My Must-Have Calisthenic Workout Equipment

Wouldn’t it be awesome to do a full body, primal workout all from home and at half the cost of a 3-month gym membership?


Well I did it and I’m going to show you how you can too, all with the help of some clever equipment buying and learning from my previous mistakes.

Are you ready to save money?

Good! Let’s get started.

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The Absolute Must Have Calisthenic Gear

Really.. Is it that must have?

Totally… This is the gym equipment I couldn’t live without.

From pull up bars to training gloves… Even hand strengtheners.

This is the pure foundations of calisthenics.

pull up bar

The Greatest Pull Up Bar I’ve Used

Pull up bars cost a fortune and unless you’re willing to risk breaking your coccyx by using a cheap door frame pull up bar then you’re in for a small fortune being paid out.

But does it have to be that way?


After searching for ages, I managed to get a state of the art pull up bar, with dip station and push up bars for $120 brand new, incl shipping.

It GETS BETTER!!! How? Right now you can get it for $70 including shipping :O, using this link.

What pull up bar did I get…

greatest pull up station

Save $60 on the pull-up bar by using this Amazon link

Why Did I Pick This Pull-Up Bar?

  • It’s state of the art quality.
  • It’s full sized and really sturdy.
  • You can do a full range of pull-up exercises including muscle ups, without any fears.
  • Its seriously an AMAZING price at just $70 inc shipping, that’s as cheap as a good door frame bar.
  • It comes packed with a pull-up bar with wide and close grips, a dip station, and push up bars, all, in all I saved around $200 by getting it all together.
  • It works on both carpet and hard flooring.

Why Do You Need A Pull Up Bar?

It’s the single, most important piece of equipment.

It allows you to work your:

  • Back
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Chest

And core all in one unit.

Plus, the pull-up movement is one of the healthiest strength builders I know.

But the single reason to get a pull-up bar is that over 50% of a calisthenic workout routine is pull ups, dips, muscle ups or chin ups.

Still, want more?

Well, check this video of 35 pull up exercises you can do on this bar (all of which are AWESOME).

Hand Strengtheners (Highly Recommended For Beginners)

Want to go from ZERO to HERO?

Then you’re going to need hand strengtheners.

hand strengtheners

Pull ups are hard, but what holds most people back is their hand strength.

If you can’t hold your body up for 20 seconds on a bar, how are you going to complete a workout with over 80 pull ups?

Save the learning curve and just invest in these awesome hand strengtheners, they cost $8 (Using that Amazon Discount Link) and will allow you to get them GAINZ far quicker.

You will also be able to give a firm handshake.

Something men and women love.

reistance training

Resistance Bands (Great for Beginners And Pros)

I was lucky.

I trained for 4 years before I even touched calisthenics.

This gave me core strength to do pull ups and push ups instantly.

But, for some, that’s not possible.

So if you can’t do more than a few pull ups, get these resistance bands

They make pull ups, dips and muscles ups far easier and allow you to work on correct form.

Then once you master it, you can then use them to add tension to your workout getting you more pumped in a much quicker time.

Awesome right?

Here’s a video showing how you can use resistance bands to aid pull ups (Along with other exercises) and make them harder.

calisthenics gloves

You Must Get Some Training Gloves

I was one of the fools who trained the HARD way.

I didn’t use gloves for the first 3 + months of fitness.

Oh boy, I regret it.

Pull ups give you the worst corns and calluses, that feel like blisters.

They HURT and It gets even worse if you’re like me and have sweaty hands, the bar gets a little slippy and a solid grip becomes even harder, making simple pull-ups horrid.

All this can be stopped for 10 bucks, by getting a good pair of gloves, something I recommend any beginner to do.

With these gloves, I didn’t just stop corns and calluses, I gained amazing grip, which has improved my form and instead of slipping while doing diamond/clap push ups I now have a perfect grip and don’t have to use a towel.

Plus, it feels awesome to shadow box in gloves…

The ones above are the best ones I’ve used by far and even beat an $80 pair I once owned.

greatest cardio exercises

Other Equipment I Recommend

Right now you’re at about $110 and with the average gym costing $58 per month and up to $134.50 per month if you live in a big city like New York, you’ve just saved anywhere from $64 to $292, plus all the costs after the first 3 months!


