My New Work Productivity Hacking Experiment

nootropics vaultI’m here to conduct a really special experiment on myself where I’ll be going against all the working norms in society to see if I can find a smarter way to work.

In the past I’ve tried many different methods to induce work, happiness and fitness and I’ve failed, usually the routines ended up becoming boring, work would decrease and I’d be left with a routine that went nowhere for months.

Now before I start this and tell you exactly what this productivity, work, fitness and lifestyle routine is going to look like I want to tell you about me:

I’m 21 years old, I’ve worked 14 hours a day for a year with 5 hours sleep a night, I’ve tried the taking 21 minute breaks between each hour of work and I’ve tried breaking up the work day with audio books, runs (fitness) and creative tasks like learning piano and ukulele.

I use nootropics to help stimulate my brain to work at a higher level and I meditate for 40 minutes every day, along with doing 6 days a week of calisthenics training.

My goal with this experiment is to find the ultimate work, life and love balance that creates maximum happiness, wealth and enjoyment from each day.

This isn’t about earning the most amount of money, it’s about taking the most important attributes in life and building them all together without neglecting one, something I used to always fail with.

I’m lucky enough to work for myself and live in Spain and my girlfriend will also be doing this task with me as we work together.

You can learn how to work for yourself using the same methods I do in this wealthy affiliate review.

Why Is This Experiment Going To Be Hard?

  • I’m going against everything inside me that tells me hard work is based on the hours I work
  • I’ve got money on the line, over 140 euros per week, that can go up to 240 if tasks aren’t complete and it all goes in a pot that I can’t touch for 1 year, my mum holds the key till next Christmas. The experiment will go on for 2 weeks, one week break for Christmas, then continue for another two weeks, so in total I could lose 980 euros.
  • My brain has more ideas than ever before and I’ll be slowing down the production of new businesses.
  • There’s forfeits, that involve leaving meditation, something that would break me and even taking out my favourite foods, all of which will happen if I break any rules.

The Idea Behind This Work Experiment

I’m putting together all the information I’ve learned on productivity and becoming the best version of myself and creating a routine that will help me not just work but live life to the max.

This is stuff that’s backed up by CEO’s of multimillionaire companies, Doctors, Case Studies, Clinical trials and my own personal experience, so in theory it should work exceptionally well, but that’s why it has to be tested.

daily productivity routine

What My Daily Routine Will Look Like

So here’s a look at exactly what my work routine will look like over the next 28 days solid (excluding my Christmas break):


3 – 5 Hours Per Day Of Work Every Day

I’ll be working with a timer for 5 hours from Monday to Friday and I’ll be doing just 3 hours of work on a Saturday and Sunday.

The five hours will consist of 4 hours of writing, two in the morning (7am – 9am) and two hours at night (8pm – 10pm), along with 30 minutes to plan work schedules and 30 minutes for other tasks, like research, SEO and marketing, I’ll then add proofreading over the weekend.

Why This Routine? 

After studying great writers I realised that their routines are not about length, but about what they can produce in the time they have.

I’ve noticed that after 2 hours I get bored and start getting distracted, as now I know I’ve only got two hours it makes it way easier to stay focused for the whole time.

Studying my productivity over the past 2 weeks I found that I get a creative boost in the morning and then my writing peak hits around 7:30 pm, this is the time I create my best work.

Another reason I’ll be dropping my workload from 10 hours per day, to 5 is because I’ll be working over the weekend and the biggest reason for this isn’t to get more working hours, in fact it’s to build two good habits:

  1. Stop waiting for the weekend and start living every single day.
  2. Daily writing habit of at least two hours as a way to sharpen my tool set.

I’ve also read more than a few books that talk about the importance of doing something every day for 30 – 60 days to make a habit and I’ve always wanted to do that with writing but never been able to justify working on the weekends, as now I can do as many days as I like in a row and not reach a problem.

Plus, I’m going to live every day likes it’s Saturday and not spend my week waiting.


