Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Course Review (Income Report)

Can you really make money online with no skills?

It’s the age-old question that everyone is asking and If I a person who dropped out of school when he was 13 and has dyslexia can do it I’m sure you can too.

That’s why I’m here to talk about something COMPLETELY different to health, nutrition, and body.

I’m here to talk about a course that I’ve been using for the past year that’s helped me grow an online business that’s allowed me to travel around the world:

Me in China:

on a trip to china

Me In Thailand:

thailand mountain view

It’s even allowed me to live in Spain, along with my partner in my dream house with a pool on a golf course (My House):

my house proof

I’ve become completely independent and that’s something pretty incredible for a guy who couldn’t even spell the word ‘because’ till he was 16.

The course that is in question is… Wealthy Affiliate and today I’m breaking the rules of this blog to give you some business advice that will hopefully change your life like it did mine.

Table of Contents

Proof of Purchase

When I started trying to learn about money making online I found it hard to find a course that wasn’t $500 + and whenever I did, I’d see it had loads of FAKE reviews with no proof, stock pictures, and no information.

I decided to add all my purchase proof and only answer the questions I’d have before I bought a course.

Without further waiting here’s the inside of my premium account:

premium account proof

The email they sent me after payment:

proof of purchase

There’s even a link to my current Wealthy Affiliate account.

What You’re Going To Learn In This Review:

  • If Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam
  • How To Use Wealthy Affiliate Correctly (IMPORTANT)
  • Why Most People Fail With Wealthy Affiliate
  • How To 10x Your Money Using 5 Simple Tips
  • My Experience (Income Reports)
  • Full Review (Pro’s + Cons)
  • How To Get $30 OFF Wealthy Affiliate

Plus so much more, at the end leave your questions and I’ll help you in every way I can.

making money on pc

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?  

It’s a full course that teaches you how to:

  • Setup, host and create a blog.
  • Get traffic to the blog
  • Turn that traffic into money
  • Build social media profiles
  • Create content that makes cash using their tested formulas.

The question everyone is asking…

is it a scam

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam (My First Impressions) 

As someone who has paid over $5000 in learning products and has been SCAMMED more than a few times I was truly sceptical of anything to do with money making, SEO, and marketing.

You only have to google “Money making courses” to see an abundance of products created by people who make money teaching people how to make money.

At the time I found  I was SICK AND TIRED of spending money and gaining nothing.

I felt like everything I tried either spammed the internet, took tons of money with zero reward or used skills I just didn’t have.

I was bored, fed up and motivated which is a bad mix, but forced me to try the 7-day FREE trial.

The 7-day free trail went with a few issues… My first thought was “Thank god I didn’t pay for this”, it’s messy as hell and I couldn’t work out where to start.

However, after finding this button:

waelthy affiliate first impression

I learned how to navigate the whole course and the previous thought went away as I quickly became addicted, getting through all the lessons in course one within the first day.

It all sunk in and the next day I decided to upgrade my account using a discount link and that took $30 OFF Wealthy Affiliate premium price

inside wealthy affiliate

What You Get Inside This Affiliate Marketing Course:

  • You gain full access to all 7 training modules that teach you how to build a website, get traffic, make money, expand your social media profiles and grow your business.
  • You get hosting/setup for 50 websites (Unreal) which include backups and security.
  • Acces to their keyword research tool that will help you find profitable keywords that are easy to rank for.

Plus all the other awesome stuff like live courses, video walk-throughs, 1-on-1 coaching, website feedback, analysis and much more.

making money with wealthy affiliate

My Experience Of This Affiliate Marketing Program

It took me about a month to complete and utilise all of the information in the wealthy affiliate program.

I was worried the course would be a waste of money and after completing all the lessons in the wealthy affiliate program within the first month I can honestly say I’m amazed…

…Amazed at how much content this course gives away at such a low price.

I’ve made multiple websites, had over 3,000,000 views to one of my blogs and have started growing my social profiles.

I already knew about affiliate marketing and building websites (before the course), but I’ve filled in the blanks and this has helped me grow my current blogs and create new ones that I just know will succeed.

Update: This was where I was at a month in, now I’m going to fast forward a whole year to now…

making money with a laptop

What Happened After A Year Of This Affiliate Course?

As I mentioned before I was no newbie when I started Wealthy Affiliate, I had multiple blogs and had been making money online for a few years.

However what I learned during this course has allowed me to expand my blogs, open new sites (including this one) and grow my passion into a company.

I now receive over 3 million views per year with all my blogs, here’s view proof from my jetpack stats of my three new-ish blogs (proof):

monthly traffic proof

I make enough to live abroad, travel around the world and most importantly work when I want.

