The Ultimate Guide To Biohacking Your Fitness

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Don’t like fitness?

Say goodbye to ever becoming the best version of yourself.


The truth usually is.

You know what’s even worse?

It’s your fault.

You’re the only one to blame for your fitness and unless you do something about it nothing will change.

The sooner your realize there’s no magic pill, mind trick, 7-day juice detox or sugar cleanse that will help you, the sooner you can take responsibility, man/woman up and make the actual changes needed to get results.

If that sounds too hard, makes you sad or provokes excuses? Then you’re not strong enough and should quit and stop wasting your own time.

Angry? Good!

Get angry, angry at yourself for letting this happen and promise, promise yourself, say “I promise my body, mind and health, that I will commit the time and energy it will take to grow and never let this happen again”.

Say it out loud, then write it on a piece of paper.

Got an excuse why you can’t? Maybe you should re-read everything again.

What The Heck Was That? 

I hate being mean but sometimes you get what you need, not what you want, so realize your fitness and diet is controlled by you, not your cravings, not your friends, not your genetics and not your thyroid, you!

The second that switch trips inside your brain and you take responsibility, there’s no going back.

Your mind, body, health and immunity just keep improving effortlessly and you will finally feel what it’s like to live inside a happy, energetic body.

Sound good?

Sound like something you want?


  • Pay attention
  • Take notes
  • Be honest with yourself

That’s all it’s going to take…

…That and a lot of dedication.

So, what will we learn? 

  • How to eliminate brain fog, distractions and learning issues with fitness and diet.
  • How to boost immunity so you never get a cold.
  • How to train your body for maximum results (both men and women)
  • How to repair your muscles
  • 5 fitness biohacking techniques
  • How to lose weight or bulk without damaging your body

That’s it?


Here’s a real look at the whole article:

The Ultimate Brain Power Diet (Anyone Can Do)

What you put into your mouth is the single most important factor of…

…Your happiness.

…Your energy.

… Your will-power.

…Your focus and memory, along with other cognitive functions.

…Your appearance, skin quality and age.

What does a good diet look like?

I’ve experimented with my diet for the past two years, recently creating a diet that boosts memory and brain function, gives you a massive immunity boost, anti-ages, whilst even helping the growth of strong, lean muscle.

Diet: The greatest long-term diet for health, mind and body.

Vegan? Vegetarian? Pescetarian? Meat-eater?

Doesn’t matter what you are, this diet was built from the ground up using vegan foods allowing anyone to do it.

No excuses.

But, I don’t have enough money? 

The money you’ll save on future health costs, anti-aging products and meat, should be incentive enough to find a way to make it work.

Side note: Not having money is hard, really hard, I once lived on super noodles, beans and porridge for 6 months, if you need to take smaller steps, please do, just make sure you’re not making excuses and remember progression is happiness, keep adding, don’t get stuck.

Do I Take Supplements? 


If you don’t take supplements you won’t gain muscle.

I get this vibe from people ALL THE TIME.

In fact I know a person who paid $200 on a supplement stack before they did any physical training.

The real truth: 40% of fitness is in the gym, 55% is in the kitchen, and 5% is in the supplements you take.

So don’t invest the time and energy you have searching for the next BIG supplement.

Hit the gym, learn to cook and then, when once you’ve got a solid foundation, get these:

  • Protein: To make sure you reach your daily intake.
  • Creatine: To make your workouts more explosive (drink 3 litres of water while taking creatine)

the way to lose weight

The Only Way To Lose Weight

I’m about to tell you the one way to lose weight.

In-fact it’s the only healthy long-term way to successfully lose weight.


Watch this video on weight loss:

Fad diets may lose initial weight, but they result in slowing down metabolism all while doing massive damage to your health and immunity.

Cycle > Do fad diet > Lose 10 – 20 pounds > Come off diet > Gain weight quicker than before > Regain weight lost, plus more.

This isn’t coincidence, it’s due to the damage you cause to your gut and metabolism through starving and not providing basic nutrition to your body.

So I don’t care what smoothie mix, health pill, soup blend or carb, fat and sugar ‘cut out’ you do.

It will never come close to the effects a clean, wholesome diet has.

In the end, there’s one way to successfully lose weight:

  • Know your daily calorie limit (find out from a nutritionist or with this calculator).
  • Knock 400 calories off your daily calories, for men that means going from 2500, to 2100.
  • Replace all the bad food in your diet with super foods (best super food diet).
  • Exercise 5-6 days per week for 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Take a good probiotic to help aid digestion and clean the bad probiotics that inhibit weight loss out.

