Are Nootropics Safe? Can They Really Destroy Your Brain?

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Can you die from taking smart drugs?


If you take smart drugs without understanding them it can be seriously dangerous, speed up certain diseases, causing severe headaches and even death through overdose.


You shouldn’t be.

Like most things, there’s a right and a wrong way and that’s what I’m here to teach you today…

…So what will we learn?

What Exactly Are Nootropics/Smart Drugs?

So what the hell are nootropics?

nootropics/smart drugs are usually taken in supplement form to improve cognitive functions, things like memory, learning ability and attention, but can also indirectly boost creativity, general health, happiness and fitness.

I use nootropics for two things: 

  1. To reach my optimal workflow, allowing me to achieve more in the time I work every day.
  2. To boost my creativity and allow better writing sessions.


…Do They Really Work?

Yes, yes, yes again.

The more advanced nootropics like Aniracetam and Adrafinil increase memory and learning abilities at a ridiculous level.

Not to forget Aniracetam being the nootropic of choice for introverted people, boosting confidence, social skills and even claims of people feeling more humorous whilst on it.

But, what about if you don’t want to go HARDCORE, can you still get effects?

My natural supplement stack, which if based off a variation of tea, coffee and spice shots and has NO serious nootropics has an unreal effect on my work, creativity, happiness and overall health.

Meaning that there’s low hanging fruit that’s cheap, easy and without side-effects, still packing tons of benefits.

why people use smart drugs

Why Do Other People Use Them?

I can’t tell you exactly what it is…

…Some love the ritual of creating a Yerba Mate tea before sitting down and writing.

…Some love being able to control their focus and lower the possibility of distraction.

…Some even just like the way they perform in high-pressure situations.

The main reason most people start smart drugs is to become the best version of themselves and to stop wasting time.

Did you know the average person admits to wasting 30 minutes at work every day?

I personally think it’s double this number counting all the talking, needless email checking, YouTube watching, music listening, mobile games on the toilet and social media.

But even just 30 minutes a day adds up to an average of 5 days of work per year, 10 days if we’re honest.

That’s 10 days of your life you’ll never get back.

Imagine if you’d be able to complete more work, waste less time and still feel awesome?

Wouldn’t you do it?

But Why Do People Use The Advanced (Bad) Smart Drugs? 

People abuse their body in numerous ways.

Some choose drink, some smoke, some use hardcore drugs and others take steroids.

A lot of the hardcore smart drug users I know live completely clean lives, eating and drinking all the right stuff and putting their body through an immense training routine.

The way they see it, is they’d rather work 4 hours per day at maximum level, complete 9 hours worth of work, then spend the rest of the day relaxing, being with family and living life.

Is there really anything wrong with that?

Plus, when dosed right the side-effects of the best smart drugs are usually still minor compared to the side-effects of a regular alcohol consumer.

Wow! I See The Magic And I’m Going To Take Them All!! Mwahaha


Above makes complete sense, but there’s a difference, the people I know own their own businesses and have expendable income, they can buy the best foods, get regular full-body tests, hire experts to perfect dose and offset side effects and clock off work when the work is complete.

Sadly most normal people can’t do this…


You don’t need to take the damaging nootropics, you can get the same results using far safer smart drugs…

…Making it easy to impress your boss, get that raise, have the extra energy needed to start your own business, learn a new trade or dominate the company you already own.

safe nootropics

Which Are The Safest Smart Drugs?

Teas, Coffees, Spices?

Let me elaborate with a list of ultra healthy nootropics:

Remember you should always start with fitness and diet (Check my full nootropics diet plan).

Most Effective:

Caffeine + L-Theanine is the most effective base level nootropic around.

L-theanine is the substance that makes green tea have all those health benefits and when mixed with caffeine you’re left with an incredible cognitive enhancer with effects that include sharper focus, better memory, high confidence, less anxiety and an ability to cut through boring work.

How To Take: The best way to take is to buy this smart caffeine blend that pre-measures 100mg of caffeine, 200mg of l-theanine which is the ideal dose.


Yerba mate is my creative drink of choice.

I simply sip on this tea whenever I’m writing or doing creative work.

How to take: Get a nice yerba mate tea ($8 per kg), get a gourd (gourd I use), then fill the gourd with yerba mate leafs and add hot water. Sip through the straw while you work and continuously top up the gourd with hot water.

Tip: Get a tea pot so you don’t have to keep re-heating water.

Ultra Work Boosting Drink

Lions Mane instant coffee allows me to burst out 3 hours + of awesome work without fail.

