The Best List Of Calisthenics Exercises


Well it’s only naturally obtained through primal activities.

Throw away the heavy weights and get them LION feels by indulging in some good old bodyweight exercises.

Say goodbye to joint pain, unproportioned gains and vein poppingly heavy weights and start training how you were designed to… With your body-weight.

Today I’ll be running you through a calisthenic workout program, giving you a full list the greatest calisthenic exercises with the added bonus of showing you how the entire military use calisthenics to get JACKED.

I’ll also be letting you in on some FREE calisthenics programs and giving you the chance to WIN the BEST nootropic Supplement each month (go here to enter).

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Why I Train Using Calisthenics

I tried heavy weights… In fact, I relied on heavy weights for the past four years.

I even feared putting a stop to them and thought I’d lose everything I worked for.

I was so wrong!

I started Calisthenics Training (With This Bar Brothers Workout Program – Calisthenic Course Review) and I’ve never looked back…


…My Testosterone




…And recovery time are all at record levels and that’s just the tip of what’s been a transformative iceberg.

Putting it another way, in my opinion body-weight training is the most primal strength builder…

…For years we’ve used our bodies to gain strength, endurance and speed and calisthenics highlights that with the sense of connection I feel in my body while training, it’s unlike anything I felt while lifting heavy weights.

It gets better… My body for the first time in FOREVER is in full proportion, my lower and upper body match and that’s a balance I was never able to obtain while lifting.

Want more?

Calisthenics can be used by both men and women of all ages, young and old.

Whether you’re 14 and want to start toning up or building strength, or 50 and want to get yourself back in shape… Calisthenics works and is in my opinion, the safest way to consistently build strength, power, and definition.

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best bodyweight exercises

The Greatest Calisthenics Exercises

Enough chatting, I want to hit you with the greatest body-weight exercises:

Squats (And AWESOME Leg Exercises)

best types of squats

You CANNOT miss leg day.

  • Training you legs releases an array of testosterone which leaves you feeling freaking awesome.
  • Nice legs and bums look good on both men and women.

Now… Does training without weight ruin your leg gains?


In honesty, since I stopped using weights my knees have grown far stronger and my legs and butt look better than ever.

I’ve also STOPED fearing leg day as training with no weights feels fantastic.

It wouldn’t be an exercise list if I didn’t show you the best squats from my go-to video:

The Best Squats I Do:

  • Normal Squats
  • Jump Squats (AWESOME)
  • Reverse Jump Squats
  • Goblet Squats (With Kettlebell weight)
  • Pistol Squats (Advanced)

What About Lunges? 

We can’t forget the power of lunges and that’s why I’d like to give an honorable mention to my go-to’s:

  • Reverse Lunges
  • Forward Lunges
  • Normal Lunges
  • Jump Lunges

Pretty standard stuff… But I recently found a video, it’s a little basic but shows great ways to mix lunges up:

Yes! There’s MORE.

Here are the other core exercises I use:

  • Step Ups (On a chair or bench)
  • Sprint Running (Run 2 miles, every 5 minutes sprint for 1 minute)
  • Calf Raises (Really Important, do one legged if you’re advanced)
  • Wall Sit (I do 3 sets of 40 seconds, every leg workout at the end)
  • Side Hops
  • Sumo Squats
  • Low Duck Walk
  • Half Burpees
  • Skipping

They are my go to leg exercises, all are hand picked and done almost every week by me.

Greatest Pulls Ups You Can Do

pull up exercises

Did you know pull ups are the BEST calisthenic exercise for upper body muscle strength.

I’m talking a good pull up cycle will build:

  • Lower/Upper back
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Core
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Forearm

And all the little muscles around those areas, even your hand grip strengthens.

For this reason, we have to pick our pull up exercises carefully to ensure maximum GAINZ. How did I do this? With this video right here:

It will take time, dedication and perseverance to achieve most of the pull-ups in that video.

But who doesn’t like a challenge?

