How I Cured Extreme Brain Fog

Are you stuck?

Stuck in a dilemma where you want one thing and your brain wants another?

Where you want to create greatness and become the best version of yourself, but your brain feels like it’s suppressed, being pushed down to the point it can make you feel sick just thinking about the task you need to do.

Sound familiar?


Understand you’re not alone and what you are feeling can be fixed in hours, even minutes following these simple techniques.

Who the hell am I and what are my experiences with brain fog? 


I’m Oli and I spend my life hacking my diet, body, and brain to find the quickest shortcuts in work, fitness and happiness.

I recently experienced the most intense bout of Brain Fog I’d ever seen, it even pushed me into a light depression for 5 days.

It came as a SHOCK… Why?


Well, I train every day, sleep 8 hours, drink 3 liters of water, meditate for 40 minutes (per day) and I’m a year into NoFap.

In theory, my brain should be a high functioning machine, but last week it wasn’t.

I couldn’t write, film videos, even answer emails from friends and family.

I felt helpless, the same birds and snow filled mountains that sit outside of my window that usually make me smile, didn’t make me feel anything, I just spent my days walking around in a haze.

It felt like I had a cold, with no symptoms, I felt fatigued and couldn’t think about anything in detail.

I SNAPPED and on Thursday didn’t work another minute and instead, I focused on fixing my problem and…

…Luckily by Saturday morning, I woke up fixed.

Crazy… It really was, I woke up and felt filled with happiness, right back to my previous self.

I’m now filled with happiness, work is easy and my energy’s back to normal.

Fitting that I created this full guide on everything you need to do to clear, repair and move past the nightmare of brain fog.

Note: I packed this article with things to help relieve brain fog, others to repair and some to allow you to exercise your brain regularly so you’re not losing what you don’t use.brain pain

Soak Up Bad Brain Juice With This Food

STOP what you’re doing.

Read this word for word.


Because the KEY factor in clearing your brain fog depends on it

Right now go to the shops and pick up these foods:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Turmeric
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado

You need to do two things: 

  • Have a big salad, with kale, spinach, carrots, cucumber and any other green vegetable. Use extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and garlic powder or hymalayan salt as the dressing/seasoning.
  • Make a spice shot, here’s a video of me doing it (quick: Squeeze a lemon, add 2 – 3 grams of turmeric powder and grate some ginger… Then drink, add honey for sweetness).

Do both of these things every day then add the below if you’re in a situation too.

Powerful Anti-Brain Fog Smoothie: 

  • Get half cup of frozen berries (check for frozen berries in your favorite store as they’re usually much cheaper than non-frozen)
  • Inch nub ginger
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of Chia Seeds
  • Kale (1 cup)

Mix all into a bowl, add your favorite milk (I recommend almond or soy) then drink that down once a day.

Why You MUST Do This

The first two things give your body the nutrition it needs to produce and release a majority of the creative, happiness and focus chemicals in your body.

The second, detoxes your body of impurities, giving you energy and again topping up your daily nutrition.

RIGHT NOW, Do these things.

Then order…

brain fog supplement

This Magic Supplement

UPDATE:  I’ve also found amazing results adding a simple b12 Vitamin into my diet, it lifted a large amount of my brain fog and completely eliminated a lot of the sadness I felt.

What is it?

A Multivitamin (The Best Multivitamin I’ve Taken), or an anti-brain fog pill as I call them…

“But they don’t do anything for some people”

True… Find any multivitamin and you’ll find a review saying “Took for a week, did nothing”.

As every box say’s “Vitamins and Supplements No Substitute for Good Nutrition” and it’s true, taken with a bad diet you’ll get no results… Taken with a healthy zig-and-zag dieting approach and you’ll be onto a winner.

Why Multivitamins Are So Important

Mixed with the foods I mentioned above, you will give your body everything it needs to battle brain fog, along with boosting your immunity…

…This was the first and most powerful change I made, it had instant results on my brain fog and happiness.

diet advice

Things To Avoid In Your Diet

While you’re repairing your brain (one week usually)  I would not have any stimulants, no coffee, alcohol, nootropics and keep it to a max of two green tea’s per day.

