Tai Lopez Review

Tai Lopez or as some like to address him “Mr Knowledgeeeeee” or to the haters “Mr Tai Knowledge Scam Artist Lopez”.

Harsh words maybe, but we couldn’t start this review without addressing the constant hate and criticism of Tai as it’s one of the main reasons I decided to try out his program, the 67 steps.

Warning: This review is going to be fair, harsh and full of everything you need to know.

Proof Of Purchase

First, I like to start all my reviews with proof, I’ve seen many bloggers write fake reviews about Tai Lopez, most of which clearly don’t own the product, this grinds my gears, so here’s the proof I paid for this course:

Inside the course: 

My proof is coming soon! I am away at the minute and have no way of uplaoding the email or content inside the course so please bare with me!

Welcome Email: 

Disclaimer: I paid for the course with my own money and didn’t receive a penny to review it, I did manage to find this discount link to save $30.

the 67 step review

Who Is Tai Lopez? 

Tai Lopez has lived an interesting life that’s now lead him to fly around in private jets and owning an array of fancy cars/houses:

He’s lived with the Amish for 2 years, worked at a leper colony in India and helped Joel Salatin Pioneer Grass-fed agriculture.

He’s a dropout, who’s been mentored by some great millionaires and now owns a popular YouTube channel, Podcast, and website.

One of his beliefs is to read a book a day and for many years he relied on the mentors inside books for his knowledge.

If you ignore the cool quotes and awesome pictures of his fancy lifestyle then one thing still remains the same.

Tai Lopez is making serious money and that’s why I’m truly interested in what he’s selling.

tai lopez books

How I Found Tai Lopez

I got sold on Tai Lopez when I saw the “here in my garage ad”.

I’d been in affiliate marketing for a few years and was shocked that he accumulated so much wealth and had made such a high converting sales video.

I almost bought the course there and then, however, 67 bucks just isn’t something I wanted to drop on a random course.

The next few months I watched a few of Tai’s webinars and kept up-to-date with his YouTube channel and I grew to respect him.

I used a lot of his advice and it helped me grow my business, more importantly, it helped me speak to other business, making me sound more confident and professional even when I had no idea what I was talking about.

Why I Started HATING Tai Lopez

After a few months, the memes started…

…People started HATING Tai Lopez.

It came out that he rented (turns out he leases) his home and possibly the cars.

It was the perfect case of “fake it, till you make it”.

I lost interest, was frustrated and completely left the Tai Lopez brand.


An influencer and a huge inspiration of mine, Owen cook (Tyler from RSD) became friends with him.

I learned a little more and more importantly, I made money and understood what Tai Lopez had done.

Leasing a 44 million dollar house is pretty normal with the housing crashes that seem to happen every 8 – 15 years and having leases on cars makes sense, I mean cars depreciate in value at an alarming rate.

This encouraged me to give his 67 step program a go.

I also got $30 off the course using this Tai Lopez discount link.

thailand mountain view

What I Wanted From The 67 Step Program

I wanted advice, that will improve my business and go on to help me earn more money.

Ideally, I’d like the best information that Tai Lopez has got from reading a book a day into a consistent program that allows me not to have to read the book a day.


What Do You get Inside The Box?

I was sceptical when I first logged in.

Just like most purchases I was met by a little guilt and was waiting to regret my decision.

However, I was overwhelmed by what the program came with…

…On top of getting the “67 steps” program you also gain a few bonuses:

  • Access to the private Facebook group: This is a life saver, you can ask questions get instant feedback from people and it’s a great way to make new connections.
  • You gain access to a 6-day reading course: Teaches you how to find the gems inside each book.
  • You get Tai’s speed reading wizardry: Teaches you how to speed read like a pro (life saver).
  • Tai’s Favourite Apps
  • The Investment secrets of the ultra wealthy (This was my favourite bonus).

Then on top of that, you also gain VIP membership for 14 days giving you access to the:

  • VIP Book Of The Day
  • Video Archive Vault (Unreal Content)
  • 2x Tai Live Calls

I wasn’t planning on upgrading to VIP, so I spent the 14 days bulk watching all of Tai’s VIP vault (Highly Recommended and is almost as good as the 67 step course).


My First Impressions Of Tai Lopez Course

I don’t want to say this, but after watching the whole course I was honestly surprised in the best way.