Now the speed you adapt with pull ups depends largely on weight, if you’re heavy you will have a harder time…

…But you will also make bigger gains and become stronger due to lifting more weight.

My Favourite Pull Up Exercises

  • Normal Pulls Ups: Wide, normal and close grip I love them all.

These are the foundation of the bar, and until you can do 10 reps straight I’d not move on.

  •  Muscle ups: In NO WAY are these a fun exercise, in fact, they’re the hardest exercise in calisthenics that you will do on a regular basis.

That being said, they also other the best full body strength results.

  • Typewriter pull-up: An explosive way to build intense back muscles while shaking from the gain pain.
  • Archer Pull ups: A little easier than the typewriter, with as many results.

The exercises above make for a lethal bar workout, but it’s your job to find the ones that suit you.

It’s just as rewarding when you finally gain the strength to use the bar in another way, as when you actually gain the muscle.

What About Chin Ups?

How could I forget chin ups?

Chin ups are basically pull ups, with different placement of hands, but that change in hand form allows you to build killer biceps.


Heck… What are the best ones?

  • Commander: One of my favorite all round chin ups.
  • Close and Wide grip chin ups.
  • Alternate hand chin ups, if you have gym rings.

I also love 20-second chin up holds, basically do a chin up and hold for 20 seconds, then release for 5.

Dips Are Life

girl calisthenics exercise

Time to get those triceps gains with our friend THE DIP!

You might be saying “Variations of the dip? Who knew that existed?”…

…Well, it does and it’s bloody fantastic what you can develop using these exercises.

I found out about dip variations through this video and ever since I’ve DUG IT:

This video breaks down from beginner to advanced, so there’s no point in me laying down my favorite dips!

You Won’t Believe How Awesome Push Ups Can Be

push up exercises

A Push-up is one of the greatest all-round body movements a home fitness fanatic can do.

It strengthens an array of muscles including:

  • Chest
  • Lower/Upper Back
  • Core
  • Shoulders
  • Forearm
  • Triceps

You could call it upper body heaven.


There’s more than one type and this video (my push up bible) will teach you the very finest variations of push ups:

My Favourite: 

  • Diamond Push Ups
  • Hindu Push-ups
  • Typewriter Push ups
  • Arrow Push ups
  • Wide – Close – Far Grip Pushups
  • Spider Push-ups
  • Forearm Push-up

Cardio Is For Champs

greatest cardio exercises

We like to move it move it… Am I right?



Let me explain, you can’t, nor should you do calisthenics every day of the week.

However, it’s highly recommended by various health boards to go outside and get moving every day.

So, whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle get your dancing, running, swimming? shoes on and get moving.

Here are my favorite activities to get the heart pumping:

  • Skipping
  • Running (sprint for muscle gain, long distance for weight loss)
  • Swimming (The best full body workout known to man)
  • Dancing
  • Walking/Hiking
  • Most active sports: Football, rugby, running, etc.
  • Rebounding (this is where you get a little trampoline (Mini Trampoline I Recommended) and bounce for 10 minutes once per day, this is extremely good for your body and health (Especially your lymphatic system), plus a brilliant workout.
  • Shadow Boxing (Guide on it here)

Here’s a video with 70 cardio exercises, most of which you can add into a calisthenic workout to reach your cardio goals:

As a side note: Calisthenic circuits count as cardio (in most cases) so I only have one day dedicated to cardio per week, however I do run 4 days per week and walk every day.

ABS Exercises For Pro’s

9 out of 10 times the core is trained without weight.

So it’s pretty easy to find ABS workout programs.

Plus, 90% of calisthenics exercises workout the core indirectly… So say good-bye to training ABS 3 times per week. WOOOOAAAAHOOO!