Avoid bad trans fats and fructose corn syrup that’s found in most sweets and in products that contain refined sugar.

You can use honey as a natural sweetener and coconut oil to fry things.

“How long do I have to do this for?!?!”

You only have to do it till your brain fog has cleared up, once that’s happened you can slowly add things back in, just pay attention and take it slow so you can see if a certain food contributes to your brain fog.

Or if you’re like me and prefer the light, healthy feeling cutting these things out gives you, you can incorporate them forever…

…Note: Once my detox was cleared I started drinking coffee, the occasional glass of red wine and taking nootropics.

Things To Make Sure You Do In Your Diet

  • Drink green tea as a nootropic booster and a pick me up.
  • Drink peppermint tea an hour after eating a big meal to aid digestion.
  • Don’t drink 30 minutes before or after you eat (will stop you feeling sluggish).
  • Cycle supplements, if you take protein, try getting a few different types… I take hemp, vegan protein and weight gainer with protein… All have different sources and it helps keep a varied diet.
  • Boost your brain and mind with my nootropics stack, but be sure to cycle the nootropics you take.

Tip: If you get really tired after you eat, try moving to a plant-based diet like I did, it really helped me and you can still eat meat and dairy, just keep your base plants.

stress causing brain fog

Stress Is Attacking Your Productivity

Stress affects sleep, life choices and health all at once.

Now stress isn’t always bad, sometimes stress can lead to success, but that’s rare and instead most of us either create stressors or over think about normal worries to the point our heads are a walking stress ball.

But fear not.

Here is some sure fire ways to decrease the stress you have inside your life:

  • Meditate for 5 minutes every single day.
  • Answer all emails and social media in the morning and then don’t look at it again.
  • When you’re home, shut off the PC and don’t check or talk about work till the next morning.
  • If you have an issue in your life or your relationship talk about it and never fear about coming across badly as it’s better to say how you feel than keep it bottled up.
  • Drink less stimulants and instead drink 2-3 liters of water per day, along with a few chamomile and Rooibos teas for relaxing.
  • Create a weekly schedule on Sunday, with yourself and your family.
  • Get more sunlight and go on a 20-minute walk every day.

There’s no magic pill needed here, just the will-power that’s needed to complete a few of the above on a daily basis.

cat sleeping

Relieving Your Brain Pains With Sleep

Stop killing yourself by not getting enough sleep.

Screw the motivational guru’s who say that 4 hours of sleep is okay…


I’ve hacked a lot of elements inside my life sleep being one of them, and do you know what it taught me? NEVER TRY TO HACK SLEEP!

Yes, you should always try to improve the REM sleep you get, but never try to limit the hours of sleep you have per night.


Well without proper care, software and guidance you can do permanent damage to your health cause constant fatigue that takes years to repair.

How Do I Know?

When I was a bright 18-year old I quit my job, got stocked up to the gills with motivational speeches and decided that grind meant working 15 hours per day with 4 hours sleep.

I’d get up at 1 am and work till 3 – 4 pm and do this 5 days per week, working another 3 – 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

What did this get me?

  • Depression
  • Burnout
  • Anxiety
  • Bad nutrition and poor health

I’d spend most of my day in a state of sleepiness, I’d sometimes pass out without even knowing and I never had any energy.

Plus the work I did do was poor quality, so really I gained nothing.

Except after 2 – 3 years of doing this I broke, I had to take a 5-week rest from life and still after a year of sleep therapy I’ve only just repaired the damage I did.


…Sleep 8 hours per night.

…Sleep in a pitch black room with no light (Get some blackout curtains).

…Do these deep breath exercises as you lay in bed (Video here).

…Avoid stimulant food and drinks like black tea, green tea, coffee, dark chocolate, etc.

…turn off wifi, Bluetooth, phone signal and any other signal as many studies show that these signals stop the ability to reach REM sleep which is where you repair your whole body.

…Drink chamomile tea a few hours before bed.


