Where To Safely Buy Nootropics Online

nootropics vaultThe main thing that stopped me entering into the world of nootropics was the shadiness, I found it hard to find any go-to supplies and everyone I did find looked like a sales page trying to sell me some sort of slimming drug, it took me a while before I got the confidence to just make a basic stack using amazon, but once I did and saw the power a supplement could have on the mind I started looking elsewhere for more advanced stacks.

What Will You Learn In This Article?

  • Highly-reviewed companies that sell awesome nootropics
  • What nootropic to get from each company
  • Shipping times + costs
  • How to know if a company is good
  • What your first nootropic stack should look like

Plus, I’ll give you some buying tips I wish I knew when I started nootropics.

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What Are Nootropics And Who Is Taking Them

Nootropics or ‘smart drugs’ as some call them are supplements, pills, drinks and food, even exercises that can improve your creativity, focus, motivation, energy and memory, they are used by most top level CEO’s (one of the more famous  is Joe Rogan) to help you be able to work at a much higher level.

In today’s world it’s all about SMART WORK and not the hours you work, that’s where nootropics come in, by simply taking a few nice sips of Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee you get a 3 hour boost that helps you stay focused and work efficiently even through the work you would usually want to fall asleep at and that’s just one simple tropic, mix that with yerba mate tea and Caffeine + L-theanine and guess what…

…You’re now working at a constant high level throughout your whole work day with multiple health benefits and minimal side-effects.

If you’ve read my natural smart drug stack then you’ll be able to see how I get two days worth of stuff done in the first 5 hours of Monday using creativity and focus boosters.

It isn’t just CEO’s who are taking them there’s many students who use them to increase memory and learning abilities whilst studying for exams and as someone who has dyslexia and a mind that jumps to 100 things every second they also help me to simply stay focused on one activity.

are nootropics safe

Are Nootropics Safe?

First there’s many blogs out there that promote the use of hardcore nootropics that in my opinion are unsustainable, meaning they have BAD long term side effects on the mind and body, I in the other hand only promote stuff that I can take continuously without negative side effects and build immunity and so far my stack is actually full of supplements that have BIG long term health benefits, like anti-Alzheimers, cancer prevention and all round immunity boosting.

You can build the same stack for yourself all you need to do is stay natural, keep testing and don’t get anything prescription based, do all that and nootropics will give you tons of health benefits.

where to buy nootropics

The Best Places To Buy Nootropics From

These are the places that I’d recommend any beginner or advanced user of nootropics to get their stack from.

There are other companies out there, but I’m sticking to the ones I’ve personally used or know someone who has used, that have high reviews and offer great products you’ll actually want to take.

If you have any nootropic companies you would like me to test out just leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the queue.



Not only are Onnit marketing geniuses with a website that makes most biohackers want to go on a massive shopping spree they are also one of the most reputable names in the supplement industry, with a heavy list of endorsers and a co-founder called Joe Rogan (who you may know) this company really does the job of seducing the brain of biohackers.

Why do I love Onnit?

Onnit is one of the best legitimate companies in this space, they actually take the time to do case (studies) and clinical studies unlike most of the big names in the industry.

They’ve done countless tests on Alpha Brain proving the effectiveness of the product while also showing proof that it’s not a placebo effect.

Another reason I’d choose them is down to their massive variety of products, from coffee, to food with an array of supplements in-between this can easily be a go to supplement shop.

What Their Flagship Products Are:

Alpha Brain:

Here’s the alpha Brain video that quite simply makes anyone want to try it:

As you can see alpha brain is the supplement of choice for people who want to get in the zone and is easily the most clinically backed nootropic supplement around.

MCT Oil: 

Onnit aren’t the only company that supply this, but I’ve heard theirs is the best, but as someone who’s not tested MCT Oil at any real level I can’t tell you too much about it.


Onnit supply Caveman coffee which is a really highly reviewed coffee that’s both high in caffeine and great for getting that focus increasing boost.

It’s got below detectable thresholds of mold and mycotoxins which are what everyone seems to be scared of these days, and as a coffee goes that is probably the best results you’re going to get, but again I’m yet to try it and will be sticking to my high caffeine coffee blend for now as I’m getting fantastic results.