First, let’s start with a few awesome workouts:

Second, I’ll fill your desire and give you a video with INCREDIBLE abs exercises:

Third I’ll lay my favorites on you:

  • V-Hold
  • Normal Crunches
  • Cycle Crunches
  • On-Bar Knee Raises
  • On-Bar Leg Raises
  • 90 Degree Core Hold (On-Bar)
  • Plank
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Mountain Climbers

Mix match the above, or do what I do and use Darebee’s free ABS programs or mix and match from the video I listed above.

All you do is add 5 – 6 exercises, do 10 – 20 reps of each without rest, then take a minute off and repeat a total of three times.

Doesn’t matter which ABS exercises you pick, the above will usually do the trick.

30 Day Calisthenic Workout Plan (Mixing The Best) 

It would be too easy if I just gave you it for FREE wouldn’t it?


Okay, for limited time here is my 3-week calisthenic workout plan for FREE.

Just pop your email in here and I’ll send you over the 3 week workout plan, along with weekly food, fitness and health plans.warming up routine

How To Warm Up Like A Warrior

So you NEED to warm up your body.

Every workout having at least 10 minutes of warm-up.


To stop you jacking up your joints and muscles.

There’s plenty of ways to warm up, 3-minute rounds of shadow boxing, mixed with jump jacks and repeat 2 – 3 times.

This warms up the shoulders, back, and arms.

I then do some neck twists/stretches and same with the hands…

…That being said, here’s a really solid calisthenic warm up done by a pro:

For legs, remember skipping, running and walking can be great ways to warm things up.

Along with jogging on the spot and light squats.

Full Calisthenics Workouts

Best Full Calisthenics Workouts

I’m about to show you some of the BEST calisthenic workout programs all for FREE (One paid).

Sound like a good deal?

Okay to kick it off here’s one of the best YouTube Calisthenic Programs I’ve seen.

He runs through correct form, calisthenic principals and teaches some fantastic exercises.

It’s a must watch for any beginner who is serious about body-weight training.

Next, I’ll let you in on a military calisthenics workout…

Military Calisthenics Workout Program (Free)

military training program

Did you know a majority of military forces use calisthenics as the foundation of exercise?

Just to name a few: 

  • Royal Marines
  • S.A.S
  • Navy Seals
  • Air Force
  • Marines


Because it can be done anywhere, builds discipline, speed, endurance and power and works the whole body.

Pretty flawless right?

I can go one better… For a few years I wanted to join the royal marines so I’d follow their training plan, so if you would like to train like a soldier here’s a weeks program:

Day One Is Cardio Day (Warning: It’s Crazy):

  1. Start With A Warm Up
  2. Jog 2 – 3 miles with 1-minute sprints, every five minutes.
  3. 5 Minute Walk, to warm down.
  4. Rest for a few hours.
  5. Warm up.
  6. 10 x 3-minute rounds of skipping, one-minute of rest between rounds.
  7. Warm down.

 Day 2: Full Body Day

  • Warm up.

Then 5 Rounds of the below with 1-minute rest between rounds.

Start with 4 reps, add 3 reps each round.

  1. Diamond Push Ups > Next Round Close Grip > Then far Grip
  2. Lunges
  3. Dips (Use a chair if you don’t have a dip station)
  4. Squats
  5. Abs Of Your Choice

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Legs And Cardio 

  • Warm up
  • Jogging for 2 miles with 1-minute sprints every 5 minutes

Repeat the below circuit 5 times, 1-minute rest between rounds.

  • Squats (30 Seconds)
  • Run On The Spot (30 Seconds)
  • Lunges (30 Seconds)
  • Calf Raises (30 Seconds)
  • Jump Squats (30 Seconds)

Day 5: Body Failure

  1. Warm up

Repeat this circuit 3 times, no rep count, just go till you can’t do any more, then do it twice more.

20 – 30-second rest between each exercise.

  • Push ups
  • Crunches (ABS)
  • Diamond Push-ups
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Pull ups
  • Plank
  • Chin ups

Day 6: Yoga And Stretching

Throughout the week your muscles will be pretty jacked, so it’s time to stretch them all out and lower your recovery time.

