Beginners Guide To Nootropics And Biohacking The Brain And Body

nootropics vaultMy name’s Oli and I’m am addicted to testing, getting the most out of my body and brain, I always feel like there’s more, and this questioning has brought me to creating this beginners guide that will teach you exactly how to be the best version of yourself in work, fitness and health.

I always believe there’s more and what I have here is some of the potions, supplements, drinks, food and exercise I do that have helped me become the person I want to be, from focus enhancers, to supplements that have allowed me to work for 4 hours straight at a level I used to only see once a month (if that).

I know what you’re thinking “but what’s the cost to your body?” and that was my biggest worry, I don’t want to take supplements that help my workflow but take years off my life, so Instead I put together a stack of nootropics that are packed with health benefits that far outweigh any negative effects, with this being said let’s just right in.

Here’s What I’ve Included In This Article: 

  • Effects + Safety Issues With Nootropics
  • Starter Nootropics That Are Cheap And Instantly effective
  • My Nootropic Stack (Perfect For Beginners)
  • How To Make Your Nootropics 10x More Powerful
  • Where To Buy Nootropics At The Best Price
  • An Exact Blueprint Of What A Beginner Should Use To Biohack Their Brain And Body To Make It The Best Version Within A Few Weeks

All this and I’ve packed it full of so much more, so use this table to flick through the bits you fancy learning:

What Are Nootropics

Nootropics refers to a range of artificial and natural compounds that help your body produce certain chemicals that help increase focus, memory, confidence and general cognitive function.

The question is: Have you ever wondered what your brain and body would be like if it got all the right things to help it run?

Well I’m going to teach you the nootropics I use to help me stay focused and do the jobs I hate doing with easy and jobs I love at a much higher level.

The stacks I mention are ideal for anyone who studies, has a business, is learning anything or just needs to help to stay focused, the stack also comes packed with tons of health benefits for people who just want to run at a high level all the time.

are nootropics safe

Are Nootropics Safe?

Short answer being no, the long being yes.

I only take nootropics that I know are safe and I avoid any prescription based products like adrall and rittalin, I also avoid things that build a tolerance quickly as they aren’t conjunctive to having long term results.

You see there’s no point in taking something that only works for x amount of time, or will do you damage if taken constantly. So even though there’s some great nootropics that have to be taken in moderation, I’m out ruling them and only keeping things you can take all day, every day with repeat results and with little to no tolerance build up.

Plus I’m going to be showing you how to continually build upon all the advice and use other exercises and techniques to get more productive and perform at a much higher level.

best starter nootropics

Awesome Starter Nootropics

So here’s the place to start, these are all really cheap, easy to get (most are sold on Amazon) and completely safe.

Lions Mane Instant Coffee

Now you can take lions mane in forms of a supplement pill or if you’re me and like a nice cup of coffee you can get this.

On Mondays or whenever I’ve got a hard day of work, usually the work I’m not to keen to do I pour a nice cup of Lions Mane Coffee and it helps me gain instant focus and dedication to complete anything ahead of me.

Now you should Be warned, this is a beginners nootropics and it will have great effects on your brain and energy levels, but my god it’s strong,  I myself am a coffee bean guy and don’t think instant coffee has enough of an energy kick, but holy moly just half a sachet of this is enough for me to plow through work for 2 – 4 hours without a cool down, plus I only drink this 3 times a week, 1 because I like to save it for when I need it, 2 I’m sensitive to caffeine and this stuff pushes me over board.

Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate is the go to for getting the creative juices flowing.

All I do is fill my gourd with lose Yerba Mate leafs, add hot water, then I sip on it while I do creative work like writing, reading, brain storming and videoing, you then keep topping the tea gourd up with hot water, keeping the same leaves and I usually get around 2 + out of one gourd.

The trick with Yerba Mate is to keep drinking it while you work, so it’s key to have some sort of teapot that keeps water warm so you don’t have to keep re-heating the old kettle.

I take this Yerba Mate, but there’s a few and as they cost around $8 per kilo you can go and test which one works for you and if you use amazon just follow the reviews.

I’d also recommend buying a tea gourd as it’s the traditional and most effective/easy way to drink yerba mate.

Special Coffee Blend

Believe it or not coffee is one of my all time favourite beginner nootropics, it’s safe, effective, cheap and easy to get and when you make a few simple changes it becomes 10 times the power.

How do you make special coffee?