I use this substance 2 – 3 times per week on my hardest work days and only take half a sachet.

Seems pricey but one box of 10 usually lasts me around 2 months.

They’re the ones I’d start with, but I’ve got a list I always update of exactly what nootropics I’m taking right there.

Here’s a breakdown of other safe smart drugs:

  • Freshly ground, lightly roasted coffee beans (every morning before work starts)
  • Green tea (1 – 2 times per day)
  • Creatine + Ubiquinol (everyday)
  • Multivitamin + a good omega 3 supplement


best nootropics in the world

…Which Ones Have The Best Effect 

Happy to go HARDCORE?

Here’s some of the safer smart drugs that are aimed more at the advanced users:

KetoCaNa (endogenous ketone): For enhancing physical and mental performance.

Not very risky to take as long as you dose correctly, packed with useful memory and performance benefits, but very expensive.

Aniracetam: Will build confidence, social ability and help you enhance your cognitive functions, but at the price of some side-effects, that include insomnia, headaches, anxiety, pain, vertigo, nausea, and diarrhea. After doing some research and asking around I couldn’t find anyone who experienced any of them side effects, but due to it not being FDA approved it’s best to take with caution.

Baclofen: A safer cure for the anxiety filled, introverts is Baclofen and when dosed correctly it carries less effects than Aniracetam. It can be hard to get your hands on and I’m yet to try it, but reddit users have been going on about it and the effects for some time.

Adrafinil: A lesser version to modafinil, but with some equally amazing effects, but it shouldn’t be taken long-term and is easy to over-dose and on can have some quite shocking effects on your health.

I’ve not taken adrafinil, so I can’t comment, all I can say is do your research and take with care.

Which Ones Should I Avoid?

Anything that you have to get a prescription for should be avoided.

Even though I’ve heard great effects of multiple prescription drugs, you should want to build a supplement stack that you can take forever, not just when you need a boost.

Plus, drugs are prescription based for a reason and that reason is usually to stop addiction, to stop self-diagnosing and due to the fact prescription drugs when taking the wrong dose are far less forgiving than the ones you can buy over the counter.

Keep this all in mind.

Avoid Supplements with no evidence

A few people recommending on Reddit shouldn’t be enough for you to commit to trying an advanced nootropic, instead only take ones with side effects, dose and long-term effects information.

Blah, Blah, Blahhhh…

…Instead of me telling what you shouldn’t do, let me teach you…

…How to Pick/Take Nootropics Safely

A simple, yet effective checklist you should use when starting nootropics.

  • Dose

The danger of nootropics mainly comes in the form of incorrect dosing.

Did you know that over-dosing on pure caffeine can be done with just a few grams and that does alone can sometimes cause death?

You would be surprised.

Some harmless supplements, drinks, even foods can be lethal when taken without moderation and correct dosing.

Instead of listening to the label on the packet, research for yourself, use Reddit and follow the other rules on this list.

  • Research

Whenever I’m about to add a nootropic to my stack I get on Google, search reviews, read the ones that show actual pictures of the products, then I use Reddit to read personal stories and I do a side-effect look up on multiple health sites.

I even make sure the smart drug doesn’t conflict with other smart drugs I take, and after all that’s complete if it ticks my long-term health boxes I move onto…

  • …Testing

Simply put if you avoid this it will lead to a massive fail.

You just can’t take smart drugs safely without having a 2 week test period.

If you’re trying something like Lions Mane coffee or Yerba mate, course you don’t have to run tests…

…But if you’re adding caffeine + L-theanine or some other high powered substance, it’s always clever to under dose for 5 days, eliminate any supplements that may conflict, then slowly increase the dose on the second week and on day 10 if you’ve had no side-effects start re-add your other nootropics.

Sometimes you invest money and you lose it.

It truly sucks… Don’t get caught in not listening to your body because you don’t want the nootropic to be wasted.

  • Starting Slow

I’m lucky, when I started I didn’t have the cash to buy 10 nootropics at once.

Looking back this was a godsend, as I had no idea…

That it takes a body and mind time to adjust and if you just add 5 new daily supplements, along with 3 different types of tea and a daily coffee into your diet all in the space of two weeks you’ll most likely be spending most of your time on the loo.

Use common sense and go slow when your gut tells you too.

Example: You can easily buy yerba mate, green lions mane and freshly ground coffee and start taking it all at once without any side-effects.

If however, you decide to add MCT oil, creatine + Ubiquinol, Caffeine + L-theanine plus the above in the space of a month you will explode.

Not literally, but literally, if you know what I mean.