If you really want to feel amazing and sleep incredibly well do this on top of the above:

  • Ultra Bath (have a candle lit bath an hour before bed)
  • Avoid blue light by getting these glasses, put them on 2 hours before bed.
  • Don’t eat anything 4 hours before sleep.
  • Try this bedtime yoga right before bed:

  •  Get a good quality pillow and a bed topper (trust me it’s worth it).
  • Get f.lux on your PC (It’s free).
  • Exercise in the morning to burn energy.
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day even at weekends.

Insomnia sufferers: You can usually bet that people with insomnia are doing two things:

  • Not exercising enough.
  • Not having a structured routine.

If you suffer, then try doing a 30-minute workout routine and a 30-minute walk every day, and add a routine, give yourself a reason to get up in the morning.

de clutter your office

What You Can Do Inside Your Office And Home


Get your cleaning stuff, I’m talking gloves, mop, bucket and cloth and let’s get scrubbing!

Okay, you don’t have to go that crazy, but cleaning will help your brain fog.


Well, it made me feel like I was accomplishing something, it gave me a job to do that didn’t involve brain power and let us face it there’s nothing more inviting than a clean home and office.

How should you tackle this job?

Best Way To Clean and De-Clutter Your House And Office

I started small, tackling the clutter, getting rid of old boxes, cleared my desk, got rid of the useless paper and notepads, along with all the things that are broken and unused.

I then grabbed a cloth and some cleaning spray and cleaned all my surfaces including my PC set-up, then swept, mopped and finally cleaned out my fridge and all the cupboards in my house.

It took about 5 hours, but after everything was spotless, from clothes to PC, it made it much easier to focus and now it’s all clean it’s far easier to keep on top.

Plus, it’s another thing that I now don’t have to think about, which in itself helps brain fogginess.

mould causing brain fog

The Dreaded Mold Causing Brain Explosions

I’m lucky enough to live in a new house, but I spent years in a damp moldy room, in this time I constantly had a chest infection, brain fog and felt so ill and heavy every morning when I’d wake.

If you have mold in your house it can be the cause of severe brain fog along with a massive list of other health issues.


Fear not, there’s ways to deal with it and here’s a few guides along with a symptoms list:

Blast The Dustbunny And Get Rid Of The Dust

All homes get dust, in fact I find the happier the home the more dust it accumulates.


But true, due to the fact dust is basically humans shedding.

Yuk, I know… But if you live with tiles like I do you’ll know just how much dust is produced in one single day, SCARY.

What should you do?

If you have tiles then have a good dust and hit the special places like under sofas, beds, behind desks, etc.


Dust is a big trigger, it’s bad for your health and anything that leaves you vulnerable health-wise is no good for your brain.

I find a little goes a long way, so you can give a proper behind the scenes dust bust and then just keep on top of it without any extra work needed for another few months.

De-Clutter It ALL!

Ever Heard of minimalists?

It’s basically people who chuck all their possessions away and live with only what they need.

I don’t do it, but there’s certain items that have a big weight connected to them, things we don’t need, that just make a mess…

…These things should be gone.

In fact, anything you don’t use once per week, should be moved (hidden), that way your life will become simpler making you save brain power for the things that matter.

“Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler”

Try living by that quote for a few weeks, even days, see how stuff pans out.

breathing exercises

Breathe Your Way To A Clear Mind (Amazing Trick)

The PSR released a study on how air pollution and unclean air can cause massive damage to your brain and internal health, especially for people living in a city or in cold climates where rooms are not aired on a daily basis.

One study? True… But once I started digging I kept finding more:

As someone who’s lived in cities, been to China, more specifically Beijing where you can’t even see the sky from air pollution and Thailand (Bangkok) I can vouch that un-pure air causes constant errors inside the brain, from memory, to irritability and even slowness.

How The Heck Do You Fix This MASSIVE Problem?!?

It’s simple.

Do two things: 

  • Get one of these plants, pop them in your office and living spaces.
  • Get an air purifier (The Air Purifier I Use) for your office and main living spaces (Tip: if you suffer with a dry throat during the night and first thing in the morning use one in your bedroom).

These will help clean the air making it much healthier and allowing you to breathe pure goodness.

You can check out the air pollution in the country you live in with this live pollution chart.

work schedual

4 Hour Work Day (For The Entrepuners Out There)

95% of the world couldn’t use the advice I’m about to give… but 5% can and to that 5% this is game changing.