I kinda felt confused as I was expecting to hate it and instead, I ended up learning some important advice.

Okay, I’ll admit Tai likes the sound of his voice, but the advice he gives is flawless.

There’s no con or scam in sight.

It’s just valuable tips that I wish I’d have known sooner.

None of the advice is miss guided and although it’s not a money-making technique if used correctly I have no doubt that his advice is going to help me grow my business and happiness.

making money with a laptop

My Review Of Tai Lopex 87 Steps After 3 Months (3x Listens)

After watching it once I decided to go back and take notes, I write down all the steps, highlighting my favourites and write them on a whiteboard.

I then took appropriate action and for the next 3 months I worked hard, studied, read more books and followed his most important steps.

What happened? 

I got a few mentors online.

I’ve made more friends inside the blogging world.

I’ve worked hard and created some of the best work of my life.

I’ve saved, made cutbacks and re-invested a lot of my money, which has resulted in my business growing.

I decided to make a business saving jar… I sold everything I haven’t used and added $1000 per month to it.

What I don’t spend is there for a rainy day, the rest goes straight into marketing and testing.

I’ve created bi-weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

I’ve booked a 420km walking holiday to invest my money in experiences that are not only awesome but also help my fitness goals.

This is just the start, the list of things I’ve changed could go on for hours.

Why I’m Still Shocked About Loving It

People don’t particularly like Tai, so I wasn’t expecting his advice to be anywhere near the level it is.

Clearly, he’s not perfect, but if I (someone who’s dyslexic and left school at 13) can make massively positive changes to my life using his advice that costs the same as a good video game, how the hell can’t everyone else?

Anyway, moving onto the pros and cons…

The Pros

  • Saves Massive Amounts Of Time

I used to read every day, I just don’t have the time now.

Tai’s program gives me all the most important advice from thousands of books without me having to sieve through all that content.

This has saved me a massive amount of time and energy and is the BEST reason to buy it.

  • Actable Advice You Can Start Using Now

The advice inside the course will help you understand business, your own value and how to become more successful.

It’s very easy to practice the tips in your real life and if you do follow what he says you’ll notice a BIG difference.

  • Life Changing Tips And Tricks

The steps all have meaning and importance and truthfully I wish I’d known them before I started my journey into the business world.

It’s all the things we should have been taught in school and it’s not only helped me grow my business, it’s helped improve my life’s goals, relationships, and morals.

I feel a lot of the advice works as a good life compass.

  • Awesome Price

I’ve spent $1000 on info products that had half the value of this course.

The price isn’t high and is really justified.

  • Works Flawlessly With Wealthy Affiliate

Even though Tai’s advice is golden it’s not a business plan, meaning if you don’t own a business or are employed you can’t act on the content.

However, if you mix Tai Lopez and Wealthy Affiliate (training program) together, you have everything you need to start a successful business, it’s the exact way I made my company.

  • If You Are An Affiliate Marketer It’s Gold!

Don’t just learn by what he teaches, learn by what he does.

You can use the advice, the way he films, his email responses and his sales page to learn how to create products and market them.

He is a great teacher for any affiliate marketer to follow and if you’re planning on creating a course then his course is a massive learning experience that you can take notes on and learn what a 67 dollar course actually looks like.

  • $3000 ROI (Return on Investment) 

I’ve indirectly made around $3000 using the advice inside this book.


I took my average income for the past year which was very much the same every month, In the past 3 months, I’ve earned an extra $3000 from new business contacts, taking more action and focusing on where I invest my money.

  • Has Improved the Way I Run My Company

The tips and advice inside have helped me create business goals, met new business contacts and have had me taking action left, right and center.

I’ve made some great business moves in the past 3 months and a lot of it’s down to listening to Tai’s advice, smart working and investing my money wisely.

All stuff I’d of never done without this push.

A lot of the advice Tai will admit isn’t his own, it’s learned from multiple books and mentors, no matter if you hate Tai you still will agree that the steps are useful and highly important to know whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee.

The Con’s

Let’s face it, we all care more about the bad sides of this product and here they are:

  • He Likes The Sound Of His Own Voice

If you’ve watched his Youtube channel or a webinar you will know Tai likes the sound of his own voice.