In the past year, I’ve learned a few other techniques (more on that below) and I’ve been brushing up my skills, but I can definitely say that Wealthy Affiliate and the methods it teaches will lead to results just like the ones below….

my income report

My Income Report For This Month: 

I hate talking money, this is the first time I’ve put anything like this online.

Here’s my income report for this month, from just two blogs:

income report

Not including the companies I own and have investments in now and it’s all thanks to using affiliate products and testing, reviewing and creating awesome content.


My Review After 1 Year Of Using This Money Making Course

The past year has been crazy, I’ve been around the world twice travelling all over China and Thailand, I’ve built a few other companies with the help of my awesome partner and all of this was made possible with the methods taught in Wealthy Affiliate.

I made all my income without a product, without any formal education, all I had was the advice in WA, a computer and the motivation/fire in my belly to learn and take action.

With all this being said what are the real reasons to buy this money making program and why should you AVOID it?

The Con’s

My one and only con…

  • The Inside Is A Little Messy

When you first join it can be a little daunting at first, there are lots of buttons, links, and places to start.

However, once you start the course you’re taken through everything and the layout starts making sense.

The Pro’s

  • Money I Saved

With premium you get a site, security, hosting and WordPress themes. Anywhere else this alone would run into the hundreds of dollars, then on top of that, you get all the training, which is easily worth $300 + and then all the tools which run into $400 if purchased elsewhere.

  • You Learn Everything You Need To Know

You leave this course with a full understanding of affiliate marketing, you can then grow your knowledge further by acting on the advice they give you.

  • The Lessons Are Easy To Understand

The course takes you through step by step, the way it teaches you explains everything you need to know in a clean, easy to process manner.

  • You Have 1-on-1 Help

Sometimes you just need someone to answer a question and they have live chat which makes life so much easier.

  • You Meet Other Bloggers

One of the hardest parts of being a blogger is finding others to work with.

WA gives you that platform, you will grow with others and can share audiences, advice and build friendships which in the end will lead to your success.

  • You Can Test It For FREE

I’d never have tried WA without it being free, that free trial was all I needed to move onto the full thing and thank God I did.

  • You get site feedback from others

I used to pay people on Fiverr and UpWork to give me site feedback, now I just use the system inside WA.

I could go into tiny details about all the pro’s this course offers, the truth is it’s just better than anything I’ve tried before, it does what it says on the tin.

how not to fail

Why People Fail With Wealthy Affiliate

The success rate Wealthy Affiliate has is far higher than any other course of it’s kind.

Yet, people still FAIL… Why?

It’s simple.

People do these four things wrong: 

1. Think Outside The Box With Your Blog Design

The average WA blog will end up looking like this (The blog below is actually from a really awesome blogger, it’s just an example of style):

blog example

How do I know this? Because they teach everyone the same format.

Just type in “Wealthy Affiliate Review”

80% of the blogs will have – #1 recommended training or #1 Money making course”.


Because that format is actually the highest earning… At least it was until so many blogs started using it.

What should you do?

Think outside the box. Take all the information they give you and add your own spin. Don’t be afraid to try something different.

2. Test, Test and keep Testing:

Don’t be afraid to test.

You may break your site, you may lose a little cash, but in the long run, testing will make you a much better money maker.

Keep testing and don’t be afraid to get stuff wrong.

3. Re-invest The Money You Make

People earn their first check and spend it on clothes, eating out and video games.

If you want this to work you’ve got to live like a bum for the first few months, reinvest as much money as you can into marketing and testing products/your blog.

Once you’ve got enough to run your business, then you can take a little for yourself.

4. Work Hard And Don’t Give Up

The BIGGEST reason people fail online is that they’re in search of easy money.

Money is just as hard to make online if not harder, the only difference is making money online makes life easier.

You can travel, don’t have to commute to work and can create a schedule that suits you.

However, you still have to work smart and not give up.

who is this course from

Who Is Course For?

  • If you’re a total beginner looking to start making money online without a product or any cash.
  • If you’re advanced you can use it to learn about social media, PPC campaigns, SEO, and brush up on your skills.
  • If you’re between jobs and want to start a project to make some money.
  • If you’re a student and have limited work hours and want a project to grow.
  • If you have a job, but have extra time and want to be successful.

Who’s The Course Not For?

  • If you want a get rich quick scheme.
  • If you think it’s a magic pill (as good as it is you still need to work hard).
  • If you have no desire or passion for making money online.

Look, we all want the magic pill, the get rich quick scheme and that passive income, but if you’re happy to put that aside, work hard and take the advice below you will no longer rely on luck, you will have control and be able to go after what you want.

verdict of this money making course


I’ve been putting off this review for a while.

I recently had a flashback to before I had money and I remembered how difficult my life was. I was living with 3 other people in a house, eating one (sometimes two) meals a day, sleeping 4 – 5 hours if I was lucky, not leaving my room for days, sometimes weeks at a time.

I had no cash and lived every day in fear.