So, take your time, build a list and a strong supplement foundation and then try a new nootropic every month till your list is complete.

  • Use Beginner Basics

Don’t go straight for the kill with Adrafinil start with the beginner favorites:

  • Caffeine + L-theanine
  • Lions Mane Coffee
  • Fresh Ground Coffee
  • Yerba Mate
  • Creatine
  • Know What You Want To Achieve and measure it

None of your nootropics will WORK if you don’t understand this simple step.

Don’t know what you want from nootropics? You’ll end up hating them, seeing no effect and will never understand their power.

It’s that simple.

You need to have an idea what you want:

  • Become a better writer/producer/video creator
  • Work through (insert task) more quickly and efficiently
  • Become less awkward/anxiety filled
  •  Want to learn (insert subject) with ease

It’s that simple, if you know what you want, then you find the nootropics that achiev it, and then create a little plan of action. Here’s an example of me using nootropics as a write:

  • Step 1. Create a new writing schedule that allows me to complete 2 – 4 hours of writing every day of the week.
  • Step 2. Found Yerba Mate tea for creativity and Caffeine + L-Theanine for focus, memory and stopping distractions.
  • Step 3. Create an accountability check, if I don’t write for one day I have to pay 100 euros to my girlfriend.


This process here has set myself up to succeed.

You MUST do the same.

where to buy nootropics

Make Sure You Get Them From A Legit Supplier

The nootropic industry is up and coming and there’s lots of none FDA approved products that have not been tested being sold online.

After messaging suppliers on Amazon, asking about the ingredients you’ll often see that they have no idea what’s in their own product, that lack of awareness alone reeks of something fishy.

There’s also multiple online sellers, selling products that are banned in most countries without mention of the risk and the probability of them being seized, sometimes with a penalty to the buyer.

Here’s what you do…

“I ain’t got time for that!”

In that case here are a few places I recommend:

beginners start guide

Where Should You Start

Does you head feel like it wants to explode?

Mine did!

All I wanted at the start was for someone to say this works, it’s safe and you won’t suddenly die in 2 years if you take it every day.

Here it is… Here is my guide on exactly where a newbie to nootropics should start:


Diet is the key to success with nootropics.

Not forgetting that a nootropic diet is the greatest self-improvement goldmine, with foods that naturally boost energy, cognitive function, while reducing brain fog, bad fats and distractions.

So what is a nootropic diet?

I wrote a motherload 5000-word article on the best nootropic diet for biohacking the mind, body and health.

I built it with a 7-day meal plan that anyone from a meat-eater to a vegan can follow.

Why Do You Need To Focus On Diet First?

A good diet will detox your body of free-range radicals, help improve immunity, boost your happiness, lower your sadness and even clear the brain fog and lack of energy caused from a bad diet.

Eating the right food also plays a massive part in balancing out your hormones, making nootropics in the form of supplements far more effective.


You won’t be the best version of yourself without fitness.

It’s really that simple.

A human that doesn’t exercise daily, is like a bike that doesn’t get ridden.

Don’t want to exercise?

Well  two things will happen:

  • You’ll get stiff, growing older at a quicker rate.
  • You’ll never reach your full potential.

Exercise allows you to transform your insecurities, boost your testosterone, clear your mind and get rid of energy that’s left stagnant, not to mention the boosts of dopamine and seratonine that lower depression and boost happiness instantly.

What Training Shall I Do?

I’m in the process of creating the ultimate fitness for biohackers, this process involves me training 6 – 7 days per week for 30 – 40 minutes, doing severe circuits, calisthenics, weights, going on 12 km runs and having 8 hours sleep every night.

I’m documenting the whole my fitness regime and constantly updating with videos and pictures of my results.

What can I do right now? 

The guide will be released soon, but till then here’s the exact routine I’d recommend for any biohacker:

basic nootropic stack

Basic Nootropic Stack

Fitness, tick. Diet, tick. Nootropics…

…I’m going to show you exactly what I’d get for your first month of testing:

You’re now ready to completely biohack your body, mind and health, but your next step is to…


All of this means nothing if you don’t take action.

Don’t wait a year, a month, even a week to start becoming a more awesome you.

Start now and in a year, month, even a week you’ll be able to look back with a massive smile.

Movement is survival and progression lead to happiness.

Follow your heart and GO HARD, BROTHERS!

If you have any questions, need any help, even just want a mate, post a comment or send me a message, and before you go I have one thing to ask…

What’s Your Favorite Nootropic? 

If you haven’t tried one yet, then what’s the nootropic you’re most excited to try.

Answer in the comments below.

are smart drugs safe

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