Alpha Brain

My girlfriend took Alpha Brain for 5 days and her experience was almost a mirror of mine.

She worked harder, felt focused and found it easier to do jobs she found hard previously.

So my answer to this question is yes, you can also look at all the Pro GIRLS who take Alpha Brain here.

Alpha brain scam


If you’re like me and have to work hard studying or during your job then you will MASSIVELY benefit from Alpha Brain.

It’s not a MAGICAL drug, but when taken with a good diet, 7 + hours sleep and a little fitness, it will do wonders for you.

In truth I’m SHOCKED at how good this 30-day test went, it’s gone so well I’ve just ordered a new 90 pill pack of Alpha Brain to continue this productivity when I’m back from my 420km walk.

Alpha Brain coupon code

BEST/CHEAPEST Place To Buy Alpha Brain Online

I’ve taken some time to find the best price for Alpha Brain online and here’s what I found:

I’ve found the cheapest place in America, you save $15 per order:

Here’s the cheapest place in Europe, $30 per order and $5 Postage and Packaging.

Resources You Should Check Out: 

alpha brain nootropics review

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