No it’s not bulletproof where you add butter and MCT oil, in fact I’ve found it more effective than that and way cheaper once you get the initial gear.

What you need is a grinder, a cafeteria and some lightly roasted coffee beans (There the Coffee Beans I Use), yes that’s right coffee beans. Simply replacing instant coffee that has 90% of the caffeine burnt off and instead using freshly ground, lightly roasted coffee beans will give you a caffeine boost that will help you blast through work like nothing before.

Till this day nothing will get me started and in the fast lane like a clean cup of freshly made coffee, now I only recommend you have one cup per day as that should allow you to blast through the first 2 – 3 hours of your work without problem, plus if you keep reading I’ll teach you how to get even more out of caffeine with something called L-Theanine.

How To Boost It Quickly (another way):

You can also add MCT oil to your coffee every morning, I’ve heard this has fantastic energy boosting properties, but I’m in the process of testing and can’t tell you till I’ve completed a whole week, I will tell you one thing… Don’t over use MCT oil or you’ll end up on the loo pretty much instantly.

Green Tea

I used to be a green tea addict and I used to go well over board with 5 + cups per day… Doing this had little to no effect as I was using shop brought tea bags that I believe have no real benefit, but since I upped my green tea game (after getting back from a trip to China) I now feel the true benefits green tea has to offer both in health and with my productivity/energy.

How To Drink/What Green Tea To Drink For Maximum Effect

I recommend getting a loose leaf Sancha green tea (That’s the green tea I use) and then all you do is boil some water then take it off the heat for a few minutes, while doing that place the loose leaves in a cup and pour a little cold water enough to cover the leafs, then add the hot water and leave to sit for 3 minutes, then drink as you please leaving the leaves still in your mug.

This stops the hot water from damaging the leaves and helps store the caffeine, you can also do the opposite if you want less caffeine (just add really hot water, leave to site for 45 seconds then take the leaves out).

You can get special cups or teapots like this if you hate avoiding the leaves in your cup.

What Are The Benefits Of Green Tea

Well I find that green tea is the perfect way to boost my coffee buzz, so I have my first cup around 2 hours after my coffee and it helps me stay refreshed, high focused and when mixed with caffeine it makes me less jumpy, confident and gives me a subtle buzz that’s awesome for blasting through work.

I’ll be getting more into the effects of green tea + caffeine in a second.

Spice Shots

Right now I’m trying to put on weight and some of my eating habits are a little, lets say…unhealthy. My main unhealthy snack is my  peanut butter consumption and second is brown bread consumption, now to battle the badness I put into my body I make spice shots that help purify my system, my favorite one that I have every day is this one (be sure to give it a shot for immunity, energy and a cleanse of your system):

Next we’re moving onto the more heavy nootropics but first I wanted to tell you that I did a whole article on the exact nootropic stacks I take so go and check that out for more information.

I also wanted to add that the things mentioned above make an awesome starting platform for someone looking to see some solid results without any worries or high costs.

nootropic stacks

The Best Beginners Nootropic Stacks

Above are the easiest magic makers, they’re quick effective and can be mixed and matched.

The below are again safe and lot expensive, but can have some learning curves, meaning you should take it slow and add one stack at a time and see how to makes you feel.

Creatine + Ubiquinol

I’ve mentioned this before but my family has a history of Alzheimers and that’s something I want to do my best to avoid and by simply mixing creatine and ubiquinol you can do just that.

Creatine is usually used to help people’s endurance and performance increased during intense training, but it also creates magic when mixed with ubiquinol and together they help improve memory, brain performance and slow down deterioration of the brain helping prevent Alzheimers.

So not only is this an awesome nootropic it also helps in other awesome long term ways.

How Do You Take It? 

I take these Ubiquinol pills, one per day, with 2 – 3 grams of this creatine, I don’t cycle off creatine unless I’m doing tests and I find that 2 grams a day is perfect for maintaining, so ignore the 5 gram recommendation, but if you’re not training, then you can probably dose 1 – 2 grams per day.

PS: You’ve got to take creatine every day and be sure to up your intake of water to around 2.5 – 3 litres per day.


The greatest nootropic of them all and the starting point for I feel 80% of the nootropic community, that basically sums up the popularity of Caffeine and L-Theanine, but what is this stack and why should you use it?

L-Theanine is the substance from green tea that makes you feel awesome and when mixed with caffeine it leaves me with a really consistent buzz, it helps me with confidence, anxiety and most importantly it allows me to cut through repetitive, boring work with vengeance.