Another BIG Reason To Do This

I almost forgot to add this, but never reaching the point of overworking is the greatest way I’ve found to wake up every morning excited for work, so by limiting the hours I work I’ll have to get more stuff done and be more efficient and I’ll massively decrease the chances of getting burnt out.


1 Big Task Per Day: 

I’m giving myself one big task every day, as today was my first day I had to start my weekly journey to creating the greatest vegan burger, it went really well and I made enough mix for the rest of the week WOOO! (recipe I used here), next Monday I’ll try a new recipe and keep tweaking it till I hit gold.

But there is other tasks that involve baking a cake, making a rap (I love music), complete a little painting, make the greatest vegan taco (I love food, as you can see), planting plants, gardening, walking, cycling, going for lunch in a new place, visiting a new town, and more I’ll add as I do them.

Why Am I Doing This?

I want to start living every day and not just finishing work, training and watching TV and by making it a job to get outside I’m thinking it’s going to have an impact on my overall happiness and well-being.

Plus I was sick of seeing how my idols live so damn hardcore, I look at someone I’m a massive fan of Tyler (Owen) from RSD and the amount he kills it whilst having a great time is something I lack and I know just exploring and going out of my comfort zone will allow me to achieve something close to that.


1 Big Job Per Day (Non-Work Related)

Today I decided to completely clean my house and I bleached the floors, cleaned all the surfaces, moved things around and swept up.

Tomorrow I’m cleaning out the cupboards, Wednesday I’m sorting out my garden, Thursday I’m going to de-clutter, and on Friday I’m cleaning up my computers.

Why Am I Doing This? 

I have extra energy and it’s great to put that into keeping my home nice and clean, when everything is clean and looking good it makes it easy for me to focus on the more important things in life, plus it’s fun to plant some seeds, water them and make the house look nice, it’s really therapeutic to me.


Fitness Training

After I do my first 3-hour stint in the morning, I finish off with doing a BarBrothers workout (from their calisthenic program), I do this 6 days per week and they usually last around 40 minutes, also I run, do this MMA workout + Walking and Cycling.

I’m also planning to add Yoga back into my daily routine.

Why Am I Doing This? 

Fitness is one of the things that I’ve found makes me happy and Calisthenics is as fun as it gets, mix that with daily stretching, cardio and pull ups, lots of damn pull ups and you’ve got yourself a happy mind and body, Plus it’s really easy to gain strength and feel amazing when you’re hitting the gym almost every single day.



I do 40 minutes of meditation per day and I have done so for over a year and a half, so this is nothing new.



I’m also going to spend an hour per day reading the topics I’m writing about, so for example right now I’m reading a book that’s teaching me how to write better, next I’m reading a book on the brain and nootropics and after that I’ve got a calisthenics exercise book to dig into.

Why Am I Doing This?

Life is for learning and I find that the time I waste every day could be spent learning about something I’m interested in, maybe that interest will turn into a hobby, or maybe it’ll just make an awesome conversation one day, either way studying every day is sure to have its application.

Side Note: This isn’t restricted to books, I’ll be using documentaries, audio books, online courses and YouTube.

work routine hacking

Why It Has To Be 7 Days

I’ve mentioned it before but the reason is to build a routine and to not live life waiting for any particular day.

I want to master my skill sets and I know the only way to do that is to dedicate a few hours every single day, without fail, like I do with my meditation, that way it becomes a habit and is as easy as sleeping.

main work routine goals

What My Goals Are With This Work Routine

Obviously in order for this to work I have to have a general idea of what I want to achieve, so here it is (I have no doubt this will change over time):

  • I want to live every day like it’s the weekend
  • I want to improve my writing skills
  • I want to write more content at a much higher level (specifically I’d like to produce 15, 3000 word + articles per month).
  • I want to complete the 12-week BarBrothers Program
  • I want to look after my house and start a small garden
  • I want to grow this blog
  • I want to meet more friends

Some of these goals are focused on the end of this four weeks and some are more long term, either way this routine is going to open me up to try a lot more new stuff.

case study

The Case Study Of Me Using This Productivity Hacking Routine:

This article might get pumped out, but I wanted to share my exact results so every day I’ll be adding the exact list of what I did with a breakdown at the end so you can see if it’s been a success, plus what’s measured is managed and this is a sure way to measure.