This can become irritating after 2 – 3 listens, which is what was needed for it all to sink in.

However, I’ve become used to this as a majority of info products are the same and it doesn’t take away from the advice.

  • Monthly Payments

You don’t need to pay monthly.

After you’ve watched it 3 times, taken notes and created an action plan the course is done.

It would be nice if there were no monthly payments so I could re-watch when I pleased.

  • Not A Money Making Method Course

This isn’t so much a con, it’s just something people need to know.

The 67 Steps isn’t a money making method, you will not get a blueprint on how to make money.

It’s an advice program that teaches you what you need to know to make money.

If you want something that is a money making method then get a program like Wealthy Affiliate (My Wealthy Affiliate Review).

tai lopez mansion

Who Is The Course NOT for?

I’ve taken a lot away from these 67 steps as you saw above.

However, there’s a type of person who will thrive with this advice and a kind that will hate it…

…People who will hate it they: 

  • Are looking for a magic pill and want to make millions without working.
  • Are sleeping 12 hours a day, are lazy and hate working.
  •  Have read every marketing, self-help and entrepreneur autobiography under the sun.
  • Are hate buying it to complain online.

You’ll love it if: 

  • You want to start a business and want advice that’ll help you make become more confident and make good decisions.
  • You want great business/life advice.
  • You hate reading and want all the self-help gems given to you without thousands of hours of studying.
  • You’re an affiliate marketer or blogger looking to learn how to create a product, market yourself or speak to an audience.
  • You already own a business but need to know more and habits that make you and your business a success.

The list goes on, but you should be able to see from the above what category you fall into.

tai lopez

Will You Become A Millionaire After Watching It? 


Of course, you won’t.

Look at the 67 steps as a MASSIVE time saver.

Tai Lopez has read 500 + books and taken out all the gems so you don’t have too.

You can then use them gems to improve your current business or start a new one.

If you don’t have a business, just read “how to actually make money with Tai’s advice” and from there build one and use his advice to dominate.

 The Real Question Is: “Will It Help You Become A Millionaire”

Hell YES!

If you follow his advice, work hard and take MASSIVE action.

There’s no doubt in my mind that his advice will be a BIG help in your success.

At least it was for mine.

67 steps money report

The Best Advice I Took Away From 67 Steps

There are at least 50 golden nuggets inside this course, however, I’d say these are my favorites:

  • Life Long Learning: Invest in learning from books, courses, mentors, and videos. It’s easier than ever before and the more you learn, the better you will be at business and socializing.
  • Be Worth A Damn: You’re as valuable as you think you are. Why is it that some people earn $$$$ for a job and some people earn $$$$$ for the same job? It’s all down to the price they put on their hours.
  • Master Your Mind: I learned this many years ago during no fapping for a whole year and I can tell you it’s so important to be the one in control of your mind and body.
  • Build On Your Strengths: We all have strengths and weaknesses, find where you’re strong and use sites like UpWork to hire people for your weaknesses (that’s what I do)

Just these 4 tips alone can completely change anyone’s life for the better.

verdict of tai lopez

Verdict – The 67 Step Review (Should You buy It?)

I went into this course not wanting to like it.

In fact, the initial title of this article was “Is Tai Lopez the BIGGEST Scammer of this generation?”.

Every part of me wants to agree with the masses and to say I was surprised when the advice was actually game changing for me is an understatement.

The steps inside the program are MUST KNOWS for any entrepreneur and the TIME saved by having all this content in one place alone is a reason to buy it.

I’ve 10x my results with this course using the guide below and honestly, I’m living my life to the MAX right now and loving every second of it.

Save yourself time and money and buy it.

If you don’t like it just get a refund (you have 60 days to get one).

Plus below will get you $20 OFF the price.

Cheapest Place To Buy The 67 Steps

You may have noticed I got the 67 steps for $37… How did I do that?

Okay, go to this discount link for 67 steps, pop your email in, wait 7 days, you’ll receive and email like this:

Click the link, click purchase and voila you’ve saved $30 on this program.

Comment below if it works for you.

making money with this course

How To Actually Make Money With Tai Lopez’s Advice

The 67 steps gave me a beautiful mindset and an array of tools to use and develop that have increased my business and profits.