So now we have an extra $64 to spend and here’s what I’d recommend:

weighted vest

The Greatest Weighted Vest You Can Get

Once you get the basic calisthenic movements down, from pull-ups to chin ups and muscle ups to Hindu push-ups, it could be time to invest in a weighted vest.

I personally use this weighted vest twice per week, once on leg day and once on upper body day.

It’s a great way to build tension and gain extra strength.

I’m not currently strong enough to use it every workout as the recovery time it adds onto a workout is too taxing, as I train 6 days per week.

But, for everyday strength, it’s seriously bad*ss, it makes me feel like the hulk once it comes off after a workout.

I use the vest above, but you can use any, just be sure they’re not too loose or bulky.

gym rings

Gym Rings (Advanced) 

When it comes to bar VS rings it’s all about you and your own performance.

Both mentally and physically gym rings take more of a toll and are harder to master.

But the price is attractive and the added benefits of balance and quick core strength building can sometimes lead to a desire to own them.

What do I think?

These gym rings allow you to perfect your body and movement.

They open up new calisthenic exercises like the ones featured in this video:

They also increase the effectiveness of calisthenics workouts as they show in this video:

The true benefit is that some people have the perfect space to put these up, which means you could save money and not get a pull-up bar.

But… In my opinion, you should: 

Get a bar, then once you can knock out 15 pull ups, 15 dips, 50 pushups and 5 muscle ups, invest in some gym rings and add them to your bar.

That’s what I’m doing.

You can then use them to perform all the awesome exercises above while using the bar to perform explosive circuits that would be too hard on the gym rings.

That way you get the best of both worlds.


Kettlebell Weight

OMG! That’s not Calisthenics friendly!

True. It is a weight, but a glorious one at that.

I don’t train with weights of any kind, but I’ve played with kettlebells a few times (Get the one I recommend here) and incorporate them into my workout for two things:

  • Leg workouts (Unreal results)
  • Arm Workouts (Amazing)

You see calisthenics builds your arms perfectly, but I’ve found my arms respond well to a little weight and simply using a kettlebell once per week to carry out basic arm movements I’ve got that bicep pump I’ve been waiting for.

  • First, in no way do you need it. I’ve only just started using it, so it’s not something that’s a must have.
  • Second, it’s one of the oldest types of training equipment. Even when I went to China, to an old style family home, they had these to do exercise with.

As I say I’ve just added this in and had fantastic results, but I’ll be experimenting more and I will  report back here with a final verdict.

Here are just some of the primal ways you can workout with a kettlebell:

Extra Calisthenics Gear I Recommend:

At this point, if you’ve purchased everything you’re at around $180, which is a little over budget, as you know the stuff above is optional and for people who want to add EXTRA WOW to their calisthenics workouts.

From this point, everything is optional and is just what I use to extra aid my workout.

best skipping rope

Skipping Rope

It’s a no-Brainer.

they cost 5 dollars and are one of the best ways to warm the body up and get the heart rate pumping.

Perfect for when you don’t fancy a run, but want to get that cardio pump and burn them calories.

Skipping is also a brilliant way to get defined and burn unwanted fat from the body.



I was a sceptic.

I didn’t think trackers would effect my fitness level.

Boy, I was wrong.

I recently got gifted a Fitbit as a Birthday present and it has changed my fitness game.

I’m now active every single day and constantly trying to hit my daily goal of 10 thousand steps.

I go on a 30-minute walk which in itself has improved my life and find myself jogging more often which is a passion I truly love.

I’m also using it as an aid to get myself ready for a 500km walk I’m doing this year.

Not to forget this device also measures your sleep and has a highly effective silent alarm clock that wakes you up gently (PS: It wakes me up every time).

All in all the daily challenges, tracker and competitive side to this device is what keeps me active.

If you have one, message me and we can compare stats.

best supplements

Supplements I Take

Power to the supplement, magic pill, and powders that make us get them gains in record times.

On a serious note, supplements are my fortay and whether it’s supplements, teas or food I know what improves the memory, focus and speed the mind runs at, as well as what gives energy, adds strength and recovers.

Let’s break this down: 

  • Creatine: The #1 body-weight workout supplement has to go to creatine for the endurance you gain after taking 2 grammes per day for two weeks, along with the bigger looking muscles and the more explosive power.
  • Protein: The number one reason people don’t repair or grow muscles is from a lack of protein, and although you shouldn’t get all your protein from a supplement it doesn’t hurt to get 40% of it. Just be sure you use a daily protein calculator to calculate what your body needs.