Day 1 (Including 1 hr and 30 minutes I spent last night writing): 

  • Work: I’ve produced 9000 words and researched 3 new article ideas for my partner.
  • Jobs: Cleaned the whole house, sweeping, mopping and tidying all surfaces.
  • Goal: Started my journey on finding the greatest vegan burger recipe and started it off with a result.
  • Fitness: Did a 40-minute calisthenic workout that included two rounds of shadow boxing, 75 close grip push ups, 75 pull ups, 50 dips, all done in a 5 round circuit.
  • Studying: I only decided to add the studying part a few moments ago, so I’ll be starting it tomorrow with a documentary.
  • Mood: Been one of the best days of my life, I’ve been out and about, meditated in the sun, had some amazing food, trained, got loads of work completed and spent some amazing time with my girlfriend, plus we watched an episode of our favorite TV show, that’s pure winning.


Day 2:

  • Work: I produced 4000 words, this is less than half than what I produced on Monday due to two factors: One, I had to do 4 hours of writing in one sitting due to arrangements in the night, two, I’ve started paying more attention to what I write and the quality. Plus I structured 3 articles for my partner.
  • Jobs: Today I didn’t have any jobs planned.
  • Goals: We decided to take a trip at 3 o’clock down to where we both grew up and met my girlfriends parents to exchange gifts. Something we would never normally do in the week.
  • Fitness: Did a 40-minute shoulder workout, with 2 x rounds of shadow boxing and 10 minutes of pull ups with 10-second decline.
  • Studying: I found a really good course to study and will start the process tomorrow.
  • Mood: Today was another of my favourite days. I feel accomplished because I produced amazing work, I got to spend the day with my family and did some of the most intense training of my life, what more could a guy want.


Day 3:

  • Work: I’ve produced 4200 words, came up with two article structures and one idea for my partner.
  • Jobs: I started cleaning out all my kitchen draws (completion tomorrow).
  • Goals: Today was a gaming marathon, where I’ve played Six Siege with my girlfriend by my side for 2 + hours and watched an episode of our new favourite drama ‘The Missing’.
  • Fitness: It was leg day and I totalled, 200 squats, 200 lunges and 200 calf raises without rest (Round style), then I performed 3 x deep squats for a minute each and then did 3 x Wall sit for 40 seconds each.
  • Studying: I studied digital marketers checklist that teaches about the checklist him and his company use on all their blogs. I watched a total of 1 hr and 10 minutes worth of videos.
  • Mood: I feel bloody fantastic, I’ve played video games, chilled out watching TV, done some amazing training and I’m truly left feeling like every day is a Saturday.


Day 4: 

  • Work: I produced 4100 words today and completed 3 x article ideas for my partner.
  • Jobs: I finished clearing out all the draws, making my house look new.
  • Goals: Today was meant to be the start of me and my partner learning to salsa, but instead I continued the gaming spirits of yesterday and had an amazing game for a few hours, then made my partner a lovely dinner of vegan burgers, salad, a small homemade pizza and kale/spinach salad, also went on a short walk.
  • Fitness: Did a 30 minute ABS workout using my pull up bar, 5 rounds of 4 exercises with 20 sets and then another two rounds of my floor abs routine.
  • Studying: Completed another hour of the digital marketing course and have been re-structuring this site using the information.
  • Mood: I feel so content, I’m writing more than ever before, learning revolutionary content about blogging and spending time doing things I love.