I decided to write this review and go into personal details (something I never wanted to do), in order to help others get out or improve their life situation.

With that being said I can honestly say that I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. The methods they teach changed my life, they can change yours.

You can sign up for FREE, then if you like what you see you can get $30 off the sign-up price and start your journey to living an awesome life.

Cheapest Place To Buy Wealthy Affiliate (Discount Code)

I’ve wasted loads of money on RUBBISH courses and I know how much it sucks to waste cash when you have none.

I’ve searched the internet and found you guys and gals the cheapest Wealthy Affiliate discount code, gives you $30 off the price using this discount link.

making extra cash

Extra – How To Make Wealthy Affiliates 10x More Profitable

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, web design and Pay per click marketing, as well as SEO.

I then built upon that knowledge with the below guides, tips and tutorials to create the business I currently own.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

“Oli I stumbled across your website, you’re missing out on tonnes of views, pay me $$$$ and I’ll help you”

You will get variations of this email 5 + times a day, from people who claim to be SEO experts.

Protect yourself from the noise and until you’re making money never hire someone to manage your marketing/SEO and instead use the information below:

On-Site SEO guide: 

  • Complete guide to on-site SEO – Ahrefs.com – (article here)

Off-Site SEO guides:

  • Everything you need to know about off-site SEO – neilpatel.com (article here)
  • How To Build Links If You’re BROKE – neilpatel.com (here)

Follow them guides and that’s everything you will need to rank your website in Google/other search engines.

Side Note: You learn SEO tips and tricks inside WA, however, the advice here is just to expand upon their advice.

best affiliate products

2. Finding The Perfect Products (Affiliate Programs I Use)

You can make thousands of dollars with a few hundred views to a website using the correct product.

Now WA does go over this, but I’d like to expand as finding the perfect product is the single most important job you will have.

First, you need affiliate programs:

At the start, you will be able to find all the products you need using these 3 affiliate programs.

You NEED to find good products and products you want to buy for yourself.

Once done, use Long Tail Pro and see if other people search for it: “Product name + Review”.

If it has over 1000 views (4000 best) and a rank score of below 35 the next thing you need to do is buy the product and get testing.

Write an awesome review, with the skills you learned in WA and do some basic SEO and then just rinse and repeat.

Within no time you will be making cash.

3. Studying Other Peoples Case Studies

The list below has earned over 3,000,000 million dollars in the past month.

Their advice is the best online and once you have completed WA you need to study and take advice from the greats.

WA is the best beginner structure and it even teaches advanced affiliates new ways to grow, but once you have that solid foundation you can use the below to grow it further:

website resources

4. Resources You NEED To Get (10x Your Results)

Whenever you can save time with software DON’T hesitate.

The below list is a few life savers that I highly recommend for anyone learning with Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Long Tail Pro

Wealthy Affiliate comes with an amazing keyword finder, it’s perfect for beginners.

Once you start making cash however it’s a good idea to upgrade to a tool like Long Tail Pro (Discount Link).

This tool allows you to search any keywords and it then tells you how hard it will be to rank for it.

This has been a life saver and was the single greatest investment I made during the past year.

  • Canva

All the cool images you’ve seen in this and my other articles are created using a FREE service called Canva.

It’s drag and drop, simple and anyone could use it to create mouth dropping images that transform a blog.

PS: My logo’s on all my sites, plus the ads on the side bar were all made with Canva.


  • My Favorite Hosting Company 

I swear by WPX hosting, they have the best service, best uptime, great prices and their customer service is incredible. I wrote a whole review about them that I stress you read if you’re looking in to hosting –  My Wpx Hosting Review


  • Alpha Brain/Nootropics

I find it hard to stay focused while writing, so hard in fact that I put it off and end up wasting time taking breaks every  10 minutes.

Simply taking 1x Alpha Brain  a day and drinking Yerba Mate tea has been a complete game changer, I work harder, feel better and have accomplished my best work all while on this exact mix.

  • Grammarly

I’m a dyslexic, even though I’ve spent many years writing I still mess up.

Grammarly is the BEST proofreading tool and saves me hours each article.

It’s the SMARTEST spell checker around, it knows sentence structure and makes my writing flow with ease.

You can get it for FREE or upgrade to premium (like me) for the ability to not have to proofread ever again.

  • UpWork

Last but not least is UpWork, it’s a site that allows you to hire cheap freelancers.

They have specialists at $4 per hour that will write, comment, manage social media and just about anything to do with online.

If you ever need help or want to grow and employ other people, UpWork is the cheapest, most reliable way to do so.

Have Any Questions?

Starting your own online business can be hard, frustrating and time-consuming. If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or about blogging then please just let me know.

I’ll do my best to help you in any way I can and it’s always nice to have a buddy inside the blogging world.

wealthy affiliate review

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