What’s The Best Protein To Get?

For results, whey protein is the most readily absorbed, while also being the cheapest and easiest to find.

However, the bad farts it gives me, plus the added fact I try to avoid dairy products means I go for…

This vegan protein:

It mixes pea’s, soy, hemp, and chickpeas all together to make a super high-powered protein.

It has protein from many different sources which means you can drink more without overloading, doesn’t give me farts, has a fantastic taste and best of all comes packed with health benefits.

Second Favourite Protein (For Health Reasons):

Raw goat’s milk protein is by far the healthiest source of protein, packed with probiotic goodness (When drunk in goats milk), along with a seriously high-quality protein absorption rate with all your amino acids with nothing needing to be added.

Which one’s for you?

All depends on your lifestyle, budget and goals :).

Weight Gainer:

The second biggest reason people don’t make muscle is they don’t eat enough. I have this issue, no matter what I eat I lose weight. This weight gainer, really helped me stay on course.

Aren’t Weight gainers unhealthy? 

They can be, but if you eat a healthy diet, filled with raw veg, plant-based proteins and tonnes of fruit, it’s perfectly fine to add a good quality weight gainer.

The one I take also comes packed with creatine, cocoa powder, chia seeds, maca root and many other super foods.


Supplements That Keep You Focused And Wanting To Go To The Gym

Motivation is an issue we all sometimes struggle with.

What if I told you there are foods, drinks, and healthy supplements that have tons of health benefits while also motivating you and giving you energy…

…You would be excited right?

Well here’s my nootropics for training: 

  • Fresh, light roasted coffee before a workout, mix lions mane (500mg or 1 gramme depending on strength) or l-theanine (Dose: 200mg) for extra focus and determination.
  • Cycle beta-alanine, the stuff they put in pre-workout shakes that will make you focused and ready to withstand a hard workout.

If you’re clever you will get this BCAAs complex that has beta-alanine and all your other important BCAAs.

Take the above along with the mentioned supplements to make a really healthy, high functioning training stack.

homemade energy drink

Natural Pre-Workout Energy Drink

Ready to blast through a workout like SUPERMAN/WOMAN?

I hope so!

Here are two of my super healthy, homemade energy drinks, for pre-workout greatness.


One twist…

…You have to get light roasted, whole beans, a cheap grinder and a cafetiere.

Trust me… You have not had a true coffee buzz till you do it the way above.

Have one cup 10 minutes before a workout, add lions mane 3 times per week to really spice it up.

Fruity Heaven

Time to get your health groove on:

  • Add 3 teaspoons of honey
  • One and a half cups of soy, almond, raw goat’s milk or a coffee if you want true energy.
  • 2 grams creatine
  • Half a Lemon
  • 1 – 2 tbsp Peanut Butter
  • 2 Bananas

You now have a natural energy drink.

If you’re a thrill seeker and want even more power you can add ginger root, remember… It takes guts!

push up exercises

Callisthenics Workout Program

Reaching your fitness goals comes down to one single thing…

…Having a plan of action you follow.

Creating one can sometimes seem impossible, especially if you’re new to bodyweight exercising.

What I’d do is buy a cheap online course that plans out everything for you.

You can then see what works, learn what a full body calisthenics routine looks like and create your own.

It’s what I did…

calisthenics workout program

I Started With The Bar Brothers Workout Program

This is where my passion was born.

The course itself is pretty impressive and is basically like having a personal trainer while you train.

Now, the format of the course is a little underwhelming, but trust me, if you follow day-to-day you will smash your body targets within the first few weeks.

I did.

Added Bonus: If you go through my link you can get $59 off which will hopefully help you out.

You can also check out my full review of that calisthenics fitness program.

My Full Calisthenics Course

In a few months, I’ll be releasing one of the greatest pieces of work I’ve ever done.

It’s a full calisthenics course, with me walking you through everything, training alongside you.

While I’m filming this I’m doing all the training with you and it starts from the beginning of my calisthenics journey to the end.

Now, it’s not complete 🙁 but if you want it along with other amazing training advice, pop your email in here and I’ll send you it over once it’s complete.

That’s it, it’s over.

I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have.

Have a wonderful day and if you have any questions or need any advice leave a comment.

I’ll leave you with one question:

What’s Your Favourite Calisthenic Exercise? 

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