Day 5: 

  • Work: I’ve only done 1 hour and 20 minutes of writing today and produced 1600 words, I’ve instead spent 2 hours re-designing this website, 1 hour buying a domain, setting up hosting for my partners new website and completed 3x article structures for my partner as well.
  • Change: Next week I’ll only be writing two hours per day and spending the other two hours web designing.
  • Jobs: Sweep and mop my whole house.
  • Goals: Go for a nice tea with my partner, get some shopping (for baking and my next cooking challenge tomorrow), have a movie night with cinema snacks while we watch a documentary, plus do a little gaming together, we’re currently playing Left4Dead co-op on PC.
  • Fix: We do everything but the tea, it rained and we got rained in.
  • Fitness: I’m doing a 30 minute back routine on my pull up bar that involves, wide, close and normal grip pulls ups, with 10-second holds and slow incline and decline.
  • Studying: I’ve completed 1 hour of digital marketing start up structure, we’re I’m in the process of creating my first product.
  • Mood: I’m excited, I’m still loving this routine and how easy it is to shut off distractions and get writing. I’m a little disappointed about the writing time, but it’s a temporary fix while doing web design.


Day 6:

  • Work: Today is Saturday and I accomplished 2100 words as I only do 2 hours of writing on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Goals: Saturday is always a day of doing and we were meant to go to a German market, but the place I live is under a serious Rainstorm, roads are closed and we can’t leave the house, so we went to the shop quickly, got some food and did some baking, gaming and watch the end of an amazing series “The Missing”.
  • Jobs: Saturday there was no jobs.
  • Fitness: Saturday is the one day off I take from fitness.
  • Studying: Watch a documentary on Scientology, pretty crazy.
  • Mood: It’s been another excellent day, despite the rain putting a halt on things, it was lovely to work on a Saturday, it left me feeling accomplished.
  • Side Note: The weekend has been the hardest part, it’s difficult trying to tell my body that there’s no weekend as we work so little each day. As the weeks go on I’m going to find better ways to deal with this.


Day 7: 

  • Work: I’ve moved my writing to the night this evening as I had a nice lay in. I’ve written around 1200 words, but am looking to focus more energy in web design and marketing next week, maybe do 2 – 3 hours of marketing and 1 hour of writing every day, with 4 hours of web/market, just till everything’s released.
  • Goals: Sunday is a rest day, saying that I didn’t have a choice, we’ve been rained in all week with some of the worse floods in years.
  • Jobs: didn’t add any jobs.
  • Fitness: Did a full leg workout with 200 squats, 200 lunges, 200 calf raises all with no rest, then 3 minutes of deep squat and 3 x 40 second Wall sit.
  • Studying: Continued the documentary mentioned above.
  • Mood: It’s Christmass in 8 days, it’s hard not to be excited, me and my partner are just winding down, ready for a busy week with family, friends and parties, I’m excited to see how this routine works around that.


Day 8

  • Work: Todays the first real day of 2 hours writing + two hours web design and I’ve managed to completely change the nootropic website, making it half the speed and making the text far easier to read. I also completed 1000 words, but half of that was in writing meta descriptions for all the articles on this website.
  • Note: This routine has been the first thing I’ve found to cut through distractions, you see usually the week up to Christmas I never get work done and it’s 6 days to Christmas and I’m sawing through work like it’s nothing.
  • Goals: It’s coming up to Christmas, so my main goal is to talk to my family, watch awesome documentaries and movies and play video games and I did all of this today.
  • Jobs: I felt a little ill as I drank some two-week-old soy milk accidently and got a bad belly. Hahah. So no jobs got accomplished.
  • Fitness: I did 2 x rounds of MMA routine for a warm up, then completed a circuit that involved 5 pull ups, 15 slow push ups, controlled, 10 dips and 10 knee raises on bar, one minute in between 5 times.
  • Studying: 30 Minutes of a marketing course and I’ve been watching a TV season about Scientology.
  • Mood: Part from being a little ill today’s been a lovely day, I’m seeing great results with this routine and looking forward to challenging it.