Alert Supplement Rant!

Don’t listen to advice from supplement affiliates, involved in a pyramid scheme.

What do I mean?

I know a girl who sells juice plus.

She, went on a giant facebook rant about people not signing up to here affiliate, due to the fact they thought it was unhealthy.

She then made tons of claims, that have no core evidence and people listened.

People listened hard.

They signed up.

Even my mum signed my dad up.

Did it work?


Will it ever work?


None of the people look any different. In fact they’re obsessively trying to find results that are just not there, all in order to justify the money they’ve wasted…

…”My skin looks better?”

…”My body feels lighter?”

…”I feel happier?”

Don’t waste your money, make a nice green smoothie once a day, eat some kale salad and don’t listen to articles that have affiliate links to the product, it’s in their interest to make you a customer and unless they give SOME ISH hot evidence… Don’t listen!


The One Trick To Making Gains

Training 6 days per week, still no muscle?

That was me.

I used to train most days, with no results. I’d get leaner, stronger and fitter, but never add mass.

I always just bounced between the same weight, no matter what I tried…

…Until I found this neat three step trick: 

  • Find out your daily calorie intake (Use this Calculator or see a nutritionist)
  • Add 400 – 500 calories to it per day.
  • Train 5 – 6 days per week, hitting full body.

Mix that with good quality food, 8 hours sleep and the body biohacking tips below, you’ll be gaining muscle mass within weeks.

Weight Gain/Weight Lose BIG Tip: 

What gets measured, gets managed.

Measure your current weight, what you eat and how you feel each day.

Do this on a word document using the same style I did at the bottom of this article.

calisthenics exercises

Training Your Full Body At Home With One Bit Of Equipment

F the gym.

F the money it costs.

F the excuse to not go when it’s raining.

You know something?

I never go to the gym.

Since making this commitment I’ve never felt stronger, healthier and my joints have never been in better condition.

Sounds like a lie?

Maybe I’m trying to catch you out?


It’s simple:

I stopped lifting joint popping heavy weights, replacing it with a body-weight routine.

WTF? That’s it?

A body weight routine is the most primal way to train.

You can do it at almost any age. As a man or a women.

And all you need is one piece of equipment… A pull-up bar, here’s mine:

pull up bar

It cost me $99 and has already saved me that in gym costs.

Why The Results Are Unmatched

I lifted weights for 4 years.

In that time I got injured, got joint issues and had to make big sacrifices to cut over an hour out of my day to go to the gym.

Since I stopped heavy weight lifting…

…I’m quicker, stronger, my knee, back and neck no longer have the sharp stabbing pain that I grew to live with and I’ve finally started getting the body I truly want.

Not to forget the primal feeling I get when I’m lifting my body, doing push-ups, squats and shadow boxing, there’s no stops, no weights, it’s just my body and me and there’s nothing that makes me feel more alive.

Still want evidence?

Here’s the before and afters of calisthenic trainers (body-weight trainers)

More proof?

Calisthenics is the number one training method in almost all the special forces.

In fact the calisthenic fitness program I use is one similar to the Royal Marines (one of Britain’s most elite soldier fighting armies).

You don’t just build muscle, you build endurance, balance, testosterone and real everyday STRENGTH, without the constant risk of injury.

You can even see the moment I started calisthenics in this calisthenics workout program review.

Why Am I Such A Fan Boy?

I pride myself on my ability to test, test myself, my body and my mind constantly.

Within the last two years, I’ve tested all major trying routines:

  • Heavy Weight Lifting
  • MMA/Taekwondo
  • CrossFit
  • Calisthenics

After testing all, I found that calisthenics had the:

  • Best recovery time.
  • Greatest full-body results.
  • Lowest chance of injury.
  • Most diverse, can be done by most ages, throughout your whole life.
  • Best amount of pain VS gain, CrossFit is amazing, but the putting that constant toll on the body 4 – 5 days per week can become too much and I’ve found people tend to give up, with callisthenics you keep the Crossfit factors, but lower down the complete body exertion.
  • Anyone can do it anywhere. I like to eliminate excuses and with a body-weight workout there’s none, it can be done today, in a hotel room, at home or at the gym, you don’t need money and you can even start without a pull-up bar.

Do you think you’ve got it in you?

Do you think you could risk not lifting weights, go against the mould and try something new?

