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  • brain fog advice

    How I Cured Extreme Brain Fog

    Are you stuck? Stuck in a dilemma where you want one thing and your brain wants another? Where you want to create greatness and become the best version of yourself, but your brain feels like it’s suppressed, being pushed down to the point it can make you feel sick just thinking about the task you […]

  • best bodyweight exercises

    My Must-Have Calisthenic Workout Equipment

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to do a full body, primal workout all from home and at half the cost of a 3-month gym membership? HELL YES! Well I did it and I’m going to show you how you can too, all with the help of some clever equipment buying and learning from my previous mistakes. […]

  • calisthenics exercises

    The Best List Of Calisthenics Exercises

    Want TESTOSTERONE ? Well it’s only naturally obtained through primal activities. Throw away the heavy weights and get them LION feels by indulging in some good old bodyweight exercises. Say goodbye to joint pain, unproportioned gains and vein poppingly heavy weights and start training how you were designed to… With your body-weight. Today I’ll be […]

  • greatest cardio exercises

    30 Day Calisthenics Workout Routine (Beginner/Advanced)

    Do you want to get pumped from your own home with just 20 minutes of exercise per day, 6 days per week? This isn’t BRO science, nor a product that you HAVE to buy. It’s real experienced advice that works and gets results. Whether you’re a woman, man, boy, girl, grandma or grandpa this will […]

  • lion mane benefits

    Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee Nootropic (Review)

    Want to make HARD, REPETITIVE work easy? I have just the thing… Mushroom Coffee! Bold statement? Possibly, but after a few months of rigorous testing, I’ve found that lions mane has completely altered the way I tackle hard repetitive work. “How?!?!” you may scream. To put it simply, it narrows my focus, enhances my energy levels and […]

  • biohacking your fitness

    The Ultimate Guide To Biohacking Your Fitness

    Don’t like fitness? Say goodbye to ever becoming the best version of yourself. Harsh? The truth usually is. You know what’s even worse? It’s your fault. You’re the only one to blame for your fitness and unless you do something about it nothing will change. The sooner your realize there’s no magic pill, mind trick, 7-day juice […]

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