Highest Rated Stack:

They have a few stacks ranging from fitness, memory enhancing and total optimization and the stack that sticks out the most to me is the memory enhancing, it comes with alpha brain, New MOOD, MCT oil and Krill Oil, this is a relatively awesome stack for memory and focus, but it comes at a very heavy price for a months worth.

My Opinion:

Onnit is an amazing company but they don’t ship worldwide, in order to get some I have to get it shipped to England and then over to Spain, which is a real pain, the price I pay can usually goes into the hundreds for a months supply, but if you live in the United States I do recommend you pick up some Alpha Brain as it’s a really good baseline nootropic, but for the rest of the stack I prefer using more cost effective suppliers for now, but that’s not to say Onnit isn’t good, they’re one of the leaders in this industry.



Nootrobox.com provides one my favorite beginners supplement stacks, it contains:

SPRINT: Which is a blend of Caffeine and L-Theanine which you can use for energy and focus whilst working or at the gym.

RISE: Which enhances memory, stamina, and resilience, you will be able to work harder and more efficiently using this bad boy.

KADO-3: Contains all of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids your brain needs for protection.

YAWN: One of the only supplements I’ve seen that gives you everything you need to induce a full, deep sleep so you wake up with more energy.

I personally don’t like taking sleeping supplements as I don’t like messing with Melatonin and I also have an amazing bedtime bio-hacking ritual that does the job of knocking me out, but I can see why this is a major need for many.

Flagship Products:

Coffee Cubes: You may have seen the latest Buzzfeed coffee cube test? Well that was featuring these coffee cube bad boys.

Coffee cubes are a really fun way to start off bio-hacking as they’re completely safe and contain a good amount of caffeine and L-Theanine, which as I’ve said is an amazing stack for memory, focus and anti-anxiety.

I’m yet to try these coffee cubes, but they’re definitely on my list of things to try this year (if you’ve gave them a go tell me in the comments, I’d love to hear what they’re like).

Stack: As I mentioned above their stack which includes a little of everything is their main product.

My Opinion: 

As you may have seen in my stack article I like to keep things really simple when it comes to supplements and I focus more on teas, food and natural sources, but nootrobox does have a really solid beginner stack (the best on the list), it’s really safe, has case studies to back it up and is certified, now a big issue again is the price, the average stack is $121 with $15 world-wide shipping (FREE if you live in USA), and that can be a little pricey seeing as my stack I take now costs around $100 every 5 months, but my stack doesn’t have anywhere near as many things.

If you’ve got the cash, want the decisions taken out of your hands, and want a safe, clean nootropic stack perfect for mind, focus, anxiety and creativity then I’d recommend you go check them out.


Nootropics.com (Site Currently Offline)

nootropics.com is one of my providers of brain power supplements and they have an amazing creativity and productivity stack that doesn’t break the bank (probably the cheapest on the list) they will most likely become one of your favourites too.

Why I Use Them

I do my best to stay natural and vegan with anything I take and eat and their products usually tick both boxes, plus the price and the worldwide shipping at just $14.99 is out this world, I mean what more could you want?

The only downside is they can’t ship directly to the UK.

Another reason I enjoy their supplement range is their honesty. They’ve got a quick, honest support and the descriptions of all their products are clear and informative, they tell you if you can use with alcohol, what to avoid if you have any mental health issues, etc.

What’s Their Flagship Product?

Adrafinil (Modafinil Precursor):

I don’t personally take it as it’s got a few long-term side-effects that out weight the benefits, but loads of the worlds CEO’s and business execs have been known to take this on a semi-regular occurrence, now you can buy adrafinil in other places, but it can be a little sketchy and so far nootropics.com is by far the best place I’ve seen to order from.