If you do, then let me teach you exactly how…

bio hacking fitness

My Full-Body Calisthenics Workout Routine/Exercises:

Need calisthenics exercises?

I’ve got you covered.

Mix and match.

Build your own routine, use the one I created below, or follow one of these videos.


Leg’s are usually difficult to train without weight, but I’ve found some amazing guides for you:

Upper Body:

This is one of the greatest calisthenic workout video series around (Everyone must watch regularly):


You will naturally build a core while doing most calisthenics exercises, but these two video will help you design your flawless weekly abs workout.

Paid Workout Program: Currently I’m partaking in a 12 weeks calisthenics fitness program created by the Bar Brothers (Affiliate link with a discount of $30), I enjoy having my workout being created by other people, I just click a button, get the exercises for today and start training.

I’ve seen great results with their program, it pushes my to my limits 6 days per week.

I love that.

BUT, Don’t! feel like you’ve got to get the program before you start.

The workout below, using the exercises above is all you need to start.

Three Week Complete Workout Routine

Everything you needed to get started is above.

But, I want to give more.

Here’s a complete 3 week, full body workout program, all you need is a pull up bar (affiliate link)…

…Wait screw it… I’ll even give you a way to do it without the pull up bar.

All this for FREE.

You have no excuses…

…”what do I do after the three weeks?”.

Use the AMAZING list of exercises above, mix and match and create your own 3 weeks.

If you complete it.

You can even message me and I’ll take a look at the workout plan you’ve created and give you advice.

You can even copy me, grab a copy of Bar Brothers and have the next 12 weeks of training planned.

The ball’s in your caught.

What will you do next?

Kick it Or ignore it and run away?

You decide.

How To Replace The Pull Up Bar: 

warming up routine

How To Warm Up Correctly

I think 90% of gym related injuries and joint issues are cause from people who think stretching for 2 minutes is a suffice warm up.

Judging people?

No! I know it’s true, for 4 years my warm-up included a few jumping jacks, some push-ups and a few stretches.

That’s how I know.

I know the difference a goof warm up can have on a workout.

I learned this during my time training in MMA where 70% of the workout is a warm up.

What should you do? 

Try any of these warm ups before your calisthenic workout:

I’d also do a quick leg warm up, then go on a slow run to warm up the legs on leg day.

Don’t over complicate your fitness, keep it simple, 5 – 10 minute warm up, 20 – 30 – 40 minute training session.

biohacking your workout

The Biohackers Guide To Repairing Your Muscle

Training 6 days per week can take a toll on your body.

Especially if you’re new to fitness.

Fear not… All can be solved with:

  • 8 Hours Sleep Every Night In A Silent (Wear Earplugs If You Live In A Loud House), Completely Dark Room
  • Protein Intake: Reach your daily protein intake.
  • Breathing Exercises: Perform 3 minutes of rhythmic breathing after each workout.
  • Cold/Hot Plunges: Have a cold bath after training for 10 minutes, mix with hot baths every other day.
  • Sauna: If you have access to a sauna use it as frequently as you can mix with cold showers every 3 – 5 minutes.

It’s that simple.

biohacking techniques

BioHacking Fitness Techniques

Wait there’s more!

This part is dedicated to my brothers and sisters who want more, more for their bodies, brains, health and immunity.

People who want to unlock their full potential.

These are 6 simple things that have made a GIANT impact in my life:


I’m guilty, guilty of spending most my day sitting down.

This is a SIN.

Not a weight watchers SIN…

…An actual posture and blood circulation SIN.


Numerous studies state that 6 hours or more of sitting per day makes you 40% more likely to die 15 years before someone who spends less than 3 hours sitting per day.

Sometimes the stats change, but what stays the same is how BAD sitting down for long periods of time is for our bodies.

How the hell can you fix it?


Do a 20 minutes Yoga practice, stretching your muscles and helping circulate blood pressure, along with clearing your mind, de-stressing and lowering down your muscle recovery and injury rates.

Look I can’t help sitting down.

My job doesn’t allow it.

But I can add a simple 10 – 20 minutes yoga practice before bed, even at work to off balance the negative effects sitting has on my body and I know you fellow office workers can to:


Stop wasting your hard earned cash on beauty products, anti-aging creams and medicine for flu and other illnesses.

Saunas, detoxify the body, speed up recovery, cleanses your skin, helps aid weightloss, increase deep sleep and relieves built up stress.

Simply have one sauna per week and reap all the benefits above.

