WPX Hosting Review After Three Years

Is WPX hosting really the quickest WordPress Hosting around?

I’ve been with WPX hosting for over 3 years and it’s time to tell you about my experience. You can get 50% off your first month on ANY package using the code 101nootropics at the checkout.

First, I’d like to show you all the current hosts I use:

  • ASmallOrange
  • HostGator
  • BlueHost
  • SiteGround
  • Arvixe

I’ve also used:

  • TMDHosting
  • GoDaddy Hosting
  • 1&1 (The Worst Hosting I’ve Ever Used)

Here’s purchase proof (I added as many proof pictures as I could fit (Click To See In Full Detail):

best hosting service

Second, this review is being made after 2 years of being with WPX (formally known as Traffic Planet Hosting), I have paid for the service myself and have proof of purchase here:

wpx hosting proof

I do this because I hate fake reviews and there’s so many of them out there.

Why I Joined WPX Hosting 3 Years Ago? 

I was creating a big project, one that went on to receive 2,500,000 views.

A lot of my success at this time was owed to this – wealthy affiliate course.

I needed quick, SEO friendly hosting that could handle the traffic and remain speedy.

My choices were: 

  • BlueHost
  • WPEngine
  • SiteGround

At the time WPX was the quickest of all and came at a really great price, so I decided to go with them.

I then built a WordPress blog and ran some tests, I was already hosting multiple sites and the blog hosted with WPX beat all of them by 2 seconds loading time:

I quickly got addicted to speed optimization and later moved all my important blogs and projects over to WPX hosting.

How Easy Was It To Join? 

At the time I was a beginner and joining/getting my first WordPress blog setup took minutes.

I’ll show you with this quick guide:

Sign up to WPX Hosting, pick your country (I chose America):

Setting up hosting

Pick if you’re moving a blog or starting a new one (I’m starting a new one):

hosting your site

Enter in all your details and sign up:

signing up

You then login and you will get a page like this, just click “my services > WordPress Hosting”. You then click the domain you sign up with:

setting up wordpress

Click Website/SSL and then pick your website and click install WP, type in the details, click “ok” and you know have a .com website ready for customization:

ssl setup

5 steps, a few clicks of the mouse and you have a fully working website, that runs at the speed of light.

My Experience After 3 Years With This Hosting Provider

I’ve experienced it all, from infected sites to accidental downtime and I can say that the support has always been incredible.

I once had a few days downtime with wpx and they gave me $500 worth of gifts for my inconvenience, from 2 months free hosting, to FREE SSL (before they were giving them away for free) and all Terry’s services with 1 – 2 months free trial.

Put it this way I once had a WHOLE site deleted while using TMD’s hosting, had 4 weeks down time on all my sites, lost well over $2000 and didn’t even receive a sorry from them.

So I am aware that this kind of service is rare and I value it.

What Else? 

I host 10 + sites and all of them have loading times of under 1 second.

That’s 95% quicker than all the websites in the world (on average).

There’s more…

First, You get FREE SSL that takes seconds to install, this alone used to cost me $80 a year, plus they take days to upload and are a pain to provide all the details.

Second, If you ever need help setting something up they’ve got you covered. I once needed MaxCDN setup, I’ve had plugins break my site and they’ve always got everything setup and sorted for me.

Third, Their setup and service are the easiest to use. It works better than all the hosts I’ve used, from setting up wordpress, to installing the SSL, it all takes half the time.

Also, they gave me a discount code that you can use where you can get 50% off your first month with any package on their site. Just enter – 101nootropics for the HUGE discount.

I could go on for days… 

It’s true.

I’m not writing this for any other reason than the service they run deserves credit.

I also know that if any of you decide to host with them you will not be disappointed and won’t have to put up with some of the waste of space hosting services that are out there.

However, let’s tell you what you really want to know…

hosting company comparison

How Does It Compare To Other Hosts

I’ve hosted with all the major names and I still host with the 5 below.

How does WPX compare? Let’s find out…

  • ASmallOrange: 

Probably the second best host I’ve used.

Their service is a little harder to set up and their support is much slower, however, the speed, downtime, and service, in general, is almost the same as WPX.

  • SiteGround

Another favorite, the only downside is their user interface.

It truly sucks and navigating their services is hard.

They also don’t offer FREE SSL’s and they charge a small fortune for them.

Other than that, the service is awesome and again, is totally worth the money.

  • BlueHost

BlueHost may just be the most overrated hosting EVER!

In my experience they’re over priced, upsell you any way they can and are only famous because of their high paying affiliate program.

I’m not saying their service is BAD, it just doesn’t compete with the hosts above.

  • Host Gator

I use host gator to test websites.

Their service is cheap, easy to setup and always has a crazy deal going.

However, it’s not quick and has a higher downtime and their customer service is AWFUL as is their affiliate program and how they treat you once something goes wrong.

  • Arvixe

The worst on this list.

I swear I spend hours just trying to log in, their site is so SLOW and it’s always crashing for me.

Their service isn’t much better and I’ll be stopping my payments after this billing cycle.

The speed of My Sites On WPX: 

Here 101nootropics speed test that was done on Pingdom the day of release:site speed

PS: All the sites have the same optimization and most of them have the same theme (or similar) so the speeds should be the same.

My Full Review Of WPX Hosting After 3 Years

I’ve used most of the big names in hosting and none of them has left me as happy as WPX.

You get a great hosting service that is perfect for speed, security, and SEO optimisation, it’s the perfect playground for any new website and I always make sure to host my most valuable sites using them.