People use this mix when going into meetings, job interviews, to study and if you’re like me as an every day work booster, it’s simple, effective and the best being it doesn’t come with a crash, plus I build no tolerance.

How do you take it? 

You can do it one of two ways, supplements or the real deal.

  1. The real deal would be me mixing coffee and green tea, but after trying this I did get a good buzz (still do it occasionally), but nothing compared to when I use it the second way…
  2. You can get a L-Theanine supplement and mix it with your morning coffee (this is how I do it), or grab a caffeine and l-theanine supplement (pre mixed for best results) or you can just get L-Theanine powder and caffeine capsules and take 200mg of L-Theanine with 100mg of Caffeine once per day.

Tip: Never buy caffeine powder, it’s ultra hard to dose and 1 – 2 grams can be a lethal, so instead pay for capsules where the doses are weighed out and 100% safe.

Tip: If you’re like me and want a morning coffee, just get some L-Theanine supplement and add it to your coffee, that way you won’t risk over stimulating yourself with caffeine by having a cup in the morning followed by a supplement.

What You Should Do Now? 

What I’d do is pick some of the “Starter” nootropics that resonate with you and then add either caffeine + l-theanine or ubiquinol and creatine, depending on the results you’re after.

You can then add other nootropics to that once you feel comfortable and are getting results, then you can test if anything interferes with the ones you’re already taking.

Don’t Start Them All At Once

The starter nootropics are pretty harmless and can be tried together, but once you start adding in various supplements it’s best to start slow adding one to two things ever month, you don’t want to over stimulate yourself or more likely have no idea what’s working and what you could get rid of.

I’ve come a fall to this and all I do to avoid it is start slow and be mindful, if I start taking a supplement and then I start getting headaches, I stop the supplement and see if it continues, that way you prevent damage, stop wasting money and see what actually works for your body.

guide to buying smart drugs

Buying A Full Nootropic Supplement Stack (What Are Your Choices)

I’ve recently ordered a few of the best nootropic supplement stacks from the best sellers online, companies like Onnit, NautralStacks, Nootrobox and and I’m currently in the process of testing them all out to see what one does the best.

What Is This Magic I Talk About?

Well a stack is a set of supplements (or edibles/drinkables) that work together to create a desired outcome.

Like how water and juice come together to make a tasty drink, creatine and ubiquinol come together to make a tasty brain power tool.

But What Are Pre-made Stacks?

Well most nootropic companies pride themselves on having the best “Stack”, basically a concoction of supplements that they sell together and when taken as recommended they create a desired effect, example:

I’ve ordered a stack that helps induce creativity and focus, so all the supplements in this stack are related in same way to boosting, creating or producing creativity and focus inside my body/mind.

The benefit of this, is that when you chose a good company you take a lot of the risk factor away as they will have run tests, checked comparability and even have case studies of what happened after x amount of time.

The downside is the price, my custom stack costs less than $100 for 3 months, as when you use companies you can easily spend $60 + per month and with companies like Onnit it goes well into the $100, luckily I’m keeping my case studies on companies that range from $30 to $90 per month a very low cost for the benefits that I’m looking to get.

Best nootropic Stacks: 

tips for buying supplement stacks

Tips for Buying A Pre-made Stack

  • Don’t use price as a quality guarantee: There’s plenty of overpriced nootropics that do 0 and tons of things that cost $8 that will blow your mind, so pick your company based on the case studies, quality of their product and the supplement stack.
  • Start Slow: Once you get a stack don’t start taking everything at the same time, instead start slow, take one thing and every 3 days add another, then you can see the effects and learn what causes issue and what doesn’t.
  • Cutting The Costs: Once you find a good stack that works for you, look at the products and just buy them on Amazon, it’s good to start with a stack from a company as it has all the correct doses and you’ll be able to contact support for any questions, but once you’ve done a month of testing you can just use Amazon and cut your costs by 50%.
  • Think Before You Buy: Use my where to buy guide and learn how to see if a company is legit or a fake.

Remember, do your own research and keep on testing, also I test a lot of products and don’t release the case studies right away (take a long time to put together), so message me before you buy and I’ll try to help you out, plus if I haven’t tried a nootropic tell me and I’ll give it a try and tell you what I think.

testing nootropics effectiveness How To Test What Smart Drugs/Supplements Work On Your Mind

Now there’s a few ways I test the effect and here they are:

#1 – Become Mindful

No one knows your body quite like you, so when you get a boost of productivity you should be mindful enough to notice it and put two and two together on what caused it.