On a side note Saunas can be used to quickly flush illness and detoxify the body, if you’re trying to give up smoking be sure to sauna for the first 3 days to speed up the process.

BioEnergetic Workouts

What I’m about to show you will seem crazy.

But first let me ask a question,

Do you ever feel like something’s stuck?

Like there’s energy, emotion or a block in your body?

You should try a BioEnergise workout.

Not only will following a BioEnergise workout help you burst with energy, it helps get rid of pent up energy and emotion that’s been trapped in your body.

How do you do it?

Here’s a video, it’s by a YouTuber named Elliot Hulse… I have mad respect for him, but he’s got a lot of critics, try the workout, judge for yourself.

Boxing (Or any other form of martial arts)

Want to succeed?


Then you’ve got to PUSH your body.

One easy way to do that is to go to an MMA, boxing or jujitsu class.

You will be pushed.

You may feel sick.

But the thrill you’ll get after it’s complete outweighs everything.

You’ll feel pumped, like you can take on the world, this feeling allows you to push yourself even harder, becoming more confident to try new training rituals.

Don’t want to go to a gym?

Scared? Nervous?

I’ve been there.

If that’s you, try one of these home MMA workouts:

Use them as a Warm up, or as a training session 3 times per week.


It won’t have the same effect as a live class, but you’ll get that buzz, you’ll feel strong and most importantly you’ll be getting out of your head, not worrying about form and instead you’ll be moving, punching, jumping, kicking and breathing just like nature intended!

Breathing Exercises

Have trouble getting to sleep?

I have the fix.

Do this simple breathing exercises: Breath in for 5 seconds hold for 1 – 5, then release for 5 seconds and hold for same amount of time as the inhale, example: Inhale 5, hold 3, exhale 5, hold 3, repeat 10 times.

Try it now.

See jaw relaxed you feel.

Got your attention with that awesomeness?

I got more.

Here’s how to lower anxiety, relax and lower heart rate after exercise in just 2 minutes:

I preform these every night and whenever I have something that makes me anxious happening.

I also use them as a way to cool down after intense training.

Training In The Mornings

This is a trick, a trick people have been using for years.


  1. Your testosterone is at the highest in the morning making the workout more explosive.
  2. You’re less likely to make excuses as there are less distractions, than in the night.
  3. Once it’s done, you can get on with your day, not worrying about it.
  4. Try A NoFap Rebot (My 1 Year NoFap Case Study)

In-fact, I know a large majority of fitness gurus, train first thing in the morning, before they even eat breakfast.

Wake up > Hydrate > Pre-workout drink > Train > Shower > Food > Work

My own experement: 

I get up at 4 in the morning.

I then meditate, eat breakfast and work.

For a period of time I try a routine experiment involving a 4 AM get up, followed by food, 1 hour of audio books, 30 minutes of yoga and 20 minutes of meditation, and then I’d train, usually starting with a 6km run.

I found that by the time I started work at 8 I’d burned all my go-hard energy.

Making my focus drop at an alarming rate.

What I learned?

Morning fitness is amazing for newbies building routine and fitness gurus, but it should only be performed when you’ve got a pretty chill morning routine, as cramming will result in over-exertion.


My New Training Routine Experiment

Sometimes we need a friend.

A friend to lead the way.

What I’ve gotten here is an experiment.

It’s a 16-week experiment where I’m going to write all the training I do and the food I eat every day.

Plus, I’ll upload weekly body pictures.

Why would I do this? 

  1. You can follow exactly what I do.
  2. We can see results, before and afters and test the effects of different workouts together.


  • I exercise 6 days per week.
  • I’ll be using Bar Brothers Workout program as the core, but I’ll be adding various exercises and circuits to every session.
  • I’ll be focusing the first 8 weeks to callisthenics NO weights at all.
  • The second 8 weeks I’ll add a single barbell, along with a weighted vest.

What You Can Do To Help:

  1. Hold me accountable (message me if you’d like me to hold you accountable too)
  2. Give me advice and feedback, be honest and lets help each other create a great FREE training plan for everyone.
  3. Join me, send me your results and I’ll post them.

Where Can You Find This?

I did an extra article to avoid this one getting OVER FULL.

Article: My 16 week live fitness case study

It’s been hard.

I’ve probably come across like an ass, maybe I annoyed you with my comments. Either way, have an awesome day and remember to KEEP ON TRAINING, BROTHER!!!

biohacking your fitness

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