I recently did a test, where instead of working 12 hours 5 days per week, I did 4 hours 7 days per week.


Well, I’d recently heard the importance of practicing a craft every day without a day off, so I felt 3 hours of writing, with one hour of editing per day would allow me to better my craft whilst still producing a great amount of content.

Did it work?

Let’s just say I achieve 8 hours worth of work in just 4 hours.

I focus harder, my life quality has improved dramatically and every day I wake up excited to work.

I’m also a lot more creative and my brain functions at a much higher level.

Now, I’m currently running this as an experiment so if you want more information then go and check: My 4 Hour Work Day Case Study.

Idea: If you hire people, hire part time on 4 hours per day and see productivity shoot through the roof.

You’ll save cash and see that people are far more productive when working 4 hours or less.

Anything after the 4-hour mark is time wasting, usually social media, music or thinking about the weekend or an item they want to buy.

I know this because I see it and have worked with more than a few people, who like myself do the above.

If you want to see how I make money, it’s all in this review of wealthy affiliate.

creativity boosts congintive function

Have Meaningful Tasks Inside Your Life

I’ve heard many spiritual guides talk about the meaning of happiness, most mention doing what you love.

Now for all of us that isn’t always possible, but what is, is to fill your day with a few meaningful tasks that help connect your mind and body and clear your mind.

The tasks below are the ones that I do each day that helps add flavor, more enjoyment, and fun to a normally boring routine.

Now I appreciate you may be like “I thought this was a brain fog stopper article?” but the below falls under “If you don’t use, you lose” these are the things I use to strengthen my mind, while clearing it.


Meditation is the single greatest tool I use when releasing life’s issues.

It can be done for just 5 minutes per day with fantastic results.

The only must is that you’ve got to do it every day with NO DAYS OFF.

Do this and you’ll gain razor-like focus, less stress, more happiness and a much calmer happier mind space.

Here’s what a brain looks like on meditation with a few reasons why you should give it a try.


Gardening is as important and as powerful as meditation.

You’re giving, learning and getting all with one task.

I mean gardening gives so much, you plant something, water it a few times per week and in return you get the gift of a continuous flow of fresh food.

What more could you want?

As we speak I’m in the process of planning my summer garden, from air purifying plants for the inside and herbs, vegetables and fruit for the outside.

I don’t have a big garden either, in fact, I’m pot planting mine till I get more space and you may be surprised with how many things you can pot plant with success, from cucumbers, to carrots, even spinach, and lettuce. I mean how bloody cool.

So grab some of these cheap pots, some of these awesome seeds and a little soil and get planting.


One of the biggest challenges I had in my life was converting to a no-meat, no-dairy, plant-based diet (Disclosure: I take supplements that are vegetarian).

It allowed me to explore and find the awesomeness of cooking, with a lot of ups, and downs along the way.

Not only can cooking improve health, wellbeing, happiness and overall life quality, it can also be used as a deep mind-clearing tool.

As there’s something very therapeutic in slicing peppers, grating carrots, while chucking in some rice noodles ready for a super stir-fry.

Not only is the task great for your mind, it’s also great for your happiness as you are learning, creating and if you’re cooking for your partner too, then you’re giving.

That’s a triple trifecta of wow, something that’s sure to make you feel great.


I bet you think cleaning sucks and with that attitude, it truly will.


Well If you start a task or day with the feeling of dread, a friend called the law of attraction will be waiting for you.

So instead pop some music or a podcast on, have an idea of what you want to accomplish and don’t look at it as a job, look at it like an activity with an awesome reward and remember as Agatha Christie once said “The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.” Use this time for ideas, happy thoughts and dancing around like a mad man/lady.


I’m not much of a reader but my partner gets lost for hours inside books.

Not only is it her meditation, it’s also an incredible way she strengthens her cognitive functions without even knowing.

“How?” You may ask.

Imagine your brain as having little train tracks, these tracks get stronger the more they’re used and as reading uses lots of the tracks it’s the perfect way to strengthen your brain and improve memory, focus and creativity.