#2 – Keep track of your fitness, workflow and happiness

It takes a few minutes to create a spread sheet with the above in it and all you need to do is clear five minutes every night to fill in the blanks, this is the greatest tool and it will help you make amazing changes in the future, due to the fact you can monitor what stack had what effect on your mood, creativity, workflow and fitness.

Don’t make it to detail, just write your mood, sad, average, happy, seriously happy and what you did fitness wise and how it felt, same with work and you can occasionally leave a little note if anything weird happened like a headache, or tingling, etc.

#3 – Brain Training Games

The easiest and most effective way to see your focus, memory and brain power is to sign up to this brain exercising site, use it for a week, then start keeping track of your scores while testing various nootropics.

Obviously it’s not 100% accurate, but doing a daily test can help you see what stack was the most effective, plus while doing this you’ll actually be exercising your brain making it even smarter.

That’s a serious win win.

These are the three methods I currently use, there is hardware like the EGG, but I’ll have to do some more tests as I feel like it’s to sporadic.

I will be using a Fitbit and monitoring my heart rate daily along with going to a nutritionist who tests for testosterone and other fitness aspects so when I test stacks I can see the exact benefits on my health and report back on here, but that’s seriously over kill for anyone who doesn’t have a blog and is testing beginner tropics.

Where To Buy Nootropics 

I recently did an article about the companies I recommend using and all these companies I’ve ever purchased from, know someone closely who’s had results from or am purchasing from and testing as we speak.

I also go into detail about finding the perfect company, what each companies best products are and how to see if the company is legit.

smart drug results

How To 10X Your Nootropics Results

The results you have with your nootropics are down to a few factors, sleep, exercises and diet and I’m about to teach you how to use them to maximise yourself.


Never let anybody, CEO or not convince you that sleep is not important.

I will agree some people can run on 4 – 5 hours per night, but even in them situations it’s not deemed healthy.

You should always be getting 7 – 8 + hours sleep every night in complete pitch black with no sound (if possible).

This will help repair your body, mind and give you energy throughout the whole day.

My Story With Sleep Deprivation

For two years I lived on 4 – 5 hours sleep per night, it got to the point that when I was 18 I used to go to bed at 8 and get up at 1 and work till 5 o-clock, in doing this I used to produce 10 – 20 thousand words per day of what some could argue was unreadable rubbish (It really was).

I use to be like a robot, my diet was awful, I used to get really sad on Sundays and may lord did it all catch up on me… Not even a year later my energy levels were below manageable, I always fell asleep without wanting to, I’d get ill all the time and I looked like absolute crap.

Now it’s not to often you see a semi-healthy teen, go from good to absolutely awful in a matter of years and I’ve come down to the conclusion of one thing:

Lack of sleep leads to bad decisions in diet, work, love and life.

I’ve now spent the last year having around 8 hours a night, when I can and I now work much smarter, am more productive, have the best diet of my life, train 6 – 7 days per week and no longer get tired throughout the day (biggest game changer).

So don’t play with your sleep any longer, you may gain an extra hour work, but you’ll lose years of your life, feel like poo and not be able to get results from half of the magic on this article.

How to Get A Great Nights Sleep

I’ll be doing a full article on this in the future but here’s some of the quick ways I make sure I get 8 hours of full deep, restoring sleep.

  • Stop using blue lights 30 – 1 hour before bed and instead read something or listen to a podcast (blue lights are found in your phones, tv’s and monitors), if you’d like to avoid this you can get some blue light cancelling glasses or use Flux on your PC.
  • Do a bedtime yoga routine:

  • Have a deep relaxing bath with some radox + lavender oil, make it a nice warm temperature and bath without distraction for 30 minutes, you can have relaxing music like this on, or pop a podcast on quite if you really want to make the most of the time.
  • Avoid Caffeine, L-Theanine and other supplements that increase focus and alertness up to 5 hours before sleep.
  • Eat 3 + hours before your go to bed.
  • Sleep in complete darkness with no sound (I use a blindfold and some of these awesome ear plugs).
  • Exercise daily to relieve excess energy.

There’s tons more ways you can get a deeper sleep, some including supplements, but I’ll talk about that another time as this should be perfect for any beginner to crack on with.


Your body is an exact representation of you, it tells people about your dedication, will power, lifestyle and strength and whether you’re man or women you should take time to respect and look after your body.