Creativity Stack: 

Their creativity stack costs $89.95 and gives you 30 – 60 days worth of supply depending on use, it comes with:

  • 60x 750mg Aniracetam Capsules
  • 60x 250mg Phenibut Capsules
  • 60x 250mg Citicoline Capsules

Which seems like a great mix, now I’ve not yet tried this stack but it’s the next on my list (behind naturalstacks.com) and I’ll be posting results here when done (in around 60 days, as I like to slowly add supplements in and then do a 28 day case study).

natural stacks

Natural Stacks

Another great option when putting together your nootropic stack is naturalstacks.com, I’ve ordered there mental performance stack and I’m in the process of doing a meaty case study which will go into full details about what works best, how it reacted to the other stuff I take, and I’m also adding a graph that will show my average work month vs work month taking the stack and I’ll let you be the judge.

Why does this stack appeal to me the most? 

– I like natural products, I can’t stress this enough.

– Shipping is worldwide and not expensive

– Their stacks are a great price.

– Their support has set me up and gave the optimal taking times, doses, etc, which is amazing.

– The products that you get:

  • The Smart Caffeine is something I’ve been wanted to take for some time, I love drinking coffee but the whole process of L-Theanine can be a little hard and I’d prefer having something I can travel with, plus I still enjoy a nice coffee, then just take these on top.
  • CILTEP: is something the nootropic world has been talking about, it’s a mix Artichoke extract with forskolin and is used to naturally induce long-term potentiation, which means increasing the strength of nerve pulses that have been previously used before, which in turn improves memory, focus, speed, etc.
  • Dopamine Brain Food: I’ve always been interested in boosting dopamine through diet and I’ve been on a pretty strict diet to do so, so it’ll be interesting to see how much this helps improve my overall mood.
  • MagTech: A magnesium complex that helps improve sleep and memory function, I’ve never tried anything like this so I’m interested to see where it’ll go.

FlagShip Product:

They have multiple stacks that help improve overall health, brain function and body, but they also have something that I’m gutted I didn’t see before I made my purchase, it’s called: MYCO STACK and is what I see as the ultimate power complex, it has lions mane, Reshi (I take and highly recommend), Cordyceps, Yerba Mate and even more, all of which boost brain power, immunity, mood, libido (especially cordyceps) and are all natural.

They’re also one of the only providers of CILTEP and have a few other bestsellers like Smart Caffeine.

My Opinion: 

I’ll have to wait till I’ve tried Natural Stacks before I give my full opinion but so far they seem like a really good company with a few unique products that I’m excited to try.



Amazon is my number one go to shop and it’s the place I get a large amount of my Tea, Coffee and brain supplements.

You do have to be careful as the whole review system on Amazon is BS with a lot of companies buying hundreds of fake reviews, but using common sense and avoiding plastic bottles that look like they were made for a marketing sales page, whilst also making sure they can list their own ingredients they use, as when a company can’t it’s a GIANT red flag.

Why Do I Love Amazon?

It comes down to two things:

The variety of what they sell.

The fact I can get my tea, coffee, nootropics, protein and creatine all from one place, with shipping that takes a few days and costs no extra no matter what I add (usually).

I mean what more could I want?

What Not To Buy From Amazon:

I avoid buying any hardcore nootropics, unless they’re sold by a brand I already know, for example here’s some of the amazon shops of providers on this list:

  • Natural Stacks.com 
  • Nootrobox
  • Onnit

They’re all safe to buy from, but avoid buying nootropics from your average Joe as sometimes the ingredients are cheap, unnatural and can be seriously bad for you.

I do however buy a large amount of my Yerba Mate tea, Coffee, Green tea, Creatine and protein off Amazon and would highly recommend it.

Tip: If you’re buying from a provider on Amazon always check their actual .com shop as I’ve found you usually get big discounts.



Before you click let me just say that I’m yet to really study Bulletproof as a company, I got very seduced by their content last year and invested a lot of time into biohacking my diet and researching Dave Asprey, I’m aware that it came out that the Bulletproof coffee was a little scam, but still I’ve heard very positive things about his supplements and the application of MCT oil, but until I try myself I can’t promise anything.