As the quote from 40-year-old virgin goes ” If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Here’s an incredible read on how fictional books improve connectivity and cognitive functions inside the brain.

Art (Mindful Coloring Book)

I’m no artist, in fact, I can barely write let alone draw magnificent images of beauty, that’s not to say that I don’t love creating, in fact…

…Two of my favorite pass-times are LEGO and coloring books, now both are for kids… So I use Minecraft to suppress my Lego urges and I’ve got a few of these adult colouring books.

“Why do they help brain fog?”

Your creativity will leave you if it’s unused and my creativity is the most important thing BRAIN FOG takes away from me.

So, practice your creativity muscle inside your brain each day using fun, mind clearing tasks like Lego (Minecraft) or adult coloring books.

Let the childlike version of yourself shine from time to time :).


Clear Your Mind With These Powerful Fitness Exercises

It’s hard to WANT to become the best version of yourself when you have BRAIN FOG.

Trust me, when I got hit last week I missed a day of scheduled fitness, I haven’t done that in years.

It showed me that it’s not always our fault and that depression and mental health is extremely important.

I’ve put together a small list of exercises that I practice that help clear my mind and reset my body.

Going on a hike or walk

It’s easy to do even when you feel down, it gets you outside in fresh air, hopefully with sun rays hitting your skin.

But, even if it is raining you’re still outside experiencing life, this is one of the most refreshingly primal things a person can do.

Going On A Run

One step up from this is lacing up your running shoes and hitting a running track.

This is something that connects my mind and body and clears my angst about life, unlike anything I’ve tried.

In-fact, I’ve found popping on my running shoes, getting my shuffle on with some latest tracks and hitting a mountain path to be the most consistently exhilarating feeling I have in my life.

It never gets old and one of the tricks I have is I mix walking with running, it allows me to go further and experience more.

Give it a try if you haven’t already.

bio hacking fitness

Calisthenics Full Body Workout

The more Primal my life gets the more happiness and clarity I have. You can get more of a primal workout than with calisthenics.

It’s full body training, can be done anywhere (as long as you have a pull-up bar) and only uses your body weight.

I’m not saying it’s all rainbows and lollipops, but there’s something deep about pushing and pulling using only your body.

It again clears my mind, improves my cardio and gives me the greatest full body results I’ve seen from any program.

Right now I use BAR Brothers workout program, but I’m currently creating my own calisthenic workout, be sure to join my newsletter some I can tell you when it’s out.


We’re not all looking to get pumped or exercise for 30 minutes per day, some of use just want to feel good, tighten up their body and gain energy.

Nothing does that quite like a nice yoga practice.

You can use Yoga with Adriene and practice at home, or you can use Google and find a class near you.

I live in Spain and I’ve got English yoga classes 10 minutes away from me, so I’m sure you’ll have a class near you :).

Why I Went Crazy!

Let me explain my reasons in packing this article to the gills with TONS of information, related to general health and wellbeing.

Here’s your body:

your body

you sir are pumped.

Here is your energy levels:

energy levels

Now, everything you do takes energy, from walking to thinking, worrying, being stressed, gaming, even watching TV.

Now your energy is getting low, but that’s okay because you can top it up, with a good diet and great sleep.

But then… You get ill, that makes you unhappy.

Now all of a sudden you’re worrying more and spiraling down in life.

You now spend more energy worrying, fighting off illness and over working.

At this point the first thing to go is your motivation, then creativity, then happiness, then ability to think, then your ability to work.

Scary… But anyone who’s been ill has been there.

“So what does this all mean?”

Well if you reverse this what you get is simple:

Give your body more than it needs and you’ll have extra power to go round.

So by focusing on health, happiness, and strength, you indirectly stop brain fog because your body has everything that it needs so it allows you to run at maximum.

The End Of Brain Fog As You Know It

It sucks that something can come and make you sad, tired and ready to give up.

Don’t let it get the best of you, I almost did and all it took was a few days clean eating, a little exercise, meditation and a few long walks to get me back to normal.

So remember the line is thin, so thin that happiness and depression sometimes get moulded together, but remember the way home is just as thin, so get marching and if you need a buddy to talk to send me a message.

Have a wonderful day, Oli.

curing brain fog

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