It’s made me a more confident, dedicated business owner and I’ve become more successful because of it.

However, I owned a business before getting this course… What if you don’t?

1. Wealthy Affiliate Course + The 67 Steps

The Wealthy Affiliate methods taught me how to make money online without a product.

You learn how to build a website, how to write content that sells and how to grow traffic and market your website.

It’s completely FREE for the first 7 days and I did a wealthy affiliate review with earning proof, an income report and some tips and tricks…

Mixing these courses together I’ve created a few blogs that have generated over 3 million views and enough money for me to move to a house in Spain on a golf course with a swimming pool.

I’ve also travelled around the world twice and look to going round it again this year, all without ever creating a product or working for someone else.

Tai’s course will teach you mindset, motivation, approach and the business know how that will save you time and money and then Wealthy Affiliate will give you a business model that works.

2. Nootropics To Help You Grind

Let’s face it, most of us want to work for ourselves.

This takes time, dedication and a butt ton of failure.

One of the best ways I stay motivated and in the zone is with diet and nootropics.

Nootropics are supplements that help increase focus, creativity, memory, willpower and mental health.

If you want to work 12 hour days without wasting time, getting distracted and feeling like your head’s about to pop then you need to try some nootropics.

I Take These Nootropics: 

Omega 3 – Great for memory and overall brain health.

Alpha Brain (my review) – A little pricey, but increases focus, memory and mental stamina and has the clinical case studies to back it up.

Yerba Mate Tea – If you follow the Wealthy Affiliate course you’ll spend a lot of time writing. Yerba mate helps boost creativity, making tasks like writing, producing and video easier.

Fresh Coffee Beans – Get a grinder, a cafetiere, and some light roast coffee beans and feel a 4-hour energy boost like never before.

L-Theanine – If you suffer from anxiety and lack of concentration try 200mg of l-theanine every day, it’s an extract from green tea, it’s super healthy and highly effective, especially when mixed with caffeine.

Mix and match any of the above.

It’ll help you work on them days where you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Here’s The Full Nootropic Stack I Take.

tai lopez the 67 steps

Why Is Tai Lopez Scamming People? 

I have a list of Tai Lopez conspiracies, reviews, and bad interactions:

Fake It Till You Make It

This is by far the BIGGEST Tai Lopez conspiracy.

The story goes that Tai Lopez faked his wealth to get to the top.

There is truth in this but I just don’t see it.

Put it this way, if you quit your job tomorrow would you have enough to rent a 44 million dollar mansion and even one fast car, like the Lamborghini Aventador that costs around $2,250 per day, that’s right per day?

The answer is probably NO, so even if he did fake it, he still kinda made it and was probably worth a million plus dollars.

Wrong Back Story (He Wasn’t Broke)

There are a few of these stories that claim various things, none of which would change the information being good or bad inside his course.

His Courses Are LIES

I feel that people buy Tai Lopez’s courses as get rich quick schemes and get disappointed.

Tai’s courses are to help educate you on business and the mind of a business person.

They teach you the knowledge that you can then input into your job/business to make more money.

It doesn’t, however, take you from broke, sleeping 12 hours a day to a business hero who does motivational speeches and charters around the world.

It’s no different to Grant Cardone, they both teach you the practices, mindsets, and knowledge of successful people and not step-by-step how to’s.

Why None Of This Matters

I can tell you know that even while doing pretty well for myself I can’t afford to rent a mansion for $30,000 per month, have 5 + supercars each 1 – 4 thousand dollars per day and take private jets (4,000 – 8,000 dollars per hour), plus have all the management to maintain that stuff.

Stop getting in the way of yourself, look at him, learn from him and do as he does, not as he say’s he does.

That should be the BIGGEST take away from Tai Lopez.

H3H3 Tai Lopez Scandal

H3H3 once did a video on Tai and it was one of the BIG reasons I stopped listening to his advice.

Recently they actually met, it was a different vibe and extremely interesting.

You find out a lot about tai lopez and in truth, if you understand money it debunks a lot of the Tai Lopez roomers:


Got A Question? 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the 67 steps, I really did want to create something that would help people out, if you have any questions or need any help building a blog/business please send me a message or comment. It’s always handy to meet new bloggers and like-minded people so please don’t hesitate.

tai lopez 67 step review

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