I train 6 days a week, not because I want to look like Arnold:

I do it because it boosts productivity, helps me work at a much higher level and makes me feel amazing, I mean who would have thought taking an hour off my work time would have resulted in me getting more work done? Well it does, plus it will help the nootropics on this list take a much better effect, not to mention fitness helps the release of dopamine and serotonin which are responsible for your happiness.

Update: I write an article on my full at home calisthenic workout.

What Type Of Training Is Best? 

Start with a jog, nothing clears the brain quite like a morning/late afternoon jog, you can reflect on your day, think about how your body feels or even just blast your favourite tunes.

Tip: The first 3 times you jog are the hardest and after that your cardio will spring into action and running will become second nature and you won’t even feel tired.

As I stand I can run 11 + km without feeling tired.

Biohacking Tip: Last year I tested starting my day off with an hour run, I’d eat, listen to an hour audio book, go on a run, then shower and then finally work and I found that my body burned a lot of the energy I needed to work, so instead I run in my lunch and it actually gives me a boost that helps me complete the last few hours of work.

Other Types Of Training:

  • Dancing: Whether you’re man or women dancing is a fantastic way to tone the body, build awesome cardio and get your mind in a great space.
  • Skipping
  • Swimming: One of the greatest forms of exercise known to man and a sure fire way to get in the best shape of your life.
  • Cycling: This is a game changer, not just because you get fit but because you see the world in a new way and can go on some awesome adventures no matter where you are.

Boosting Your Testosterone With A Workout

If you like to go hard and want to ton your body and release the maximum happiness chemicals, then try adding one of these MMA workouts into your life.

I do this one twice per week:

And I occasionally do this one when I want to mix it up:

I find that the more primal activities I do, things like fighting, running, using my body in a calisthenic workout, having a BBQ, doing gardening, etc, the more happy, strong and confident I am and I’ve come to see that we need to use what we’ve got in order to stay excited and healthy, so don’t go stale, keep on pushing.


I’m in the process of creating a masterful article about the greatest diets for the mind, body and moods and in this diet I’ll teach you how I battle anxiety, sadness, learning disorders and cravings with a simple, plant-based plan, yes it’s vegan and yes it’s cheap and unbelievably beneficial for health, but for now let me leave you with some nootropic foods.

Update: The Article On My Exact Nootropic Diet Is Complete

What food Should You Be Eating Lots Of? 

Whenever I start a new challenge I always start with my diet because once I unlock my diet my motivation, happiness and willpower comes along right away.

Now what I’ll start with is dopamine releasing/producing foods, and as you may know dopamine is responsible for a large amount of happiness and people who lack dopamine usually half self-destructive behaviour and bad shopping, drama, gossip and drinking/drug habits.

People who lack dopamine also find it hard to get motivation and to stick to anything, so if you crack this code you’ll find it easier to take nootropics and start having a jog here and there.

Dopamine Releasing/producing foods: 

  • Bananas
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Green Vegetables
  • Beets
  • L-theanine (which is in green tea, but can also be taken as a supplement with coffee for anxiety, brain power and focus).
  • Tumeric
  • Garlic
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Coffee (I only try to drink coffee beans, but right now I’m out so I’m on instant D:)


Is another key to your happiness and even though you can’t get food that directly creates serotonin you can get food that promotes the release of serotonin and will leave you feeling happy and accomplished:

  • Spice shots that include Turmeric and Ginger

Video Of Me: This was done on a blog that I stopped (didn’t work), but is still an awesome drink that promotes immune and serotonin boosting.

  • Dark Chocolate 80% +
  • Green Tea
  • Fermented foods (especially kombucha tea)
  • Bananas
  • Chia and Linseeds.
  • Honey (make sure it’s real and that from outside the E.U if you’re British as there’s fake honey floating about).
  • Avocados (The dream food)
  • Lentils
  • Oats

Try to get as much of the above food into your diet as possible and see how you feel, change, test and add new things all the time and remember research is your friend.



I’ve talked about the effects meditation has had on my life a few times, more recently in the NoFap article I did, but real talk, meditation is my life saver, it’s helped me grow into myself, deleting anxiety and helping me deal with confidence issues I’ve had for years.

For the first time in my life I fill like I control my brain, I decide when to eat, I decide when I stop work and I decide if I’m happy or not.

Now meditation can be as simple as 3 minutes of mindfulness each day, or you can make it a tea routine, something I talk about in the article above.

