The Bar Brothers System Review (With Results)

I’ve been debating buying the Bar Brothers fitness program for months.

I go to purchase it and I’m always left wondering about my decision.

I decided to go in search of reviews to see what others had thought and all I could find were, should I say FAKE reviews of this product, on domains like,, and

None of which had any picture proof, nor any information about the course that wasn’t on the sales page, this is a BIG red flag.

Even after 5 Red Flags, I still decided to buy the program anyway, why?

  • 1. I could write a review, with before/afters and constant updates, that would hopefully help others in the same position as me.
  • 2. I love calisthenic training and really needed a calisthenics fitness routine.
  • 3. I enjoy the Bar Brothers movement and the videos they release on YouTube, plus they’re PUMPED, which to me meant they must know something about calisthenics.

Important: There’s a 60-day money back guarantee, if it all backfired I know I’d just get a refund.

Proof I Purchased The Course: 

Here’s the welcome email they send after your purchase:

bar brothers proof

What Did I Want From This Course

I got ill a few months back and lost 2 stone in weight and couldn’t train for a few months.

This resulted in me losing all my muscle and fat and I ended up looking like this:

my skinny

I felt rubbish on the inside and out and I needed a step-by-step program that would build me back up to my previous best.

Anyone who watches Bar Brothers knows that their training doesn’t just build muscle, it builds strength, cardio, and endurance!

Here’s exactly what I wanted to get out of this calisthenic course:

  • Build a solid routine
  • Put On Muscle
  • Fix My Previous Injuries
  • Test A New Way Of Training
  • Have a more sustainable way to train my body

What’s Inside The Bar Brother Course?

The first thing you get hit by is this page:


You then click “access now” and get to see the meat and veg of this course:

inside calisthenics fitness course

First, I clicked “introduction”, you’re greeted with a welcome video and at this point, I started to become excited.

What happened next? 

  1. I loved being told what to do, I love having a step-by-step guide, it’s like having a personal trainer.
  2. The first videos got me PUMPED and ready to exercise, I was ready to commit.

The next few videos I watched were a little RUBISH, tips and tricks just nothing special.

However, there was an awesome ENERGY boosting recipe (Pre-Workout shake), that worked insanely well.

I Started Hating The Bar Brothers System

Does anyone else feel guilty after buying something, a little sad perhaps?

After the high wore off that’s exactly how I felt.

I watched the first 4 videos and thought “I paid $50 for this”…

…I was thinking…

  • “There’s no WARM-UP”
  • “There’s No Tutorials On Form”
  • “For 90 days they only have 17 videos!!!”

I felt cheated and started to realize why there were NO REAL Reviews.

Then This Happened…

I clicked “week 1” and OH MY GOD! There it all was…

…The warm up… The Tutorials for all exercises… There’s even a fitness test, that measures how advanced you are.

This was all followed by 5 training videos for week 1.

My quilt lifted, my motivation shot back and I decided to celebrate by hitting the gym…

calisthenics vs weights

What Happened After (My Experience Of This Calisthenics Workout Program): 

I’m no beginner, I’ve done MMA, Taekwondo, Calisthenics, long distance running and heavy weightlifting over the past 7 years.

What I gained from the first 3 weeks of this program has been some of the GREATEST fitness advice/techniques I’ve ever learned.

First, I’ve always found fitness programs either super basic or CRAZY difficult.

Not this course, it’s designed for beginners and advanced, you pick the pace, they provide the workout routine.

Secondly, it’s basic, but the weekly intensity progression has left me feeling stronger, more defined and fitter than I have in a long time.

I came out of the first 3 weeks with a much more stronger, body and mind, something that was totally worth the small price of this product.

How My Body/Mind Feels After 3 Months

This is the first time I’ve ever fully committed to a calisthenics workout program for 3 months….

…I always feel like I’m losing my muscles when not lifting weights.

I can honestly say that not lifting weights has been the BEST decision I’ve made in my fitness life.

I feel stronger, leaner and more primal than even before.

My joint pain is gone, my bones feel strong and my body looks out of this world (If I do say so myself):


My testosterone is through the roof, my confidence is sky high and after a workout, I’m left with sweat running down my face feeling more alive than any nootropic/experience has left me, seriously it’s up there with jumping out of a plane:

me sky diving

Every morning I wake up excited to see the next workout and what the challenge will be and most importantly my body is in proportion…

…No more massive arms and skinny legs.

This workout does the whole body flawlessly and has left me feeling/looking strong all around, not just upper body.

I had no idea how much Calisthenics could change my life, I truly wish I’d started this from the beginning and skipped all them injuries that occurred while weight lifting.

Brain Performance Increase

I love to work hard, however, I still have jobs I hate doing.

Since starting calisthenics I’ve found pushing myself and working harder far easier.

It’s almost like my will-power muscle has grown and I find myself pushing it to the limits in all the aspects of my life.

These everyday workouts have made me more confident, focused and able than I’ve ever been. I feel content and happy with myself down to the core.

Who would have known this primal workout would have had this effect on me.

Best Calisthenics Transformations

I’ve now finished this course.

Here are the results this course has had on my body:

body pictures

I’d also like to share with you the results of the two founders of Bar Brothers:

lazar before and after

Then there’s this lad who took the advice in this course:

Finally here’s one last awesome Calisthenics before/after:

All it takes is for you to make the decision to START and from that point on you can achieve the above and way beyond it.