The money I’ve saved in the many features their service offers is alone reason to host with them.

However here are the pros and cons…


  • Support

Whenever I have any issues their support always help me work it out.

They are hands on and always get the job done.

I get an email whenever there are vulnerabilities in WordPress updates/plugins and I always feel like I’m in good hands.

  • Security

It comes with FREE SSL, unlimited manual malware removal/repairs, continues malware & hack scanning, 14-day site backup archive… All this stuff would rack you up to $500 if you went with sucuri.

  • Speed

Their hosting is extremely quick and is getting quicker every year.

  • Easy Setup/Maintenance

It takes no time to get your first site up and running, it’s literally a few clicks of the mouse and you’re done.

The same goes for installing the FREE SSL, you install a plugin, click a few times and everything is sorted for you.

You couldn’t get an easier to setup service.

  • Consistency

I’ve been with them for 3 years and in this time their service has just kept getting better.

  • Uptime

I’ve only ever had one issue with up-time in the whole 3 years and that was back in year 1 – 2.

I was given 2 months free hosting, plus loads of other compensation.

Which is better than any other host I’ve used.

  • Discount Code

Just use the code – 101nootropics at the checkout for 50% off your first month on any package!


I’d usually try and nit pick some small detail, as a way to balance the review, but I’ve honestly got nothing.

I’d love to see if there are any issues you’ve had in the comments, as I’ve not got one bad thing to say about this hosting company.

What Do Others think Of This Hosting?

There’s an array of reviews and famous blogs that use WPX Hosting, just check out their client’s reviews and see for yourself.

Just to name a few there’s buzz and tips – my traffic journey – smart income detective and that’s only a few.

I actually found WPX back in the day from an SEO blogger named Matthew Woodward.

wpx hosting scam


If you’re looking for a speedy host, with great support, top notch security and an easy setup that takes minutes then you should without a doubt try WPX hosting.

I was so sure during this review because I know hosting and I know a great company when I see one.

I’m a happy customer and don’t see myself going away anytime soon.

Cheapest Place To Buy WPX Hosting

You can get WPX hosting at the cheapest price online using the code – 101nootropics for 50% off your first month on any package or using this Discount link.

Just get the business account if you’re just starting out or have a few blogs and you will get it as cheap as chips.

wordpress speed optimization guide

My FREE Website Speed Optimization Guide

During the past few years, I’ve become addicted to website optimization and found reliable ways to get site speed down to under a second without paying 300 bucks.

#1 Picking The Right Host

We’ve been over this, you need a quick, reliable host, obviously, WPX is my first choice.

#2 Picking The Perfect Theme

The next most important thing is to find a clean WordPress theme.

Avoid anything that allows you to make 1000’s different sites, as they are usually SO slow at loading.

My favorite SPEEDY themes are the ones below, all of which are SEO optimized and under a second loading time:

#3 Picking The Right Plugins

The first plugin you need is W3 Total Cache, this plugin is a little daunting at first.

However you can either contact your host and have them configure it (highly recommended if this is an option with your host), or you can check out this guide, follow the steps and you will be fine.

The second plugin is called WP Smush, it basically shrinks all your pictures without losing quality, it’s a life saver for picture heavy sites/articles.

#4 Get A CDN

The next most important thing is to get a CDN (content delivery network).

MaxCDN (MaxCDN discount link) is the best (my opinion) and who I use.

Basically what a CDN does is instead of your site being on one server in America, it spreads it out to its many servers and then when someone from a different country tries to access your site, it’ll use a server closest to their location.

This has a massive speed effect.

Tip: Setting up a CDN can sometimes be hard, so contact your hosting’s support and see if they will help you out.

#5 Clean Up Your Site

Delete any plugins or theme templates you don’t use and resize your pictures before uploading.

You can also get this plugin which clears article revisions that take up a ton of unnecessary space.

Do all of the above and you will have a speedy website in no-time.

You can test the speed of your site with Pingdom, it can be a good idea to run it through twice to see what the speed of your site is like before and after caching the data.

Do You Have Any Questions? 

I know spending money can be hard for some people, so if you have any questions or need any help at all making your decision please send me a message or leave a comment. Have an amazing day and see you in the next article. Oli.

best hosting company


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  1. This is the first time when I hear about WPX Hosting and I’m quite impressed about your review. I may give them a try and cancel my WP Engine plan, because they are too expensive.

    • That was my issue with WPEngine and Kinsta, they’re awesome hosts, but the price is way over the top. Some of my blogs get 200k views per month and having to pay per view is just crazy. WPX has now made so all plans are unlimited, plus there support fix the problems you have instead of telling you how to fix them.

  2. Hello, out of curiosity I’ve run a test on pingdom of your article url, and something is surprising me : you have great results when testing from New York (1.06 sec), still pretty good from California (1.88sec but still slower than NY), but when testing with Melbourne or Stockholm the results are quite awful (3.93 and 5.55). You mentioned MaxCDN on your article, isn’t it supposed to deal with that kind of problems and shouldn’t you have slightly the same numbers from everywhere?
    I’m asking because I am currently considering using maxCDN so… This test is kind of a deal breaker for me at the moment 😉

    Thanks for your insight!

    • I no longer run MaxCDN on this blog and this website needs a clean up in all honesty. Personally, I’d go with Cloudflare all day long, it’s free and I’ve had issues with maxCDN overcharging me hundreds of dollars without permission causing me to cancel and move to Cloudflare which is free and works the same.

  3. Helpful article, you should up date article to reflect what you say in the comments. It will probably give you an seo boost too. Thanks for the info!

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