Faling all that, if you’re in life for success and want to start your day in the most productive way, then you should do this 21 minute guided meditation every morning before work and watch your life change before your own eyes:

You can here the same guy speak here to gain a better understanding of whats going on and why this is so incredible for opening the mind:

Now the key to meditation is not quantity it’s quality, it’s better to be still and silent for 3 minutes, than spend twenty just thinking about life. It’s also key that you meditate every single day without fail, one day missed and your results can fall before your eyes.

The Perfect Mix 

I’ve found through trial and error that in-order for any of the above to work you need to have a perfect mix, you see nootropics are half the battle, kinda like running, without a good diet, it’s better than nothing, but by just changing the way you eat you’ll have double, if not triple the results.

You should take a second and imagine a you that’s healthy, working at the highest level everyday, not having crashes and falling asleep throughout the day, but instead accomplishing everything and more in fitness, family and work, that’s the you that’s killing it and can make awesome changes, and you know whats crazy? All of this can be achieved in less than a few hours a day.

biohacking blueprint

The Ultimate Nootropic Blueprint For Any Beginner

Okay now it’s time to break this whole article down and give you what it took me over 4 years to learn in just a minute:

Week One: 

  • Start eating cleaner and incorporate the foods we mentioned above while cutting processed foods and refined sugars out (don’t forget a daily spice shot).
  • Start drinking lions mane coffee on Monday, Wednesday And Friday, starting with just half a sachet.
  • Start Drinking Yerba Mate Tea during creative work.
  • Go on two runs (15 minutes each) and try one of the MMA workouts.
  • Get 8 hours sleep every night in complete darkness.

Week Two: 

Continue the above, plus:

  • Add ground coffee on the days you don’t drink lions mane.
  • Get some green tea and use green tea 1 – 2 times per day.
  • Try this calisthenic home workout, go on two runs and do 2 MMA workouts.

Week Three: 

Continue All Of The Above, plus:

  • Add Caffeine + L-Theanine to your diet, what I recommend is getting L-Theanine powder and adding 200 mg to your morning coffee.

At this point test how you feel, you should feel less anxiety, more confidence and focused to the point you can cut through the work you usually dislike.

You can take this 5 days per week, just be sure to keep an eye on your caffeine intake, also if you don’t drink coffee, you can get some caffeine + L-Theanine capsules here.

  • Go on 2 Runs, Do 2 MMA Workouts, 1 Calisthenics Workout.
  • Try meditating 5 minutes everyday from now on, here’s an excellent guide.

Week Four: 

Repeat Week Three

Week Five: 

Repeat Week Three and add:

  • You can try doing a 21 minute guided meditation everyday before work and see how your brain feels after the week is done.
  • Do the same exercise, but go on a different running route.
  • Try adding Creatine and Ubiquinol to your stack. The creatine will help with the intense workouts while also helping your brain with the ubiquinol, your memory will improve along with your focus and this stack has been shown to prevent Alzheimers.

As a warning if you’ve got a family history of Parkinsons disease, I’d avoid creatine and caffeine as I’ve heard it can speed the rate of progression of this disease.

The End:

You can now reset and try a complete new stack keeping the things that helped you the most, or continue this stack and get all the benefits from it.

biohacking test

Test, Test, Keep On Testing

We’ve heard it all before but people are different and what works for me might not have the same effects on you, usually down to use having different diets, being different ages and having different genetics and that’s why you need to get testing.

You might ask how? 

All you should do is constantly be trying new healthy food, supplements and drinks, try reading a few health books and taking a look at some of the things you’re not happy about yourself…

…Maybe you can’t concentrate, or find it hard to create a habit, whatever it is start researching it, get a book and study and as long as you do this every year you’ll look back and see a massive difference with who you were and who you’ve become.

Don’t Over Do It: You might try ground coffee and Yerba Mate and have the most kick-butt results and if you do, don’t feel the need to automatically update, instead enjoy it, learn more about it and try different brands, beans, leaves and ways to prepare.

This will help you save cash and allow you to build the ultimate stack that works for you and your life, plus it’s an amazing hobby to have testing out different coffee beans and Yerba Mate leafs… I mean the gift opportunities for friends and family are endless.

So remember to keep testing and coming back to this article as it will constantly be updated with my latest finds.

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember if you want any help or have any nootropics for me to try comment below and I’ll add them to my case study list.

beginners guide to nootropics

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