The One Piece Of Equipment You Need?

All you need to start this workout program is a pull-up bar with a dip station.

You can use household items if you’re low on money or even make your own pull-up bar.

The best pull up bar and dip combo with the highest reviews, best price and is even the one they use in the course is this one:

greatest pull up bar

I live is Spain so I was restricted and instead I got this AWESOME pull-up bar (ships around Europe).

All pull-up bars and dip stations will work with the course, you can even head down to your local gym/outdoor gym.

However I’d avoid using doorway pull-up bars, they’re death traps and usually result in injury/breaking of your door frame, but if that’s what you own right now, you will easily be able to complete the first 8 weeks with it.

PS: You can learn how I built a full home gym for $110 right here.

My Review Of The Bar Brothers Workout Program

I’ve done my best to answer all the questions I had about the course in this review, but here’s the real pro’s, cons and benefits of getting this course:

The Pro’s

  • I feel stronger after 3 months of this course than any weight lifting program has ever left me.
  • My body is tight, defined and more in proportion than it’s ever been.
  • The training is just as good as a personal trainer, without the high costs.
  • I’ve gained muscle and strength at a much quicker rate, the only thing that I could compare it to is the 8 months of cage fighting I did.
  • I’ve gained energy, I feel alive, awake and no longer want to fall asleep randomly.
  • All the strength, speed, endurance and balance I’ve built has become noticeable in my everyday life.
  • You get an awesome pre-workout drink recipe (amazing for energy)
  • The warm up is a perfect time.
  • It comes with a PDF with all your training and the reps you need to do.
  • There are even ways to make the exercises easier if you struggle with any.

The Con’s

You’re saving thousands of dollars on Gym/personal trainer costs when you get the bar brothers system, that alone makes it hard to find cons.

You see this course has helped me build strength, balance, cardio and muscle mass, all while pushing me to my limits making me a better person.

I’ve never had more results from a course and I recommend it to anyone.

However, If you buy this course please note it’s not a magic pill, it will take time and dedication, you get back more than what you put in, but it will push you to your limits and make you feel alive.

Should You Buy The System?

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide that will teach you calisthenics exercises, grow your strength, muscle mass, balance and mind, a course that pushes you to your max, then Bar Brothers is for you.

You will not find any course like this in the Calisthenics industry, it will teach you and help you grow quicker than anything else online.

If you’re happy to put time, dedication and hard work into what you learn in this course you will love every second and finish it feeling and looking AMAZING.

You only have to look at the people who are teaching the course to see how awesome the potential of your body truly is:

Cheapest Place To Buy Bar Brothers System

If you want the Bar Brothers Course with a $50 Bar Brothers Discount off then you can use this discounted link.

It took me 20 minutes to find and instantly knocks $50 off the price, making it the best bar brother coupon code.

coupon code for bar brothers

Should You get The Bar Brothers Diet?

I never buy into the HYPE of diets.

All I truly want is to eat clean, healthy food that improves the way my body looks and feels.

I’m currently on a nootropic diet that helps improve brain power, energy, and strength.

However, I decided to give the Bar Brothers diet a try.

FIRST… This diet isn’t for VEGANS!

As someone who was a vegan for almost two years (now a vegetarian), I can tell you, you will not gain much from this diet.

If you’re a vegetarian/meat eater you will learn about eating clean, managing your calories and what to eat to gain lean ripped muscle.

Why would you get the diet? 

If you want a personal trainer to guide you through exactly what to eat while you do the fitness course.

It takes the decision making away from you, teaches you everything you need to know about food for building strength and is a great starting point.

However, if you know about food, macros, building mass and getting lean with food the course then it probably isn’t for you.

Have Any Questions?

I have the course right in front of me if you have any questions or want any more information about this course just comment/email me and I’ll answer you right away.

bar brother system review


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  1. I must say that this was one detailed review. It really gave me a deeper insight into the “heart & soul” of the Bar Brothers System. And the fact that it centers around calisthenics is good because it’s basically working with your own body weight which means anyone can do this at some level. Definitely trying this bro, thanks for the details!

  2. Is this available overseas though? This can act as a stay at home gym which is good since people find it hard to enroll into one.

  3. Never heard of the Bar Brothers yet but I have been looking for an alternative for home fitness. If you say I can use household items then that would be perfect as I don’t need to spend on any extra. I have to be creative or resourceful. Been so busy, I don’t have time to drive to the gym and get back. This might just be it for me. Thanks for the review!

    • Yeah I’m with you on that, my commute to the gym sometimes takes longer and drains me more than working out, so this seem more efficient for me.

  4. looks awesome. ive never heard of bar brothers but it looks like they know aesthetics great. im more into powerlifting so im not too interested in this anymore but i would recommend this to my friends

  5. Wow I definitely love the results of the Bar Brothers program from what I see it really works. I will try out and see if it will work for me. Thanks for the article saved me a lot of cash.

  6. I would really like to know to make household items work for me with the Bar Brothers System. Also what is the recommended diet for the Bar Brothers System and can it be made from home or must it be bought?

  7. Hi there!

    Since you started having lost your muscle mass and fat – I assume you weren’t able to complete the required reps and sets for each week straight away. When this happened , did you repeat the week? Or push on through even having not completed it? Any advice on this?

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