Now as you may know I’m a big coffee fan, so I’ve got myself some bulletproof on the way, along with the stuff that’s needed to make a vegan style bulletproof coffee, I’ve got to admit I’m excited and I’m looking forward to test it out as I really do love my coffee ritual, once I find out the pro’s and con’s I’ll hit everyone back and update this, but if you have had any experience with Bulletproof leave it below so I can further my knowledge!

guide to buying smart drugs

Buyers Guide For Getting Smart Drugs

Before I hand out some beginner recommendations here’s a few ways I pick the companies I order from.

1. Start By Ordering One Thing:

In an ideal word I’ll always order their highest-rated, best value product and give it a try before I invest in a more expensive product or stack, as I now live in Spain this sometimes can’t be the case as most nootropics are based in America and charge a small fortune to ship to Spain.

2. Find A Company With A Solid Stack:

My number one bit of advice to penny save is to find one company that has a solid set of products, instead of buying the BEST of each tropic from 5 different providers, as the real cost is always going to be shipping.

3. Contact Support (Important):

Before I buy anything from a supplement seller I contact support and ask what they recommend, if the support is quick (1 – 2 days), helpful and filled with great advice, then I’m happy.

If they get back and are rude, give me links with no dialogue or give bad advice (cross check using google), then I’ll go somewhere else. All the people on the list above were more than helpful and even offered more help than was needed.

4. Google Search Reviews:

It’s simple, just search “Company name + “scam”, “review” or “legit” and see what comes up, be careful with Affiliate review articles, these are people earning money who 9 times out of 10 times don’t actually own the product, you can tell them easily by the content, the pictures they use (are they stock pics or of them holding the product) and do they say something like “I tried hard but I couldn’t find one con with the product” in the pro’s and con’s, if they do it’s usually an affiliate review and the advice they give is meaningless.

PS: I sometimes use stock pictures in reviews and on my articles as they look far nicer, but feel free to always ask for picture proof on all the products I talk about.

5. Use Reddit (The Land Of The Noot):

Head over to the Nootropics Reddit thread and either ask or use google to find someone who’s already asked, do this by searching the question you have, followed with “Reddit”, example: “Does Onnit Alpha Brain work reddit”.

6. Comment:

You can always leave a comment for any questions you have down below and I’ll do my best to help you out, plus if you find a product you want testing (that isn’t prescription), contact me and I’ll sort out a case study.

beginner smart drugs

What Nootropics Should You Start With?

For the sake of this article let’s keep it really simple, I’d recommend the following:

Lions Mane Instant Coffee:

Take it once to three times per week on days you really need to get work done, I take it on Monday – Wednesday – Sometimes Thursday.

Yerba Mate Tea:

Grab a tea gourd off of Amazon and some good quality Yerba Mate tea, then fill the gourd with leaves and add hot water, you’ll get 3 – 4 sips and then just re-fill the water, I do this for hours and it gives me a massive increase in creativity especially when writing, planning or coming up with ideas.

Quick Roasted Coffee Beans:

I have a freshly brewed coffee every morning using quick roasted Colombian coffee beans, I chuck them in a grinder, then into a Cafetiere and voila you’ve got a real focus and energy boosting drink, the magic is within quick roasted beans as they have a much higher caffeine content, drinking this is unlike any instant coffee you’ve ever tasted, the energy is unmatched.

Caffeine + L-Theanine:

This simple blend helps lower anxiety, keeps me calm but allows me to get through the work I really dislike without even thinking about it, it makes me feel confident and like I own the world and is my nootropic stack of choice when I’ve got a meeting or need to impress someone.

You can get this using an easy to take a supplement or simply add L-Theanine to your cup of morning coffee.

Tip: To avoid caffeine overload use this without having a daily coffee

Now I’ve done a whole article on exactly what I take and everything on the list is natural, cheap, but packed with awesome effects, but picking all or mixing any of them together is a great place to start for beginners and advanced, it’s not always about the complex supplements, sometimes it’s just getting a high-quality version of a drink or supplement you’re already taking.

I’m always looking for ways to become the better version of myself and any of your feedback is really appreciated, plus if you’ve got any advice or need any help leave a comment, I’m always here to answer them. I’m also interested to know if there’s any products on the list you would like Case Studies on. Hit me up and I’ll get started on one for you. Have a wonderful day.

guide to buying nootropics

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