You can do this with one of these yoga Workouts:

Day 7: Rest Day

I told you it’s pretty crazy.

Tip: Remember to stay hydrated and be sure to eat lots and lots of good quality food, you will be burning a hell of a lot of calories.

Military resources:

If you want to see other military workouts, here’s the royal marines workout program, here’s’s army workout and here’s another fantastic marine core workout.

your body

My Own Calisthenics Workout Program

I’m working hard to create a workout so simple, clean and effective it will help all of you beautiful people master body-weight training.

Currently, I’m in the creation process, but if you want to know the second it’s released (plus get extra exclusive case studies, experiments, and deals) join my nootropics vault (it’s FREE).

PS: The calisthenic workout program is for men, women, old and young.

How To Make It More Intense

It’s hard, hard to get the point when calisthenics is easy.

Even after years of weight training, it’s taken months after I transitioned to even get to a point where I can do the full range of calisthenic exercises, from one arm push ups, to 10-second release pull ups and my personal hardest: muscle ups.

So when the day comes where you can do:

  • 20 pull ups
  • 10 muscle ups
  • 80 push ups

All without any break between reps, then adding a little magic in the form of these resistance bands may be just what you need:

reistance training

Tension bands: The perfect training aid for any newbie and expert.

At the start they help assist pull-ups/muscle ups and once advanced they add resistance to a massive variety of calisthenic exercises, making it far easier to build muscle:

I personally use these resistance bands and have had the best results in terms of quality and durability (especially at that cheap price).

getting ready

Speed Up Your Workout With Resistance

Get abs in 5 minutes!

You hear it all the time.

However I’m not here to give you that, but I have got something pretty cool.

“What?” you may ask.

If you want to half workout time, get resistance bands, I’ve found that when performed with good form, resistance bands add a lot more stress to a workout, allowing you to lower the rep count, making the circuit far quicker.

If you’re strong, want 15 minutes working out per day instead of 25 – 30-minute training sesh, get a pair of resistance bands.

No Rest For The Wicked:

That’s right, the next step is to STOP all rest between rounds and sets. Doing this will improve cardio and completely destroy your muscles… In the best possible way.

Reverse Your Routine:

Another flawlessly simple way to make more gains is to reverse your training pattern every week, work your way around the exercises you do backwards, example: Squats > Lunges > Calf raises. This would become: Calf Raises > Lunges > Squats.

There’s something about mixing it up that throws out your muscle memory and makes things harder, therefore more intense.

Adding WEIGHTS to calisthenics:

Yes you can still get your iron fix while being a calisthenic poster boy/girl, in fact, I have two weights I recommend every calisthenic trainer get:

I use mine on leg day (once per week) and on upper body day (once per week), this really does make a normal circuit seriously intense, but it builds strength and is a great way to throw off your body.

Tip: I only use weighted vest a maximum of two days per week as calisthenics is HARD and I find my form goes out the window when using one, especially on pull-ups.

There’s not much you can’t do with a kettlebell, from training legs, to biceps and even abs.

Here are some incredibly fun and effective ways to use a kettlebell:


Just because I recommend these two bits of equipment doesn’t mean you need to get them to start!

In fact, you will be just fine for the first 6 months with just a pull-up bar, it’s only for those who like a challenge or have reached their progression along the calisthenic road.

girl calisthenics

Calisthenics For Women? 

The female body is different in multiple ways to the male body and this allows females to follow the same calisthenic workout program with completely different results.

What results would a woman get from calisthenics?

– Beautiful muscle definition and toning of the full body

– Increased core strength

– Healthy weight loss

– Tighter bum, thighs and waist

In my experience working with women, I’ve found calisthenics to be an ideal form of training for getting the perfect beach body.

If you’d like advice or a custom workout plan as a female let me know (in the comments) and I’ll create you something.

The Resources I Used To Improve:

best calisthenics exercises

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