Day 9:

  • Work: Today I’ve only written 1600 words, but I’ve started editing all the articles on nootropics, plus I’ve been setting up the mail list and getting ready for launch by writing some email copy.
  • Goals: Today was burger day as I was ill yesterday and I created one of the greatest vegan burgers of all time, actually tasted like meat… A little weird, plus I had a lovely chat with my mum, sorted out my day tomorrow (meeting my sister, her partner and my mum for a shopping trip) and got some shopping.
  • Jobs: Clean, as I write this I still need to take action… Oppps…
  • Fitness: It was ab day and I did 20 normal crunches, 20 knee raised crunches, leg switch crunches, 1-minute plank and 10 knee raises on a pull-up bar and repeated that 5 times with 1 minute in-between.
  • Studying: Did half an hour marketing studies, watch a documentary and studied some web design options for the future of a nootropic course.
  • Mood: I’m shocked by the success of this routine, it’s allowed my creativity to flow and my work flow to improve. I’m interested to see the results when I start creating the ultimate mind, body and health course and have to start filming videos… Will this routine still work? I have no idea.


Christmas Holiday!

At this point (The 22nd of Dec) I started my Christmas holiday, now originally I was going to start on the 23rd, but my sister and her partner came to Spain so I couldn’t resist breaking up early.


Game Changer…

I got back to work on the 2nd (of Jan) and it’s now the 10th…

…Why have I not continued updating this?

I had a thought over the Christmas break and it went something like this “Why do people want every detail on my day, really they want is the meat of the experiment after it’s finished”.

So, I’ve still been following a similar routine, but I’m keeping my own notes and will be updating this in exactly 9 days when I finish my first full month with all the full breakdown along with my finishing work routine.


why I'm doing this work schedule

The Reason Why I’m Doing This

I’ve not been living, I’ve had everything needed to live an amazing life, but I’ve been sitting in the passenger seat burning energy for no good reason.


What I was doing wrong: 

I think it’s great to evaluate my errors, in order for me to not slip into them again and to help you if you’re suffering with any of the below:

  1. I was burning myself out every day by over working and I even when I did a 12-hour straight day I felt like I hadn’t done enough.
  2. I was wasting time checking emails, going on social media and was slacking off taking much longer than needed for every job
  3. I started hating Mondays because I knew I’d be working till I felt tired and even once I did the work that I needed to I’d not feel happy.
  4. My job is 70% writing and I realised that I’d write for 2 hours get burned out and then do jobs that were less important for the rest of the day, making me almost waste time till my hours were complete.
  5. Once the weekend arrived I’d be so happy to have free time uncontrolled by work I’d not want to go out or make plans with other people as I tried to avoid any routine.
  6. I’d never go out in the week, not even for lunch with my girlfriend because I would be working and any time after work I had to train, meditate, cook food and chill out.

As you can see the real reason I did this was because I was wasting massive amounts of time, I wasn’t living when I had time off and I was hour watching, because if I finished work before “x” time I was slacking off, this mindset created pain and has made me only live my life when I travel…

…Come on I’m writing this blog to show you the optimal life, not the optimal life once a month when I get to go somewhere new, so I’ve got to make a change.


Why I’m Not Going To Stop Till I Succeed

I have more than a lot of people and being as lucky as I am is all the motivation I need to make sure this works.

I just remember the old job I had where I used to cry every night for hours and wanted to die and all of a sudden, staying focused and making sure  I succeed isn’t too hard at all.



I’ve been researching this daily routine for a while and I’ve picked up more than a few great resources so if you care to study deeper into the facts and ideologies behind this work, here’s everything you need to do so:

What You Could Do To Help Me

I’ve tested loads of lifestyle routines, but I know I might miss a few things here and there, so I’d love to know the one thing in your routine that you’d never change, that has given you the most growth.

So, I’ll be updating this article every day from now on, and one day I’ll have the full report and I’ll do my best to shrink it into something smaller, either way I hope that at the end of this 4 week experiment I have an amazing work routine that other bloggers and self-employed people can follow. Have a fantastic day and if you have any ideas for future articles, please leave a comment down below.

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